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  1. Hello, Majestic Ape, Astral ape and spider monkey.
  2. Hey suckers, I think Mr, Lion could write me, a special delicious e-mail, about this one. Because he sensed me, with his imaginary woman, that he has met during hiking. Remember? His psychic power video?
  3. Accept the calls of the universe, and work together. You are not alone.
  4. Communication Pure and simple! Oh yeah... I am not the best writer but hey, I would like to share this vieuw with you. We are communication, nothing more, nothing less. The body It's structure is a form of communication. Frequenties, vibrations, and all kind of paterns, are a form of communication. The furniture in the room your sitting in is communication, for example: creating a relaxed room: feng shui, to communicate rest, peace, and order in your being. Breathing is communication with life, and that is what we are: a living organism that in every possible way communicates, outside, when communication has It's ending, or inside, when there is no ending and no beginning.
  5. Decoding. Clairvoyance, feeling, psychometrie and intuïtion. To begin I want to tell: that this information, has reached me by observing, listening and pure practice. I did read about all of this but now I experienced it and there are no words in the universe that can describe how mesmerizing that is. Describing how to decode the subconsious mind is far above my vocabulary, I attempt clairvoyance feeling, psychometrie and intution. I am interested in spirituality for a year now and I slowely build that interest up into daily practise. my being thought: lets do some hardcore practise, and I did, and this is what I found out. Decoding is like making a perfect puzzle, you recieve a piece and create one that fits perfectly! During the sleep all men posesses some degree of superphysical vision. Our astral and mental selves are constantly receiving vibrations and decoding them into terms of consiousness. During the 100 hours in a week practise I became aware of the vibrations that the universe has hand over as I was putting myself under hypnoses. The key in this hypnotizing is that I repead, exactly and duplicate those vibrations, and be aware and unaware of it at the same time. I use a symbol for this. No what happends during this proces is hard for me to describe, but I can tell you that by attempting this you will help the universe to decode the subconsious mind wich is a prosses of working out of cosmic intelligence as the codes has hidden information in them. Very special preperation of the brain and nervous system is required, our response to these incoming superphysical vibrations is to be included in our psysical awakening consiousness, as the case in clairvoyance. I am stil trying to figure out how to put decoding in words, it feels like your being becomes one with the universe and by attempting the right body posion: 'vibrating, with harmony, having the right amount of intuition, got your eyes closed or lazy, and all of that shit that I am stil working on. Btw, I stil work on this myself that is why this has been written so poorly but If someone is interested in communicating, trough vibrations, visualizations, or soul language with me I would love to work with you. Information by: Geoffrey hodson- clairvoyance and the serpent fire. Seership and the magnetic mirror. Angelique Douglas.
  6. Whe all be invited by death some day but I think if this is his decision and if this is what grandpa want they should accept this...
  7. I often smoke, but I don't get grounded by the use of cannabis. It makes me high and I feel amazing when I use it but when I wake up in the morning I feel dead tired! I live in the netherlands so the weed whe smoke here is pretty heavy.
  8. Remember, accept the way it is. It is fine the way it is. xx
  9. No curtain hides from view the spheres allay on, save these poor shells of half transparent dust; While all that blinds the spiritual vision is pride hate and lust. Maybe this book can help you? Seership the magnetic mirror.
  10. Relaxation is the crying need of our age and the eyes are the seat of the soul. I learned to smile with my eyes wich works relaxing for me. I am going to try this and figure out if it's the tea that is doing all the work, or do your thought play a role in this aswell.
  11. Ok I'm just going to ask them because I still have the time for it. You say you are fortifying your concentration and use halve, halve to do this technique but doesn't it seem more effective to fortifying your concentration with all the procents you are capable of reaching? Don't get me wrong I am new in al this and I just try to understand what you are exactly saying here as this does not make sense to me.
  12. Ok I might have misread this wrong but you are basically saying that you are reprogramming your subconscious most of the time of the day? If you are then I have some questions
  13. What you need to do? You yourself should know what is best for you. In my opinion just keep on doing what ever you where doing. Repetition, repetition and repetition. Btw If you know what being is then why bother what comes next?
  14. So glad to see there are people here doing self development work with the same age category as I am wich is 20 years young.