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  1. This 6 things right now on the board! : 1. New meditation techniques 2. Contemplation/self-inquiry 3. QlikView programming 4. OSHO teachings 5. Rupert Spira teachings 6. English speaking skills
  2. 1. How to encourage people to join self-actualization path? 2. Perfect time distribution for meditation, self-inquiry, contemplation and concentration. 3. I constantly chase after being in the egoless state without any negative emotions - pure awareness. Kind of exhaustive journey for me- question: How to simply let go and immerse in the present moment?
  3. Forget about the brain. Change your default mode to NOW Explore Mooji Baba teachings on yt, it should be helpful!
  4. Recently feel the same "euphoria" in my chest during meditation. Could you describe in more details this sensation?
  5. Thank you for sharing. Very deep. At the first glance, very similar teachings to Eckhart.