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  1. Accept reality fully. What is is. Sadness and loneliness and suffering are feelings that you can experience. They can become a lot, they can become unbearable to your mind. This can influence your body, i have had anxiety attacks in the past, which are different but similar. It is not a failure on your part, it is not something you need to fix. Allow yourself to be as you are. It is only the mind that disagree's with what is. Feelings are not inherently unbearable, if you investigate a feeling in great detail, it becomes an abstract thing. Life can suck, and will induce feelings. There is no need to fix this, Now is Now, but time passes for the body. Good luck. We love you!
  2. This is more or less what i was saying/talking about. But better explained. @Joseph Maynor
  3. @Faceless Thanks. Meditation is indeed not the end goal. You seem to have a well established practice without it.
  4. Do you need to know how a movie was made, when watching a movie, to know you are not in the movie? Sure, i'll engage. It is best to do some self inquiry on it, to be able to experience the mind as a separate world.You already assume that you are seeing a real thing and not only yourself, or perhaps dreaming. How can you prove that the world you see, does not only exist as a part of you? Everything you use to prove there is such a thing as seeing, uses what appears to be seen to prove this. You think you are talking about sight as having a sense of being 3d, but it is not sight at all. This is your mind world, the reflection you constructed. This 3d world exists for you alone, as a part of you. And yes, your sense is right, it is 3d. It is 3.5d even, because you have even a sense of the inside of certain objects and much more. Look at a mug from the side, do you not have a sense of the inside of it? And when you trip, it is the same. You are tripping inside yourself. You are not seeing an external objective reality everyone sees. But your mind world experiences another "reality" reflected there. In this case, perhaps it is more easily seen that this mind world is more than just a 3d mirror of "outside reality" created by sight. The sight is part of the illusion, it cannot be proven to exist. Perhaps it does exist, but you cannot prove this. Scientifically, sight is two 2d images, offset by the distance between your eyes. Because there is distance between your eyes, the images are not exactly the same. Your brain is very powerful and from the angles and the shifts, it can construct a 3d world for you to experience. This 3d world resembles the "real" 3d world, but it is in fact a world existing only inside your mind. Even science agrees, this world exists only for you and is created by you. Watching a 3d movie, the movie is shown in 2 shifted 2d images to trick your brain in creating a 3d world for you to enjoy. Close one eye, and the world still appears 3d, because the mind is smart and remembers the previous image. Go drive around in your car, and close one eye while driving. Soon it is more difficult to tell how far objects are. As your brain still has size to go on, but you haven't memorized the size of all objects in the world. All of this applies to all the senses. Every sense terminates within the mind world as a mind mirror. We experience only our mind. It would take enlightenment to go outside of the mind. Some self inquiry you can do: Touch a coffee mug, and the feeling of sight and touch converge in your mind-world. Ask yourself: "where do I see this, where do i feel this?" Do you see it outside of yourself, or inside yourself? Where does sight happen, what is its location, does touch join sight. How and where? Look at your arms without moving your head. Where exactly does vision stop in your mind world? Is the sensation of your invisible shoulders really detached from the vision of your arms? Smell your morning coffee while looking at it. Is smell completely separated from sight? Where is the smell, where is the sight? Would a bat with its sonar also have a mind world, what does sonar look like, how would sonar and smell mingle? Can you imagine this? You should answer this for yourself. Are the senses really separated, or does it all mingle in some coherent whole, existing seperatly from the outside reality? Non-Dual warning: This all doesn't mean anything. In the end, you do not even need to know. If you have this mind world, constructed by various seemingly real senses, what is knowing this mind world? And, if there is a being, experiencing our own self mind world, does it then matter how our lower self constructed this mind world? Do you need to know how a movie was made, when watching a movie, to know you are not in the movie? Yes my movie character does like to know how "the movie" is made, but that's just a hobby for this guy making the movie. The only thing that such a hobby(philosophy) is good for, is humbling the self by realizing as a self, that humanity knows very little about being in the movie. And off-course, it's a way passing the day inside the movie.
  5. Thanks for the replies and voting. It's interesting to see some diversity. @star ark That feeling of the feet leaving the ground is weird right? Sometimes i feel like something disconnects, and then there is almost nothing there, but at the same time no need for anything, it's just being. It's very hard to describe. Then my mind notices it and tries to figure it out. That kills it. I can be in that state for a couple minutes now, until my mind realizes what is happening and breaks it. I also meditate in the bathtub, i like the weightlessness @pluto You do this all day? Or you do sit from time to time, but do not label it as meditation? @Faceless Are you able to be mindful the whole day? Is it sometimes easier? Do you never sit to meditate, or even remove distractions? Like do you take walks in silence, or do chores around the house in a meditative state? Or are able to do it all the time doing your daily job/hobbies and whatnot? Obviously you are right, we should not just sit once a day, and then forget about it. I find meditation helpful for short periods of heightened being, to help put me in a "higher state"(whatever that means) for the rest of the day. Thats quite some dedication! What is a visualized meditation, do you visualize something in specific? Yeah, i had this to for the longest time. Now i realize, it is likely better than watching another TV series, or doing other mindless consumerism. In fact, i often find my self totally bored these days. I'll do my chores, visit family, go to work. But when all that is done, i watch some spiritual teachers on youtube, and often browse these forums. But i quickly get "bored". As I don't want to watch TV shows, or do anything else mindless. There is nothing left to do, and i still have 2 hours before going to bed. So i sit... This is I also try to do, sometimes it can be a distraction to me. One time i jumped up wanting to write in my one not. But i sat back down, because I realized it was defeating the point of meditating. Do you keep a paper close by?
  6. @Shanmugam Slightly off topic. But have you written many books? I would be interested in buying a digital version if possible? I reckon it would be well worth my time to see what a fellow actualized forum member writes about.
  7. Hey, I was just curious how other people meditate and how often. Which techniques are used. And also, as i choose to meditate without music, if people like with music better? Partly because i was wondering about starting to use music more myself. Anyway, its multiple choice, so you can select more than one answer. I am also curious to see an explanation into why a certain practice. However, i don't want to start a debate on what is best. I only want to know what you think is best, works for you, and why. ---- I guess i'll kick it off... I meditate daily, about 30m to an hour, trying to build it up doing more in the new year. When i have time i meditate multiple times a day for longer time, like in the weekends. Mostly in ambient silence, sometimes with ear plugs when i can't tolerate my fridge buzzing. I use silence because i've once read over 15 years ago that music would be too distracting/pleasurable, and this stuck with that for some reason. I don't really think of anything special, rather just sit doing nothing, being aware of what is. If this doesn't work i focus on the breath and/or my heartbeat, until i can do nothing again.
  8. Yes, many of the strongest human beliefs are about spirituality, enlightenment and religion. When beliefs don't seem to match, people become judging and start making remarks dismissing another insights as being not real. Spiritual people can sometimes be in fact the most judging and thus the least enlightened people there are. In such cases, it's better to wonder why we find it so important to discount another's experiences. Why do we care so much to make these points? Is then not our ego invested in the belief our spiritual insights are superior over others? How can we know another's entire life and achievements based on some text, or a few words spoken? It's quick to judge, it's easy to judge, it is ego-affirming and in this way comforting to us and increasing our confidence in self. Even this post contains some of it.
  9. Are you saying god cannot be a flying spaghetti monster? That would be a very restricted god, if it could not be such a thing. As said by @abrakamowse ,@Nahm ,@snowleopard @Shanmugam @cetus56 @Annetta @pluto , in different ways. Everything is god, or god is everything. And this everything also is nothing. It is what is. It is you, and you are it. It has no restrictions. Yet it also is all restrictions. You cannot say anything about it, and everything you say is it. You cannot think anything about it, and everything you think is it. You cannot know anything about it, and everything you know is it. It is the illusion of reality, it is the appearance of time. All your feelings are it, your very identity is it. Yet it is also not limited by any of these things. If it cannot be all these things, how can it be considered a God, with such limitations?
  10. This is a valid point, i was only explaining what science considers real. None of this is spiritual, it is more to say "what exactly is real, how deep does the rabbithole go?" The point to take home is, whatever perspective you follow scientific, spiritual, immaterial. Reality does not exist such as it seems to us. The only consistent agreed upon result, by all fields, is that our experience is illusionary. That alone should be enough to at least detach. Immaterialism is also true, because none of us can prove the world exists, nor that the physical body exist. The mind exists, because you can experience the world in your mind and you can also think and dream. So reality exists at least as an experience within a mind. A mind does not inherently have eyes, legs, nose or feet or ears. During dreams you can see, walk, smell and hear stuff. How can we prove the reality of the sensory inputs, by using the very senses that may not exist at all, to prove they exists? This mind trying to prove reality is real results in a loop consisting of only mind. Using ideas in the mind (the perception of a microscope) to prove that ideas in the mind(seeing eye-tissue enlarged) are created by ideas in the mind(eye tissue allows sight). As such you can never prove reality exist, every time you try, you realize its just the mind examining the mind examining the mind examining mind, into infinity. You cannot get out of mind as mind, you are stuck in mind and can only experience what appears within this mind. This is my loose interpretation of the philosophy of one George Berkeley (1685—1753), very fascinating. Edit : Definitions of reality may differ. In this post i mean the physical material reality made by atoms.
  11. What we can see with our eyes does not exist at all. If you follow the scientific explanation. The size of electrons and protons are so small, an atom is mostly empty space. If you could really see with something smaller than light, you would see tiny dots all around you, buzzing. The entire world would be almost empty. 99% of reality is empty space. It just happens to be, the wavelength of a photon is such that it bounces on solid objects, and we use this to form vision. Light has a wavelength of vibration. Atoms have no color, they are colorless. When light bounces of atoms of certain properties, their electrons absorb energy from the foton. This changes the wavelength of the light reflected. But a wavelength of light, is not inherently a color. The color assignation happens during seeing. The human brain makes color by interpreting chemical reactions at the back of your eye, being sent to your brain and constructed into an image inside your mind. Then the mind goes to work, and creates this further into a 3d world. Try looking at some objects. A glass, a bottle, a spoon. Especially objects you use a lot. They fill your mind like a concept, you have a certain sense of their entire shape, not just what you can see with your eyes alone. In this way the mind even creates things that do not exist.
  12. Do you think, thinking is the problem? Isn't every word spoken, every letter written an expression of thought? most action in life, follows thought. Semantically you are completely correct, it depends what you consider they. "Someone thinking" refers to mind/ego/self, as such "they" can never be enlightened, so if mind thinks it is enlightened, it would be thinking a lie. More correct would be, "The mind as self, can think the thought, that enlightenment is being or has been." But who thinks like that? No one can be enlightened.But there can be enlightenment. Enlightenment always is, for everyone. Enlightenment is not a goal to reach. It is the dis-identification with everything, and the identification with everything simultaneously. Because we are not only the ego, the mind and the self. But we very much are in fact the ego, the mind and the self, and so much more. These things all occur, they are experienced. Everything we experience is what we experience.