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  1. But isn't this world view simply saying the brain has a mirror like device in it which reflects the outer reality and supplies the raw data from the senses in a coherent manner? By the way I love the picture of the universe with spiral galaxies curving round into an eye looking at itself. Does anyone have that picture and can post it? Something seems inherently true about it.
  2. When you go to watch a magic show and the magician says, "you must absolutely believe everything I tell you 100%", there's an unsaid caveat around that , that you expect to enjoy the show and get good value for money. Leo hasn't told us what the caveat is, but I expect it's something like, it should improve your life, and not end up dead.
  3. Nobody has wired their brain exactly like you have - so that makes you a FREAK. As for labelling, the universe is infinite. Thirdly, if this guy committed suicide the police would be all over his laptop and this forum asking Leo questions, so the fact Leo hasn't closed this thread just about proves this guy is a Troll IMO.
  4. @Nahm Something struck a chord when he was saying about only he could create the now, the colours and sounds. I was able to "take a step back" from that if you know what I mean.
  5. I blew some dust off an old book in my library, and it was Gill Edwards - Stepping into the Magic - never finished reading it. How do you find Gill's approach of mentally imagining / day dreaming of meeting what she calls your Basic self and Higher Self? Much like what you would find in a hypnosis session, you take steps down into a forest to meet your basic Self, or to meet your higher self, up to a glass temple / tower (where nobody is home) and optimistically states you may find who is in the glass temple on the first attempt! How do these different approaches fair?
  6. "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
  7. Yes faith is different to knowledge for sure. There must be something that keeps beginners like me on this path, keeps them coming back for more. We know we have to drop all the words and knowledge, like at the last minute I guess. And yet we "keep the faith"? You are believers in a sense. But what if what you believe in is slightly misguided, over ambitious, or just plain wrong, maybe we need to drop that too. You would think that the death of an ego does indeed mean loosing every last ounce of belief too, or not. I really don't know. On the other hand, belief to me is everything.
  8. I'm beginning to formulate my rules and regulations. We rule by strong discipline. If people mis-behave we take action by giving them a jolly good spanking with this:
  9. It's going to be a special form a rulership never seen before whereby I am KING. Now... all bow down to Neo!
  10. Nahm, where does faith come into this creating?
  11. Aren't some people confusing the question whether yesterday exists at the ultimate layer of reality with just plain old does yesterday exist to you? Alan Watts describes the past as seen from the "present" as if you were a boat, stationary, with the waves of water left behind in your wake rippling, and heading off out from you.
  12. As far as I understand it, yesterday doesn't exist outside in reality, but when you come to realise this fully, you'll no longer be fascinated by it because you'll just be frozen in time, and this is what they mean by "BEING".