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  1. I read your poem and took a deep breath, and it felt good. It felt like I had chosen to take that breath and then I realised, I just breathed because... well your poem told me to, and all the breathing I've been doing lately. I didn't choose to do any of it...
  2. Speaking as a male who had children very late in life but had a strong paternal instinct through out my life including "anxiety" that time was running out (to do so with my partner), I can honestly say that trying to figure out "why" is a bit like asking why someone loves someone or why one believes in god or why someone is gay as an example. You're not going to find someone comes up with a cost / benefit analysis of an answer, or any pure logic.
  3. Everything looks like a cartoon? Here's a picture of my pet rabbit Fred. Anything at all unusual?
  4. Because spirituality requires being open minded and some men don't like throwing their entire life in the dustbin , even for a minute while they consider questioning everything they are founded on. Oh this is called ego isn't it?
  5. This is how I read the initial post. As I read, "Reality is a VR experience..." I am already seeing the whole room with a wide field of view rather than looking at any "thing". You know, I'm grounded in the experience of looking rather than seeing anything in particular. (that doesn't sound possible while reading, but it clearly is somehow) When I get to the point, "recalling these moments that have already happened outside of time and space, and they materialize as reality for you", flashed into my mind was a seemingly unimportant frame or two of a memory, and I realise that the poster is correct, that the memories seem to be inserted in a different order to chronological time, then WOOOSH.... I got hit by a huge wave and I have to let it go unfortunately.
  6. justfortoday, something half way through your main post on page 1 washed over me like a wave. I don't know what it is but the written word definitely is alive! I am here writing this post because my brain wants to avoid reading the rest.
  7. But isn't this world view simply saying the brain has a mirror like device in it which reflects the outer reality and supplies the raw data from the senses in a coherent manner? By the way I love the picture of the universe with spiral galaxies curving round into an eye looking at itself. Does anyone have that picture and can post it? Something seems inherently true about it.
  8. When you go to watch a magic show and the magician says, "you must absolutely believe everything I tell you 100%", there's an unsaid caveat around that , that you expect to enjoy the show and get good value for money. Leo hasn't told us what the caveat is, but I expect it's something like, it should improve your life, and not end up dead.
  9. Nobody has wired their brain exactly like you have - so that makes you a FREAK. As for labelling, the universe is infinite. Thirdly, if this guy committed suicide the police would be all over his laptop and this forum asking Leo questions, so the fact Leo hasn't closed this thread just about proves this guy is a Troll IMO.
  10. @Nahm Something struck a chord when he was saying about only he could create the now, the colours and sounds. I was able to "take a step back" from that if you know what I mean.
  11. I blew some dust off an old book in my library, and it was Gill Edwards - Stepping into the Magic - never finished reading it. How do you find Gill's approach of mentally imagining / day dreaming of meeting what she calls your Basic self and Higher Self? Much like what you would find in a hypnosis session, you take steps down into a forest to meet your basic Self, or to meet your higher self, up to a glass temple / tower (where nobody is home) and optimistically states you may find who is in the glass temple on the first attempt! How do these different approaches fair?
  12. "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."