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  1. U missed the point i think
  2. Well i am not THAT sensitive i know what you talk about but i don't mean just the rough attitude i can live with that.
  3. Yes that is very true i think
  4. I don't understand i looked that word up assertion=A statement that you strongly believe is true.
  5. Always INTJ for me but i relate to the INTP aswell Interesting that my thinking is 85% over feeling huge difference
  6. i explain nothing anymore it doesn't work that way mostly it seems. But when i care about someone i just do not use the self development terminology i don't mention it as a subject. But what sometimes does work is asking question's just ask question's that are so hard they have to think for themselves and they have to leave all automatic beliefs behind for a moment. I find that amusing as well
  7. What works best for me is humor sometimes i am a little trapped into my own head thinking about huge topics, and i like that but humor is what gets me out, to see the absurdity in everything.
  8. - Music - my cats - Withholding laughter with a good friend because u both saw something absurd and u thought the same thing but it is inappropriate to laugh - good pranks - cooking something awesome - this whole video
  9. Grats from a fellow cook and guitarplayer! i am interested how it will work out for you.
  10. I see it simple Leo talks about stuff i find interesting i like that. The forum is there to discuss interesting stuf,f also nice. Thats all i guess, not interested in making assumptions about his character and not being manipulated is your responsibility.
  11. What kind of business do u guys have? i would like to know since every self development book/channel/forum u name it talks about making yourself a business. I hear a lot of praise about having a business and i can kind off imagine that but i would like to hear examples. so.. - What kind of business do u have? - Why this particular kind of business? - What is your motivation for doing so? - How did it make a change in your own personal self development? - Did u have a job before and how do the 2 compare?
  12. Hello everyone my first post here, My life is kinda comfortable, almost too much at the moment as was most of my life .Let me describe the situation - 28 years old - Recently moved back with my parents - Lots of free time i work an average of 3 days a week for a reasoneble full time salary and i saved up lots of money - having a slight YouTube and video game addiction - social situation is good tho i have good friends and a loving relaxed family - dating life is nonexistent at the moment - i am never bored and i have lots of interests and hobby's but they keep me inside the house So this situation doesn't look too bad on paper but i am a little worried because it does not really go anywhere, i have my interests but i have no intention too monetize any of them,I work as a cook in a restaurant and i like cooking but i do it with little passion and i enjoy fooling around with my colleagues more, it feels like a chore. I don't feel any passion for the jobs i come across and even tho i work well i almost always do them with indifference. I successfully started working out tho which i do almost every day so that's a start. I failed at a meditation habit which i might try again ( that for me is infinity harder then going to the gym ) I am also interested in writing down my thoughts and this might be a good place to start. But overall i am fighting comfort which drags me back time and time again. I do not feel like complaining too much tho but i wonder how many other people are in similar situations ( comfortable but without exitement ) While i see a lot of lives around me which are lived without any soul, i am conscious of it. Anyway whats your thoughts?
  13. What are some books you've read that don't have the specific aim of self improvement in mind but they did inspire or change u for the better? So the best books for me where not actually self improvement books (although i loved reading them of course ) but where more like stories or talking about society in general. Here are some examples from me i can recommend to everyone and most of them i have read multiple times also spend some time reflecting on them. - The ascent of humanity by charles Eisenstein This one talks about the idea of humans separation from nature and the idea of control in depth and how that basically manifests in economics, our schooling system and the language itself. It is very well written and made a lasting impression on me. - The second world war by Antony Beevor I have a lifelong fascination with world war 2 and this is the best book about it i've read. It describes the whole war in detail, all the battles and horrors i believe there are so many lessons u can draw from this subject. - Mans search for meaning by Viktor Frankl Its a real story about an Auschwitz survivor and tells how he survived arguably the worst place ever created. What is very interesting is also that he describes all the emotions he went through and how he used them to find the courage to carry on and never give up, this one is very humbling in my opinion. - 1984 by George Orwell Very well know of course but i think this is a must read and although this is a parody on dictatorships i believe this is more or less possible seeing how humans can be made to believe almost anything when their critical thinking is shut off ( look at North Korea ) it is the complete extreme dictatorship and very interesting because when u see the way this is done on a mass scale u can see this attempt at controlling people on a personal level as well, just apply the basic principles. After reading this book u can see attempts at control from a mile away at least if u read it mindfully. - The underground history of american education by John Taylor Gatto About how the school system had come to being, one of the best books i have ever read, i went trough the whole thing 3 times already. The school system is made to create obedient workers necessary for working in the factories during the industrial revolution. Many examples off what an actual education is as well. So wanted to share these ones and i am interested to know yours.
  14. U were born in 1998 i see, well i dont know u and i am far from enlightened i guess so instead of telling what to do i could say what i did. Well i am born in 1988 so a 10 year difference. I had no idea about working on yourself in any way and i didn't, i played mainly video games and i was not concerned with this stuff at all just lived my life. self development as a thing is for me only the last 2 years or so what i could say is that u have lots of time to develop yourself since u found out about this stuff so soon. about the conditioning and the beliefs u are at least aware that u have them i worked some limiting beliefs away with pure reasoning. no meditation or drugs or anything but just critical thinking that is what works for me. when i want something i simply ask myself can i get it if not why not and i almost always end up that the problem is me and no other rational counter argument can be given. Then i stall progress for a long time of course until there is a point that i am so fed up and bored with my own excuses that i go and do it and change is inevitable. I hope that helps remember u have time just chip away at it piece by piece and try to enjoy it.
  15. Most often complete indifference and indeed that stupid little sentence "that is just your opinion". People say that stuff without thinking about it and that blows my mind because when i began to read stuff about mastery,history,habits,awareness etc i was immediately interested,you are not taught this in school or anywhere else and maybe u just stumble on it by chance. So finding people who relate to that is very rare in my experience.
  16. Mastery - George leonnard Mastery - Robert green The road less traveled - M scott peck Flow - Mihaly csikszentmihalyi ( ofc i had to look that up on google ;P ) Out witting the devil - Napoleon Hill
  17. Thanks for the reactions. I have gotten more interested in self improvement the last 2 years i follow this forum for a while now and somehow felt the urge to share this.