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  1. @Joe Zhou Just rewatched the video and you're right, it's kind of unclear. Basically you focus on the sexual energy locked in your pelvis, breathe into that pelvic region to create a vibrancy of the sexual energy. After you've got some resonance with the feeling(or if it just the energy just feels more fresh) focus on moving the energy up your spine, and down the center line of your face in a cycle. Up the spine is the inspiration and down the front is the exhalation. Repeat this cycle of breathing until the stagnation of the sexual energy significantly declines.
  2. @Joe Zhou I use it occasionally when I don't want to ejaculate and let my vitality dissipate. It's surprisingly effective for what it is, but you might have to do it more than once if you're pretty horny.
  3. @Joe Zhou Yep, this one is a pretty interesting paradox. Perhaps it's the language of the question or societal attitudes on, the matter, but it can be difficult to resolve. Let me try to put as best as I can. Completeness: To be complete is to be one. Doesn't matter what this one is, whether it's just you as a human or one infinite field of consciousness.Obviously, the latter offers a more powerful sense of completeness(not my experience but others), however accepting your wholeness as a human is still very powerful. That's one of the reasons why shadow work is a significant/enduring part of the spiritual path. From this paradigm, hoping sex can add/generate completeness, is ridiculous. Imagine trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle with pieces from another puzzle. It just doesn't work. You see, the complete you already exists. All you have to do is accept it and align with it. And yes, there are simple techniques to do this, just let me resolve the paradox more fully. Reconciling sex: Sex is good, sex is great. Fun exercise, balances hormones, releases endorphines, deepens intimacy and passion at the same time, can be used for energy work... you get it. Sex has a lot of benefits. But sex is only one way to use sexual energy. As a man, you must walk your path. If you can learn to direct your masculine polarity more towards walking your path than towards sexual desire, you could benefit a lot. And yes, Maslov's hierarchy is important, but friends/family/pets can fill the place that sex does. People essentially need intimate interaction. Here's a visual for reference. The actual power of women: Just a quick reminder: feminine energy can greatly empower/enhance yourself as a man. But the more you've got, the more there is to be amplified, so rather than completing you, they are more like a bonus- nice to have but not neccessary. Actual practical stuff: To be complete as yourself, try the "whatever arises, love that"(complete credit to Matt Kahn at True Divine Nature. He's a badass spiritual gangster). It's simple. Whatever arises in your consciousness, love it. No holding back. Just unconditional, irrational, deep love. Extremely powerful stuff. A way to release sexual energy without sex/masturbation. By the way, it's a breathing techniques from qi gong practice.
  4. Own your sexuality. If you are horny enough to doggystyle a tree-stump 24/7, own it. It's you. It's your desires. There's nothing to be ashamed of no matter what others or society at large tells you. It's not like it'll magically morph your personality.So don't worry about it. Be very clear in your intention as a man. Others will genuinely respect you for it and if they dislike you, then it's also genuine. But who cares? They aren't worth hanging around/befriending. Find someone else. There are literally billions to pick from. It isn't worth the hassle to make someone who doesn't even like the real you like a thin veneer of personality you establish. So if they reject you... don't worry about it. They literally did you a favor by not including themselves in your life. Here's the some good news, that admitting it is a big help. It's nice to have a problem that you don't need to dreg up out of the depths of your mind with shadow work. Actually this is correct. You can be complete without having sex. In fact, the only way you can be complete is through yourself and not others. Completeness is not 1/2, 2, 5 or 10. It's 1 and that one is you(and the universe which are one but whatevs). But you are also right to let this become a rationalization. If you want sex, get it. I'm going to give you the classic Pickup answer: abundance and skillset. If you have a considerable amount of women in your life and also have the skillset to attract women, then you will have no desire/inclination to give women your power.If you've got a few stunners jamming at house- women you've attracted by conveying your best self- do you think you're going to supplicate to the 7.5 in your office or the cute barista at the hipster coffee place? By being able to get women consistently, at the level which you genuinely desire, you will have no 'power' issues because you can always find someone else.
  5. Correct. Fulfillment is internal. Two words. Sexual energy. A man or woman can be strong on their own, certainly. But when two people already satisfied with themselves come together, the effect is far more powerful than 1+1.If you want to be a man in your prime, you need a good woman. And if you want a good woman... pickup is one of the most effective routes toward being able to get them. Also... Companionship Lots of sex Support during tough times Support during good times as well ie. 'growing together'. Social pressure is a very strong motivation and it doesn't always have to be bad. Exposure to new types of thinking and paradigms. They can point out aspects of yourself that you never realized. Even if you've been doing a fair amount of conscious work Learning to more fully connect and communicate with people in your life. If these aren't that appealing, then you should probably opt out. No shame in bachelorhood. A lot of relationships are dull, codependant and dragging the partner down. Achieving a relationship like the above is not simple nor is it easy but it is certainly possible.
  6. @Reality I'm an aspiring writer, 19 years old. Believe me, I know my fair share of what it's like to dread a 9-5 and the prescribed societal route. In two weeks I'm shipping off to navy bootcamp. I see it as a decent compromise with my writing goals. I get to see the world and get some good benefits and also not too much distraction in my free time, so I can keep on writing and meditating. I'll be stable, getting new experiences and I can still work on what's important to me, while also not needing to waste time and money in college without decent guarantee for getting a job. I'm pretty happy with my situation. Good luck to you on your journey. I hope you can find a satisfactory path.
  7. @StarfoxEpiphany Just because you have some natural ability doesn't mean there isn't skill to be gained. I sincerely hope you don't carry this mindset toward other domains of mastery because this is an extremely limiting paradigm. Social calibration, hooking, physicality, managing logistics, opening group sets (and opening in general), humor, closing strong and of course, sex- those are a few of the skills that apply to pickup. Look at some of RSDTodd's stuff on youtube. He's one of the more technically focused PUA out there.
  8. Shit tests, possibly? Honestly, people just want to have fun at a club. That's the whole point. As the rest of your post states, the club is a very, very unpleasant environment and I don't deny that. 1. No drinks, no hangover. 2. Wear Earplugs. Seriously. 3. You can only blame the hollowness inside for failing to bring the party. If you're a beginner, then yes. Clubs have a large amount of women and anonymity so you aren't totally written off as a pickup creep. You don't get good by approaching less people. Also, dealing with the heinous environment lets you be able to approach anyone, anywhere. Naturally, there's nothing wrong with meeting women elsewhere... but if you're trying to build pickup skill the club is a quality gym and comparitively, your day-to-day places are elementary school playgrounds.
  9. @electroBeam The problem isn't making projections. It's believing the projections you made up. The ego gets a lot of hate amongst the spiritual community but let's not forget it is evolved many useful mechanisms. Yes, Leo making projections about his audience helps him target issues more specifically ala the infamous "BUT LEEEEOOO!!" But guess what? So what if it it's a projection? Doesn't mean shit as long as you see it for what it is: a projection. And also remember that it is very easy to project and not just of your own volition either.
  10. @StarfoxEpiphany So basically, you went out once to a bar and you're complaining about drunk women... I mean, the majority of women in a nightclub aren't even properly drunk. Sure they've had a drink or two but they're not bamboozled. Don't be so quick to accept stereotypical models of reality. Go out a few more times. I would be amazed if you can't find sober women in the club. Addressing another point: be wary of judging other people. Yes, people who drink regularly will likely be lower consciousness than you as will most of society because nobody but us seekers/self-dev junkies work on consciousness. Point is, judging kills the vibe and dims the radiance of your presence. So stop it. Open yourself up to having fun, make it your main intention throughout the night and see where you can go from there.
  11. Working is not a talent but a skill. Don't expect to be able to play at their level when they've been going at it hard for decades. If you feel guilt, it's fine. Don't internalize it. Use any tool you can to push you forward(guilt included) but rely on nothing but consistency. Keep stepping up.
  12. Psychosomatic energy... that's pretty vague. What modality is it? Bio-energetics, reiki, chakras? What part of those modalities do you want to use? And more importantly, what are you treating? I'll give you the low-down. Energy work is pretty kick-ass holistically. It can stop a fair amount of shit from ever becoming a problem and will generally make you feel better as long as you practice with any decent rigour. In terms of specifically targeting your... whatever you have... it depends. If you've got something like headaches or nausea, acupresssure works pretty fast. Bio-energetics directly breaks up a lot of muscular tension/neurotic holding patterns. I enjoy qi-gong for exercise( and to circulate the essence of heaven and earth) and find it very gentle on the body and useful in cultivating more ease. Energy work does work. It's in the name. It's not faith healing, it's not instantaneous results( with a few notable exceptions) and it's pretty cool.
  13. No thank you. I'd prefer to realize I'm one and the same as the universe around me. That aside... identifying with your thoughts and your mind is fine, believing they are you is fine. That doesn't make it correct. I could, as the stereotype goes, 'be one with the tree' - and identify with the tree. However, if I told I did so, you would say I'm crazy. "Obviously you aren't the tree," You might say. It seems incredibly obvious I am not the tree but reality is under no compulsion to be how we believe or expect it to be. The point is, just because you identify with it, doesn't mean you are it. The ego is just another bit of the world just like the tree and I'm afraid that seriously identifying as the tree and identifying as the mind-body structure are both delusions of the same caliber. You are coming into this believing- as we all did before we knew otherwise- that you are the ego. You are using this as an axiom to uphold your argument. I'm telling you that the 'axiom' is not an axiom which voids your argument. In short... what you identify as is not what you are, even if it makes a lot of nice noises and can do a few neat tricks.
  14. Well, I mean literally the first thing you asked for... Was Leo's feedback. I thought you would be happy to watch an hour long video about his stance. Anyways, you say that your statement stands by 'common sense and logic'. That's fine. Will is certainly present within the structure of the mind and it can move the body. I don't disagree with that. I'm going to argue Leo's premise which is that 'Free Will' is incorrect because philosophical underpinnings are incorrect. For you to have free will, you must be the thinker on an existential level. I'm saying I disagree with that presupposition since I realize that I am, in fact, not just a mind-body structure. I may still be identified with my ego on a deep level but that doesn't make me correct. Self-evidence isn't reality. It is merely what appears to be reasonable and we do not live in world governed by the principles of human reasoning. Instead we try to make it conform to human reasoning, in an attempt to understand things. That is is what you are doing, @Gabriel David Gomez . In fact, that is what all of philosophy does. In short, Free will is based off of a fundamental misunderstanding of our existential nature. A lot of people here are decently familiar and accepting of the ramifications of enlightenment/non-duality/self-realization but I understand that you aren't there quite yet. It's no biggie but you should definitely at least look at the stuff. Watch Leo's enlightenment playlist, some Shinzen Young maybe a little bit of Moojiji just for fun. See if you can get an experience with no-self, or at least feel your ego dissolve a little.
  15. @Gabriel David Gomez Dude. You know he's already made an entire video dedicated to this subject. Also... Do you really think? Are you on an existential level, 'the thinker'? Because that's the presupposition of Descarte. If the presupposition is wrong... well... draw you own conclusions. Finally, "Don't quote yourself and then put your name after it. It's tacky." -J.M Wigglesworth