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  1. You are beautiful, love and fortune I send you. Allow yourself to forgive and love yourself too, you deserve this! Infinite consciousness, your true self, accepting and loving /forgiving the limited human self, is enlightenment.
  2. None. Don't think, don't project expectations, just experience what you experience. Its meaningless.
  3. Both you and your wife are equally subjects within your own consciousness. if your human mind is confused and can not cope with awareness, you have a different problem. enlightenment does not change your human mind, it allows your unchanged human mind to continue while you realize it was just a small phenomena within your infinite awareness.. This small phenomena should continue life unchanged as before. Your wife is as much you as your mind is. You are right she is a image in A mind, but it's not your mind. Your mind is also just an image you fell in love with. You are not you.
  4. Depends what musk meant. I assume he was talking about the dictionary/mundane definition of consciousness. We must realise 99% of the world mean something completely different when they talk about consciousness. They are not wrong, we just use the same English word and gave it an entirely different meaning. We should have invented a new word, we are the dumb ones...
  5. First you need to accept yourself completely as you are now, all faults included. You cannot change this moment, as it is already here now. You are already enlightened awareness, but you are resisting your current reality. This reality will not change by becoming enlightened, and spirituality is not a cure for the problems you mention. At least not on its own, and not now. After you have truly accepted that spirituality will not solve those issues, you are almost enlightened. But you will still be stuck with the experience that you are currently resisting because it is not a good one. Which is of course subjective, but understandable. Due to non resistance it will be easier, but you will still be afraid, still struggle with emotional intelligence, but you will accept this experience as your reality so it will no longer be a huge problem. Then try to study some more scientific material, that can give you real knowledge about the problems you face. Study about psychology, and human nature. Try to confront your fears and learn about assertiveness. Seek professional help if it is really bad. That way you can work on solving your human problems. Still keep your spiritual practices going throughout, because they will make it easier to accept and integrate what you learn. But forget the magical thinking, as that is your biggest problem. Enlightenment is about acceptance and awareness of naked experience. Magical thinking is resisting what is and wishing for a Disney solution to your problems, via the magical promise of enlightenment. I've been there many years, i had virtually all the problems on your list. I hope this helps you in some way, it is human nature to resist this.
  6. There is nothing much to say about non duality or enlightenment. So i suppose it would make for a boring read full of padding to fill the pages. You are the awareness in which everything occurs, your limited human self is just one of many phenomena. Nothing your "human self" does can change or impact awareness in any way. However, reading and studying and trying to understand non dualism conceptually on a human level is entertainment. There is nothing wrong with that, if it gives you pleasure and purpose in life, please go for it. Some people watch tv, some read books, some play sports, some study the sciences and some people travel the world. People like us study "spirituality". It is fine to have fun and do things that inspire you, to enjoy the ride of your human existence, while it lasts. There is no duality in living an enjoyable human life and at the same time being the experience in which this life unfolds. Who cares if an author of a random book is really enlightened or not. I've never even heard of Martin.
  7. We are experience in the dream, we are experience in this normal reality, we are experience when engrossed in a movie or book. What changes is only our identification, even a good movie can make us forget the limited self we mostly think we are. Your experience is always constant and always present.It can not be changed by anything. Consciousness is not something that you become, it's about realizing it is what you have always been, and rather accepting what you are not. Its about letting go of the thing we want most to defend and immortalize, our mind and human self.
  8. What Mandy said. The feeling and sensation gets you out of your head and more into experience of the moment. Its not so much that you are more conscious, it's that you are less mind.
  9. Ask yourself. Why do you feel like you need to come to this forum and make this point? What kind of result are you hoping to achieve and for what purpose? Its a bit sad, no? I hope you feel well and happy.
  10. You use the word I, my, me quite a lot, 32 times I counted. meditate on why that is.
  11. Assume you know nothing. Knowledge is irrelevant and over rated. This way you are free to experience life. Knowledge is a crux, as it colors your experience preventing you from being fully aware of what is as it is. Knowledge leads to arrogance, making you choose not to believe what you experience, because you have certain expectations. A baby knows nothing and learns everything at great speed, it is not worried about such philosophical mental masturbations. 2 + 2 = 11 in base3
  12. Autism is a broad spectrum, it also does not imply low IQ. Many autistic people have above average IQ, some even very high IQ. Many become succesful scientists, programmers, mathematicians, anything the requires analytical thinking. it seems some people do not really know what it is. I think, the clear analytical thinking most autistic people have, is surely helpful for the study of the mind. Concepts like non dualism, are surely easier to understand for autistic people. I think it is also easier to understand the fallacies of the mind, and step towards enlightenment, if you have certain problems. Stuff like not being able to make eye contact for example, and still trying, seeing that internal struggle. Or when something impacts the daily schedule of things, realizing perhaps where this comes from outside of control. Autistic people have a tendency to obsess and go into thought loops, solving complex problems in their head. This can be a bit much These can be unwelcome when they need to sleep. Meditation can give an autistic person more control over the mind, and even remove the symptoms. As for enlightenment. A person does not become enlightened. Enlightenment becomes a person. It is irrelevant i think. It is not the brain, mind, thoughts becoming enlightened. It is something outside of human experience entirely. You do not have to have amazing thoughts during meditation for enlightenment, you don't have to have any thoughts at all. Enlightenment is not a sudden "idea" you achieve from thinking very hard as a smart guy.
  13. @Mighty Mouse Experience is an English word, people often use it. It can be used in many ways, to convey many meanings. You are using the world itself out of context to prove a point, creating an argument about something i did not even say. Where did i say: "enlightenment is an experience?" Enlightenment is not the experience i was talking about. But a person still has many experiences, and when you are enlightened, the way you experience the world shifts. You cannot experience what another person is experiencing, as in how they see life, talk, feel think. So you cannot evaluate how that all was impacted by enlightenment. Because of this, you can not measure the change in his experience that enlightenment creates. You can only interact with external circumstances. You can only interact with your own hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, feeling. You see Leo's video, and make assumptions based on what you experience alone. It is your own experience that is being judged by yourself. Not Leo's, never even Leo's, because you cannot have Leo's experience, ever. We are all trapped in our own mind world, to judge another is to judge your own experience of another. It may be totally false, or it may approximate the truth, but there is always distance from the other.
  14. You can never know if someone is enlightened, unless you are able to peer inside their mind and experience what they are experiencing. In my opinion the mind does not go away, the ego does not go away. These are constructs of this being, identity, in our lifetime, part of our illusion. What happens is a shifting of focus of identity. This is called resting as infinite awareness, and at that moment the mind can utter the illogical words "I am God" Its wrong, but its really the mind realizing that the inherent nature of all is this God, or infinite awareness, or everyone being one. Which causes the mind to identify itself as that infinite awareness. When you are able to fully identify as this God being, when the curtains have been fully opened, it does not matter that ego thinks it is itself this God. God does not diminish in power or glory if I think i am God. I cannot reduce what is the ultimate reality, by assuming its identity, it just is. Once you pass that threshold, your thoughts or speech are irrelevant. It's sad that people bicker about such wordings or details. What is spoken is always from the mind or ego. And as such can be misinterpreted or quoted out of context. Infinite awareness does not speak. It watches you speak, and thinks nothing of it. The confusion is, we don't interact with an infinite awareness of God when talking to an enlightened person. We are talking to an ego that has seen a bright light. And that bright light who once thought he was an ego is now released from that limited perspective.
  15. @Mighty Mouse yeah, who would we be without the opinion of others