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  1. Finishing up It's Not About the Money by Brent Kessel. He suggests taking a long-term time horizon and investing in index funds and ETFs to replicate the market. He recommends the following allocations for stocks: U.S. Large: 21% U.S. Large Value: 21% U.S. Small: 9% U.S. Small Value: 9% International Large Value: 8% International Small: 4% International Small Value: 4% Emerging Markets Portfolio: 3% Emerging Markets Small: 3% Emerging Markets Value: 3% Real Estate: 10% Commodities: 5% He also advises diversifying into real estate, either by owning three separate (and very different) types of properties or, failing that, investing in REITs. This keeps you asset class diversified, which minimizes portfolio volatility, which maximizes compound gains. Is this solid advice? I'm developing my financial literacy, but I still need to develop the acumen to evaluate the merit of strategies. On paper, it sounds great, but I would love other opinions. I have 130k, and this is one avenue I'm considering. Also curious about what @Leo Gura thinks.
  2. Haven't been on here for a while, but last time I was, you promised you would transform into a demon on camera for us. How's that coming along?
  3. Wanted to share this. A true innovator. A genre of his own. Let us know what you think!
  4. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.
  5. This, to me, is one of the most beautiful, important things you have ever said. And that's saying a lot. Bravo.
  6. Alright, I stand corrected. Open-mindedness should be a pre-requisite. I do hold that people should be able to challenge him, though.
  7. So if someone disagrees with you, or at the very least, will not entertain the possibility that you're right, you'll ban them? That doesn't seem right. Seems like you're trying to force collective adoption of your teachings.
  8. Over the last year or two it seems you've moved away from a growth perspective to a more genetic-focused, fatalist perspective of potential. Have your views changed?
  9. This guy is confessing to being a pimp and a swindler on camera. What more do you need to see his complete lack of integrity? Thanks for posting this Leo.
  10. Let's paint a picture of who we were before and after we started this work. Also post how long you've been on the journey. Also post your primary focus vis-à-vis growth. Before: - Lifelong video game addiction - Marijuana addiction - Porn addiction - OCD, depression, anxiety - Poor diet, no exercise, overweight - Socially awkward - Zero skills with women; clueless - No ambition, drive, direction; lazy - No hobbies - Poor student; mostly Cs - Hung out with the wrong people After: - Overcome porn, video game, and pot addiction; consume absolutely zero - Overcame OCD, depression, and anxiety - Rock-solid work ethic - A- student in uni - Got into pickup and developed massive amounts of confidence; both with women and with people in general - overcame social anxiety - New friend group of intelligent, high-achieving, positive people - Awesome girlfriend - Whole foods, vegetarian diet; in excellent shape - Exercise 4 days a week - Know my values - Daily mediation - Daily gratitude ritual - Lots of hobbies and passions' well-rounded Took me 7 years to get these results. Currently I'm working to clarify and actualize my LP. My secondary focus is financial literacy.