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  1. I agree that Khabib has a big ego, he was really impulsive. But I don't know if you can say the same about McGregor. Probably he has a big ego, yes, but he is also good in marketing himself. Maybe for him it's all a show to promote himself (and this works!) Personally I have a problem with defining famous people in this stages categories, because you don't really know the persons most of the time. You don't know what's real and what's just a show. Cheers.
  2. Hi all, I am a tall guy (1,94 m) and I have always been very skinny. Normally I weighed something like 73 kg, which is really not a lot considering my length. I always tried to gain weight and although I always eat a lot, I never gained any substantial weight. I never ate very healty. I wouldn't say I was very unhealthy, but I ate a lot of sugar, meat, dairy etc. Besides that, I also ate a lot. I would eat untill I really couldn't eat anymore and sometimes untill I would get stomach pain. I would also eat a lot of snacks and I was basically eating the whole day. Since some time I have been changing my routines and diet. Here are some things I changed: - I do about one hour of yoga a day. - I almost don't eat food with added sugar anymore - I eat only 2-3 times a day - I work out every morning. - I eat more fruit -I eat less meat - I don't eat a lot of yoghurt anymore. Because of this I actually felt great. However, it turned out that i lost about 3-4 kilograms in one month! I don't think this is very healty and it would be great if you could share your opinions about this. Thanks in advance! Clint
  3. I think patience is key here. You only have a certain amount of 'discipline'. Try to quit one thing at a time and slowly try to change your lifestyle. You will have many, many setbacks, as your body and mind will try to get back to 'homeostasis.' You will have to get back on track after you fall back and try again. Right now I am trying to quit my sugar addiction and it works out really well, but every now and then I just can't control myself and then I just can't resist sweets or chocolate. But slowly I notice that I need less and less sugar and that my lifestyle really does change. So I would advice you to have a little compassion for yourself.
  4. You can try to work on the Chackra's. Try to work on the ones that are the least 'developed' first (so probably the lower ones, since you're inflexible) and then try to integrate exercises for all the chakra's in one routine. That's what I did at least and now I have a rather good routine.
  5. I agree. I see it as a good sign as well. The interesting thing is that a lot of 'actualizers' have in common that they have problems with relationships and sex. And I think porn and masturbation holds a lot of actualizers back.
  6. Can you explain?
  7. The funny thing is that I dream about sex more than before. And this month I (probably) had my first wet dream ever (although I didn't dream about sex when I came). Isn't that weird? A lot of people use NOFAP to get rid of this....
  8. Does enyone else sometimes has the urge to FAP and if you don't do it at that particular moment you cannot do anything else. That when you do masturbate you can think of other things to do again, but if you don't do it, you can't think of anything to do and you're just bored as hell.
  9. So...Leo is completely bald, while he lives in Nevada and previously lived in Texas? Maybe he never comes out?
  10. Hi Ben, I have the same ambition as you. I also play guitar for a long time and would really like to become a proffessional. However, I think it's really difficult to become a professional rock musician these days. I think there are several reasons, most importantly: - Rock isn't that popular anymore (at least it seems to me). I have friends who listen to it a lot, but the average person I meet has no interest in rock music (or any kind of music, really). This can also depend on different countries. I was in Russia for example, and it seems that Rock music is more popular there (I can be completely wrong in this though, It's only my biased impression) -Downloading/streaming. You really need a good (new) way of making money. I don't know how, so if you have any ideas, maybe we could share them (since there are more musicians here :P) You can also check this interview. It has some interesting thoughts. The guy is pessimistic and negative, which you shouldn't be, but it can give you some insights of another fellow struggling musician. As for your music: i like it! If you visit the Netherlands, maybe I will see your show
  11. @Elisabeth Do you have any suggestions for books?
  12. I noticed that when I watch less porn ( now I only watch it once a week, once every week), i tend to watch less extreme porn. You can appreciate women more when you watch less porn. Big fake tits are not necessary anymore haha Of course: quitting it is better, but I think I can control it now. I quit for like half a year.
  13. When are you addicted? How many times a week?
  14. I will try it. How did you notice your stress level decreased? I actually have been doing that for a long time now! Because I also do other Yoga, I don't know what the benifits of this one are. But I think I can sing a little bit better now (I used to be really terrible in singing, and even today I am not good). Did you notice any ''rewards'' from this one?