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  1. I understand. I was just saying this because i myself was always hoping on a 'breakthrough'. A moment after which i wouldn't care anymore about social situations and could really be 'myself.' But this never happens. Personally I think that you can improve slowly, step by step. You will have fallbacks, but there can be a positive trend.
  2. Do you think there will be a point at which you have 'overcome' social anxiety? Or could it be that there is no such point? Maybe you will be always anxious, but in different degrees. I think it's more like a scale. You are maybe stressed out a lot at this moment in social interactions, but you could work towards a more relaxed attitude. But there will still be stress in social situations and maybe that's okay.
  3. Hey everybody, What do you guys think of this video? I think it's really interesting because it shows the connection with food and mental issues. But it also shows that you can survive a really long period on the same (low-quality) food. I always thought that i would die really soon if i would only eat bread for example, but apparently human bodies can survive eating shitty and one-sided diets. Cheers, Clint.
  4. Some good habits: -''Pray'' for your food. This sounds silly, but it makes you appreciate food more. -Eat without distraction. So no newspaper or computer. -Feel if you're really hungry or not. Maybe it's just your brain wanting some quick satisfaction. -Chew your food really well. -Finish your food and then wait a couple of seconds before you move.
  5. The Quran is written by many people, although Muslims don't want to admit this generally. So you have ego's from different stages writing the Quran. Some red elements, some purple, but also some at higher levels. And don't forget that a lot of the stuff written in the Quran were probably useful to add at that time. Just to fix some problems that are now completely overlooked. The Quran is like a Bollywood movie. In these movies there are parts for children, parts for adults, cheap entertainment, some dance, some philosophical parts. So the whole family can enjoy a movie. With the Quran it is the same. You can just look for the parts which fit to your 'stage', 'level' or what you need in your life at this very moment. That's why a lot of people are attracted to the Quran and that's why you have all those different sects and mystical groups like the Sufis.
  6. It's true that there are many reasons, and you just named good alternative possibilities. Of course it's impossible to say that there is just one reason northern Europe is so developed. I just wanted to make my point that life isn't easier in the northern part of the world, but in some ways more difficult. I think that the necessary preparation for winter makes you organize better and that this is the most important reason. Inuit and other northern tribes aren't developed as much, I agree. But life is so difficult over there that they live quite isolated and don't have that much contact with the rest of the world. That's maybe one reason they aren't developed that much. And being the epicentre of global trade is a overstatement. But there sure was a lot of trade in Europe. But why was that? I think not because of the resources, but because of the lack of resources. We wanted stuff from China and India, but had nothing to offer. So we explored for riches in America and Africa, to have something to offer the Chinese! That's I think another reason Europe is so rich, because the lack of resources and the urge of imperialism that came as a consequence. And I don't think Europe is more competitive than other parts of the world. Look at the tribes in the Middle-East or Africa. Really competitive, but not developed as much.
  7. I recently watched Leo's episode about conscious politics. In this episode he said that northern European countries are so highly developed because it's easier to survive in those countries than in regions like Africa or the Middle-East. He said it's harder to create a stable government in the Middle-East, where there is tribal warfare, limited resources and hard geographical conditions. Or in Africa, because it's a difficult continent to survive in because of the jungles and insects. I think this is not true. For example, there barely grows anything at all in Scandinavia. That's why they raided the rest of Europe and started farmers colonies in other countries. And the Netherlands, which Leo considers highly developed, didn't even exist for a long time. For a long time it was literally just water and some swamps. However, at the time the Netherlands didn't even exist, there were already major civilizations in the Middle-East. Think for example about Egypt. These civilizations could exist, because the climate was good and because there was a lot of fresh water. Life was easier there than in northern Europe. I think the reason northern Europe is so highly developed is exactly because of those harder living conditions. And especially because of the winters. Every year you have to prepare for the winter and you need a lot of organizing skills to do this. If you don't organize the clan, nation or country, you will have a hard time during the winter. In the Netherlands, which is where i'm from, everything is organised. It's insane. There is no tree which is not part of a plan! It is no coincidence that all the richer and more developed countries are located in the north. They had a slow start compared to other civilizations in the south, but once they were fully on their way, they were unstoppable. It's the scarcity of resources that makes countries ''more developed'', instead of the abundance. You just have to take a look at Iceland, which Leo also considers a highly developed country, to see that this is true.
  8. Yes, I think it's a really great show. You actually see everyone getting lost in their focus on success and wealth. Also Diane, although I think she identifies as a green person. She considers herself liberal, good for the environment, etc. Sometimes I see 'Dianes' around me. People who talk green, but do orange.
  9. Interesting thought! But what do you think Diane is?
  10. You make a good point. One new year resolution is to quit porn altogether. But i think i will masturbate, because i just have the physical urge to do so every once in a while. It feels unhealthy to deny it too long.
  11. It's so interesting that this topic is popping up everytime! It's a huge issue in modern day society. I was addicted to porn and i am still addicted to it i think. About two years ago i quit watching porn for some time and every now and then I have relapses, but i don't do it on a daily basis anymore. Nowadays I say to myself: you can watch porn again next year! Or you can fap one time per month. Or two times per month. Sometimes it works better than other times, but this kind of goals work for me.
  12. Sadhguru on (what I think) the transition of India from blue to orange:
  13. I agree that Khabib has a big ego, he was really impulsive. But I don't know if you can say the same about McGregor. Probably he has a big ego, yes, but he is also good in marketing himself. Maybe for him it's all a show to promote himself (and this works!) Personally I have a problem with defining famous people in this stages categories, because you don't really know the persons most of the time. You don't know what's real and what's just a show. Cheers.
  14. Hi all, I am a tall guy (1,94 m) and I have always been very skinny. Normally I weighed something like 73 kg, which is really not a lot considering my length. I always tried to gain weight and although I always eat a lot, I never gained any substantial weight. I never ate very healty. I wouldn't say I was very unhealthy, but I ate a lot of sugar, meat, dairy etc. Besides that, I also ate a lot. I would eat untill I really couldn't eat anymore and sometimes untill I would get stomach pain. I would also eat a lot of snacks and I was basically eating the whole day. Since some time I have been changing my routines and diet. Here are some things I changed: - I do about one hour of yoga a day. - I almost don't eat food with added sugar anymore - I eat only 2-3 times a day - I work out every morning. - I eat more fruit -I eat less meat - I don't eat a lot of yoghurt anymore. Because of this I actually felt great. However, it turned out that i lost about 3-4 kilograms in one month! I don't think this is very healty and it would be great if you could share your opinions about this. Thanks in advance! Clint