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  1. My family made a raw vegetable based tabbouleh recipe that includes bulgur wheat. Is this any better than regular wheat, or is it all the same?
  2. In your opinion, is marijuana of any use for spiritual development, or self help in general?
  3. I found an excerpt from a yoga website on "Samadhi" (or spiritual enlightenment). "Samadhi is where the knower, knowledge and object of knowledge unite. The knower (i.e. the person practicing), knowledge (i.e. what is God) and the object of knowledge (i.e. God) become one. This means that one unites with the Divine consciousness. Those who attain Samadhi see a heavenly, radiant light, hear a heavenly sound and feel within themselves an infinite expanse. When Samadhi is attained, we are like a river that finally flows into the sea after a long and difficult journey. All obstacles are overcome and the river is, for all of time, united with the ocean. In the same way, a Yogi arrives at the end of the path and becomes one with the Supreme Consciousness. The Yogi's consciousness finds eternal quiet, peace and bliss - the Yogi is liberated. This experience cannot be conveyed in words, because: only one who has tasted milk, knows how milk tastes; only one who has felt pain, knows what is pain; only one who has loved, knows what is love; and so only one who has experienced Samadhi, knows what is Samadhi. In this state all duality is dissolved. There is neither day or night, neither darkness or light, no qualities or colour. Everything is one in the Supreme Self. This union of the individual soul with the Cosmic soul is the goal of Yoga."
  4. Does anyone know if putting hair product in your hair is incessantly demanding your appearance to conform to something it isn't?
  5. I smoked a lot of cannabis and experienced an intense high. I just sat there quietly when all of the sudden I realized the infinity of the universe. I can't put it into words, but it was a very real insight. Any thoughts? Bogus? Legit?
  6. And I mean EVERYTHING. If you believe that everything you do, experience, feel, etc will in turn benefit you NO MATTER WHAT, can anything hurt you?
  7. Does anyone here practice feeling the inner body? I have been trying to practice directing my attention to it pretty much at all times. Any thoughts on this practice? I want to know if it is potent enough to transform one spiritually. Side note: I smoked a lot of marijuana and could feel the inner body very intensely. Any thoughts on that? Thx
  8. Why can't I make my pancakes with almond milk, organic eggs, and extra virgin olive oil if It contains wheat? ;(
  9. @Leo Gura What about body types? Such as the three doshas in Ayurvedic medicine? It is believed that certain body types (such as vata/vata-pitta) are to eat well-cooked grains, as well as heavy fats and well-seasoned meals. It is theorized that people of a certain body type eating these types of food will balance out their inner "skinny dry-ness". Any thoughts?
  10. He was a popular health author and spiritual writer. I find his work fascinating and ringing with wisdom and highly useful advice His specialty is primarily Ayurveda , and many of his books are about eating and exercising (and even breathing) according to your dosha (or body type). Anyone else read his work or heard of him?
  11. If I'm not mistaken, it's a practice of contemplating questions?
  12. Or are there still underlying assumptions never to be transcended? Or is reality just so epic that it merely trumps skepticism?
  13. Typical hungry teen here I was wondering weather or not consuming large amounts of calories of food daily will harm me? The food I eat is extremely healthy. I exercise a lot, but I don't want heavy meals to be destroyng my health, any thoughts?
  14. Will listening to and repeating affirmations build a huge ego and make enlightenment more difficult?
  15. Think of all the pain, emotional suffering, and neorosis associated with maintaining an egoic self concept. Existing with an ego is hell! Quite literally. I am studying religions, and I now realize the "hell" they speak of is really the mental stream of thoughts that rape you of your consciousness. People are driven to suicide because they identify with their thoughts and take them seriously! So when I read books on spirituality and watch videos (such as the one's on Actualized.org) and am told that I don't exist in reality, I now think that THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS EVER! All the unnecessary suffering is quite in vain, and it is this that motivates me to do spiritual work. Just needed to let go of that, I hope maybe this helped someone.