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  1. Start with twenty minutes a day with the "Do Nothing" technique. Sit however you'd like, and when you get a thought just bring your focus back to no thought. Don't get frustrated with yourself. Just gently bring yourself back to no thought. Increase the time when you notice that twenty minutes is starting to go by fairly quickly. (Probably around second week increase time.) Leo's suggested concentration technique was good as well. Same process as above, almost, but as the thoughts arise, or whatever arises, it's labeled as either internal/external sight, sound, thought, etc. I think the key to it is discipline. Doing it everyday, and increasing the time. It's not that thoughts will just slowly vanish with these techniques, although it could appear that this is the case. I believe it contributes to a certain level of awareness that seems required in this...search for no thought.
  2. I think...it's an adventure, and not an adventure simultaneously. At least it appears that way. /shoves a large handful of popcorn in a mouth
  3. @InfinitePotential Maybe don't get rid of everything, for now. Maybe just set everything to the side. Like a giant Lego structure. Can't get to that Lego dude inside the structure so...lets just take apart the structure...grab our little dude...build it back up /shrug. Maybe build a different structure? /shrug #@%^ where did this piece come from, don't need that... That kind of deal? But whenever someone says experience I just want to point and go "OoooOooOoooh Ooooooooo" cover my mouth...do all sorts of other unneccesary gestures and noises. Just make such a big deal about nothing, you know. Lots of the 'E' word in your thoughts up above. It would be nice if somehow you could just...set aside what everyone has said to you, everything you've read, everything you've experienced, and just...see what comes up, you know?
  4. LOL Just thought someone was flashing a bunch of lights and sound and stuff in front of me? It's a movie? I can see that the title is clearly What Is but uhm...not the genre. @#% it. /pulls up chair and popcorn I'm assuming you don't mind if I watch this with you?
  5. @LaucherJunge Oh sweet! Look at you. So you do both, it would appear. Best way to handle that lol.
  6. What happens when the music isn't there though? Do you crave the music? Can you be without music as well as you can with music? If not well.../shrug
  7. You're asking this because it feels like music centers you? You're relaxed and de-stressed by music? Less thoughts? I would think it would depend on your goal for meditating. If all you want is de-stress and relaxation go for it. It's been my experience that music will....stick around in my head after it's off. I'll hum the tune, bang on the desk a beat, and most times just belt out some random lyrics to a song. It's also been my experience that tracks/songs/lyrics will create thoughts, which can than lead to emotions. Which isn't bad...it's not good either lol...apparently. So yeah, final answer, a musical mediation practice could be beneficial to someone who's looking for relaxation and de-stressing.
  8. @Blue is the sea When you're looking for yourself, and you don't find the me, what about that makes you think you're failing? There's lots of talk around here about no me. No self. And you say it seems like there's a me...and yet...you cannot find it. When you're looking for yourself are you just sitting there? Does a thought come in while you're looking? Does it go away? Who is sitting there looking for me? Who is thinking? Who is watching the thoughts? Who is having the thoughts? Does it almost feel like there are two people? Someone thinking, and someone watching someone think? I mean...if you're dedicating time and life to sitting down and looking for me why would you interrupt yourself during this process with a thought? Maybe you don't think? Maybe you don't do anything? Maybe "me" does the thinking? Maybe "me" does stuff? Maybe "me" isn't really you, isn't really "self"? /shrug Maybe...it just is what it is. And that's all there is. And this...searching for a me to destroy, or a me to become is just...causing more...suffering?
  9. My first experience with meditating, which I was later told isn't meditation, was a spectacular experience. Like hinted at above, I haven't seem to be able to replicate, or get back to that same level of experience. I haven't meditated in awhile now. It would, apparently, seem I am better now than I was before. So in my experience, length of meditation, hasn't dictated the ability to meditate more deeply, or longer. But what fantastic experiences you can pull from meditating huh?! Besides the length of time did anything else come up during your meditations?
  10. What would the character you perceive yourself to be do?