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  1. Hey guys! Whats up? I've been trying to make philosophy videos on Youtube and have released some over the years. After a bit of a hiatus I want to approach the craft with more dilligence but wanted to know what you thought about the videos I've made so far. I recognize that you might not agree with some of the views and ideas that I touch upon, but above and beyond that, I was wondering what you thought about the quality of the videos, the presentation, delivery, visual aspects, entertainment value, and any other things you find relevant. I would appreciate it very much! Hopefully your insights will enable me to make higher quality videos. Here's my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9cYcFW-bN-xzx-nQaLE_Rw/videos?view_as=subscriber Thank you very much in advance!
  2. @Leo Gura Really? How aggressive a marketing plan do you need for Youtube? Doesn't the algorithm take care of it itself if you provide quality content?
  3. @Esoteric Same here! I couldn't finish watching it. He seems awfully bitter and haughty.
  4. @bazera From my limited knowledge of economics (undergrad micro and macro), and, coming from a left leaning individual, I have come to think that the minimum wage does more harm than good under a free market system. Products and services organically reach an equilibrium point between supply and demand. This is the point at which economic efficiency is maximized, that is to say, the price (in this case the wage level) at which there are no people looking for someone to hire but unable to find them because the price is too high and they don't have the money to pay for it, and also the price at which there are no people unwilling to work because the price (again, in this case, the wage level) is too low. Classical economic theory dictates that this equilibrium is naturally reached without outside interference from the government (such as quotas, tariffs, or in this case minimum wage). It is out of the free flowing exchange of information between producers and consumers that the equilibrium price arises. And so, what the minimum wage does (according to the theory), is interfere and disrupt the natural equilibrium by making it mandatory for business owners (in this case the demand) to pay a higher price than they naturally would; a price at which way fewer people could be employed (due to increased costs for businesses). The minimum wage would undoubtedly help those employees who do happen to be lucky enough to get a job, because they would be earning more, but in aggregate, it would leave a lot more people unemployed. Now, with that said, take it with a grain of salt, because I have also heard of case studies that indicate that a minimum wage policy doesn't negatively affect employment. Some people suggest that it might be a spectrum; that you can increase the minimum wage to a certain extent without it affecting employment levels, but that there is a threshold past which it does in fact start negatively affecting employment levels. In other words, it might not be as binary as much of the discourse suggests, maybe it's a continuum.
  5. So I've been meditating very consistently for the past two months and a half. An hour every single day, mostly alternating between focusing on my breath and "Do Nothing". Some really strange things have started to happen, and although I think they're good, it's kind of confusing. These are the changes I've been noticing: No sex drive whatsoever: I used to be addicted to fapping, all I would think about was sex. I used to masturbate around twice a day on average. Since at least the past month and a half, I have had no sexual cravings whatsoever, I don't feel motivated at all to pursue sex, and the times I have masturbated (like 3 times in the past 50 days) have been merely to "remember" how it felt, and it felt kind of forced to do it when I didn't feel like it... I know it sounds really weird. I've started noticing how messed up the people whose attention and validation I so much craved before really are. I used to be so invested into going out, hanging out with "cool people", meeting girls and hooking up, etc. Now I see how screwed up and unhappy many of those people are behind the shining facade of superficial happiness. I still care about my appearance and how other people perceive me, but my concern for this has decreased very noticeably. This point relates to unhappiness more broadly. I have come to look at the world through this very bleak outlook. Noticing how unsatisfied and miserable people are in every facet of life. Disconnected from their jobs and what they do, unable to sustain even unconscious relationships, living paycheck to paycheck, needing someone to "complete them", being carried away by advertisements, meaningless fads, and trivial trends like a leaf in the wind, having corporations dictate their interests (e.g. "OMG did you look at the new Iphone?!" "Did you watch the new movie that came out? It was awesome!") etc... Feeling at times so inspired by life that tears are almost dripping down my face, and also, at other times, hopeless at the utter meaningless of existence. As arrogant as this may sound, I say it with complete honesty- I've just started noticing how low the lowest common denominator really is. How mediocre the average person is, how much failure is the norm. And deep inside myself, I've noticed a fear of becoming this way, and a growing negative motivation to work hard to not end up divorced, overweight, with an alienating job, etc. Feeling very lonely, like no one really gets me or shares my vision for life. Things that haven't changed My Neuroticism has pretty much remained the same. Although I have episodes of satisfying emotional stillness and bliss more frequently, I am still pretty anxious and stressed a lot of the time, and I still get triggered by pretty much the same things. I haven't lost ambition in the least. It just seems to be that the objects towards which I channel my ambition have changed. I contemplate with more frequency the impact I want to have on the world, unprecedented and extended discipline in fitness and nutrition, contemplation on my life purpose, etc. So my question is, are these things normal? Are these feelings and shifts of attitudes a sign that Im on the right path, or mere delusions and rationalizations?
  6. @Extreme Z7 Thanks! I really appreciate it!
  7. Hi guys! I made a video trying to explain Sam Harris's view on morality, moral realism. I think getting our views on morality straight is essential given that they underpin our political outlook on many issues. Let me know what you think!
  8. I was curious what you guys´ thoughts were on this article, I feel like its pretty accurate. Married couples dont seem to be very well connected to their communities (friends, family, etc.) I personally dont like to bash on marriage, undoubtedly it works for some people. But a good question I was asking myself the other day was: "How many married couples do I know that havent grown stale unambitious and unhealthy?" Unfortunately the answer for me was "none". https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2019/07/case-against-marriage/591973/
  9. @Leo Gura Come on Leo! Dont tell me that! Its really hard hitting for someone I admire so much to tell me Im lost! I mean, I know I shouldnt get lost in concepts and abstractions, but, shouldnt I be able to use them to a certain extent?
  10. @Geromekevin I found myself agreeing with pretty much everything you said. I dont mean to bash on Leo or anyone else, specially given that he is way, way more advanced than I am. But it seems to me that invoking science has become anathema to this community, at least when it comes to metaphysical topics. Forgetting of course that science is the only reason why this community exists in the first place (electricity, computers, the internet). Also, many of the advice that Leo gives, helpful as it is, is based on scientific research, i.e. his videos on how to lose weight, or how to gain confidence, etc. Of course you could ad hominem me and tell me that Im close minded and stuck at stage orange, but that doesnt really say anything about the argument itself. I love you Leo! Again I dont mean to be harsh or anything, just my honest take.
  11. @Leo Gura But Leo!!!! To dispense with a notion of statistical probability would be to be inconsistent. Everything you do is based on it. You work on a video throughout the week because it is statistically likely that you will not die before you finish it, and because its statistically likely that Youtube will not fall, and that a nuclear outbreak wont take place. Why should we dismiss statistical probability in this case when we use it in every other situation in life?
  12. @Leo Gura But doesnt your conception of duality come from experience? Experience that you would have hypothetically had in a simulation?
  13. As many of you have probably heard Nick Bostrom's argument (here's Neil Tyson explaining it) ( it is the most statistically likely possibility that, we do in fact, live in a simulated reality. If this is the case, then what the hell is enlightenment but an illusion?
  14. @Leo Gura I had never thought of it that way. I guess I just need to keep diving deeper in contemplation. I'll also try to add a meta meditation practice to focus more consciously on love.