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  1. Entry 347 | Music Comes And Goes Theory: The best musical ideas are often the most memorable ones. Applying it: Whatever ideas you receive, don't feel like you need to hang onto them and remember them. If they are worthy of being shared, they will return to you. This is my philosophy when it comes to writing new music. Sure, my music might not exactly be so memorable that people all over the world are singing it to themselves every day. But the compositions that I share are the ones that are most memorable to me. It's a personal thing. Some tunes remind me of the first time I fell in love with the guitar while others make me remember how much of a boss I can be as a guitar player. That's not necessarily the point of the piece of music but they are remembered in this way nonetheless. Hundreds of composition ideas have come to me over the years. Far too many to share with others. The ones that do get shared are my best picks. But every now and then, an old idea from the long forgotten past will revive itself and present itself to me. This is also part of the philosophy. Just like any idea, a musical idea comes to you. You do not go to it. And when these forgotten ideas come back to you, they often come back with far greater significance than they had before. Yesterday, I remembered a tune that I wrote during my difficult first year at uni. This tune had been forgotten for 3 years until it came back to me. Why? While it was random, there was a definite reason why it came back to me. At the time I wrote the composition, I found myself lacking in the skill to play it. And so, I abandoned it without recording it or writing it down. It literally became non-existent once again. But how interesting that it decided to return to me after several years. Perhaps my subconscious mind recognised that my skill had increased enough to perform the piece at last. And such is the same with all good ideas. It might be that present circumstances don't allow for the idea to take hold. In which case, let it come back another day. It's important not to obsessively try to remember the idea and force it to come about. That way, you have no way of being sure that it's truly a worthy idea. Pick of the day:
  2. Entry 346 | Small Victories I don't want to say that my lack of journaling has been the result of a bad thing recently. Most of my self-actualization work has taken the form of actual grunt work, so to speak. Over the last few days, I've been making some serious progress on establishing myself as an independent guitar tutor. Currently, I'm using a site called Tutorful (previously named Tutora) which allows me to receive messages from potential students looking for lessons. But I've been working away on my website to build a booking service that will allow students to message and pay me directly. Although teaching isn't my biggest passion in life, it's perhaps the second biggest. I've discovered that perspective wisdom is my second best strength in life and teaching students how to play the guitar feels very fulfilling. Plus, it's the surest way I can think of to earn some kind of living right now. But today was the day I decided to let my students know that I will become independent. It seems like a pretty small change but it fired me up inside and made me nervous and excited about it. My website is unfinished and I have announced a deadline to my students letting them know when the change will begin (30th April). But I think the fulfilment from this small victory comes from the fact that I'm deeply invested in the growth of my current students and I want to provide a service that other people get tremendous value from. Sure I'm not catering to the masses at this point. But it is so wonderful to see just how much I can help one person. That's all I need. I'm super excited about having the balls to take charge of my business and finance. Goodness knows what it's going to be like once this album is complete! Pick of the day:
  3. Entry 345 | One Simple Rule For Acing Life If you haven't watched Leo's video of that title, then I highly recommend that you do. To sum it up, the rule is to always do the most emotionally difficult things in life. Because it's only by doing these things that you can lean into resistance and transcend it. The emotionally difficult things to do in life are aligned with your life purpose and are therefore very personal. What may feel easy for some might feel emotionally challenging for you. The reason why is because it matters to you more. The things that matter to you are emotionally difficult to go through. This could mean starting up your own business, a new relationship, telling the world your biggest secret, telling the truth to someone, performing onstage, meditating, journalling, dressing how you want to dress, authentically self-expressing, and so many other things. For the majority of the week, I was heavily resisting the good habits that I'd cultivated to seek lower forms of pleasure. But after contemplating my death for a while, the question came to me from nowhere: "What is the most emotionally most difficult thing to do right now?" I've been repeating this question to myself for the last two days. Like a mantra, it brings me straight back into the present moment and realigns my focus with what matters most to me. And since doing this, my productivity has been so much higher this weekend alone than the whole week. I've been able to meditate and exercise like a boss, complete a huge amount of business work for my website, design and order some posters for my teaching services, record a new video and prepare some healthy grub all the while. The best part about this question is that it completely undercuts resistance by driving me deeper into the thick of it. This question forces me to observe what would otherwise not be observed due to resistance. And in fact, it becomes so much easier to face the task once the resistance is out of the question. Sure it still feels emotionally difficult. But the knowing that it will inevitably provide me with deep fulfilment at the end makes it so worthwhile. Pick of the day:
  4. Entry 344 | The Other Kind Of Resistance Theory: Knowledge is synonymous to action. He who has superior knowledge takes responsibility for making superior actions. Applying it: Treat education as a tool to overcome resistance. Learn about the ways your mind works and the ways that you can transform your life. The actions will spontaneously follow only when you are educated enough to take them. I found myself rereading some of my notes from my first read-through of Toward A Psychology Of Being by Abraham Maslow. One of the points he made was that of knowledge being synonymous to action. Here are some of the main points: This has definitely been true in my own life recently. There is a particular exercise in the Life Purpose Course that I have been resisting for some reason. It was a kind of resistance that I'd never experienced before. It wasn't just resistance to action. It was a resistance to knowledge. To knowledge of myself. It explains a lot because as I go through each one of the exercises in the course, I'm becoming more knowledgable about my future. And the more I know, the more I will need to act in conjunction with it. The reason for my resistance now is because it would feel more comfortable to not know myself so deeply that I needed to act on it. Thanks to reading something like this which caught me completely off-guard, I feel more compelled to keep pushing forward with everything. It's an important discovery process that is happening for me right now. Having been threw out of the university bubble, it's important to know my place in this new world. Not only that, but where I fit in for the new world that occurs every single day. So this is the vague resistance I have been feeling recently: the resistance of knowledge. Hence the lack of reading, coursing, journalling and self-actualising. Now I understand myself, perhaps it's time to swallow the pill and just keep going for it. Pick of the day:
  5. Entry 343 | Time For An Update Did I mention the ridiculous amount of holiday time I've been having recently? It's been an interesting few weeks to say the least. It's felt like an emotional purgatory for the most part with my days either being incredibly awesome or incredibly full of resistance. All the while, I've been applying the work in the Life Purpose Course. Part of me is wondering if it feels like there's more resistance because I've been feeding my subconscious mind something new and constructive. But no matter how much it may feel like things are going wrong in my head, there is evidence to support the fact that the growth that has happened this year has been pretty huge. For instance, the holiday that I just came back from (a weekend cottage break) was with my university flatmates. As much as I love them, it was obvious that they were struggling with their diet unlike myself. And although diet might not feel like the most important thing to get right, it's foundational work for any self-actualiser. And by comparison, my diet has dramatically improved since this time last year. I can look after my basic bodily needs first and foremost, which is an achievement that makes me feel good inside. Also, I'm getting used to being recognised for my sexuality. One of my flatmates cracked a joke about it yesterday and I distinctly remember thinking "hang on a minute, I don't need to feel insecure about this anymore." And what an amazing feeling that is! For the first time in my life, I actually feel like I can embrace my sexuality rather than hide it. Part of that comes down to finding a partner that actually makes me feel honoured to be with. But the other component is self-acceptance. I can at last feel happy about expressing what wants to be expressed, not what I think needs expressing. Anyway, let's talk some music! This album that I'm working on has got me super excited to get it out there. There's now two discs worth of original music in my library and I've created a design for an album cover using a sketch of my initials that I found from several years ago. Seeing it in it's working form on my iTunes library makes me realise that this shit is actually possible. And for once, I'm willing to wager that people will actually want to go out of their way to purchase this album. Maybe not immediately. But I'm imagining that after several decades of producing value for the world, there will always be people who want to look back at my life's work from as early as possible. I realise now that this album is about far more than what it looks like on the surface. Instead of trying to grab everybody's attention by showing them how good I am, it's more about taking a moment to appreciate the music that spoke to me. My life is becoming less and less about the former and more about the latter. I've had enough compliments about my skill level to heal the wounds of my school years which felt like the only cure for them was public recognition and respect. My psyche holds no desire for these things now. It only cares for making music. My self-actualization work and meditation have suffered over the last few weeks however as the irregularity of journal entries may have indicated. But let me set the record straight with myself right now. My top strength is zest, enthusiasm, energy. Whenever I put my heart into doing something, I boss it. Guitar playing, diet, exercising, meditating, self-actualising... I have the ability to become better at any of these things whenever I feel like it and when I make it my primary mission, I go all in. Just because I slip up here and there doesn't mean that something wrong has occurred. The more I slate myself for doing something "bad," the more I focus on the "bad" and continue to produce the "bad." But fortunately, my enthusiasm helps me to replace that word with "good" whenever I choose. Just because I haven't chosen yet doesn't mean I will never choose to. It just means that it perhaps isn't a priority at the moment. I'm working upwards from Maslow's hierarchy of needs. My diet is great. My love life is awesome. I have shelter, clothing, social interactions, self-esteem and general wellbeing. But right now, the money/career category is deficient in that I haven't reached a sustainable income. Once I boss this area of my life, I can continue to pursue higher-consciousness values. Okay this life is pretty fucking awesome! Thanks to the pain I felt as a teenager, I've been able to grow into a guitar wizard! And during this period of my life, that pain must return. Only then will the next level of growth be reached. Pick of the day:
  6. Entry 342 | Writing Songs Theory: The best source material for your song lyrics lies within your internal universe. Applying it: Use your emotions, imagination and intuition as fuel for your creativity. If you are naturally pulled in some direction, follow it through until the end. Today was another one of those days where I veered off-course. It wasn't a completely wasted day, but what I planned to do versus what actually happened turned out to be two different things. Among the things I managed to do today was procrastination. It was taking its toll on my psyche through the dissatisfaction that it provided me with. But I surprisingly managed to recover the situation in the last hour by catching a new composition idea. The word "catching" is deliberate because there was a process that led me to the location of the idea. The feeling of dissatisfaction led me to a particular place inside myself. In that place lurked the song idea. Knowing that this could be a spontaneous moment of creativity, I followed through until the song idea became fully formed. It's by no means a complete song but the fundamental idea and feel of the song is there. When it comes to writing the rest of the song, all that needs to happen is for me to return to that place that I found within myself and explore it more deeply. I don't profess to be a master songwriter because it's relatively new to me. But the way I tend to write lyrics is through the method above. The lyrics are found within the spiritual place that the song idea can lead me towards. Through plenty of exploration and curiosity, the lyrics and notes that feel the most true make their way to the surface and become a part of the concrete song. On a physical level, there really is no method to the madness. On a spiritual plane, it's a deliberate exploration of my internal universe of emotion, imagination and instinct. It may sound crap to others. But as an artist, it has to resonate with me on a spiritual level. Because if it doesn't, there's no journey to go on. There's no music to guide you to a deeper spiritual place. There's no connection with others. Very few people actually love the music that I produce because of various reasons. But the ones who do resonate with it as much as I do. Maybe their interpretation of it is completely different to mine. That's totally understandable. But they "get it" just like I do. If ever you wonder why we are "moved" by music, it is because of the spiritual journey that it takes us on. And the job of the artist is to become an explorer on the spiritual plane. You must discover the uncharted spiritual territory within yourself first. Once you make yourself at home, you can invite others into it to share the experience. Pick of the day:
  7. Entry 341 | Entering Phase 3 Of My Musical Journey Phase 1 for me was learning how to play the electric guitar. More specifically, it was about learning how to play shred metal solos. My heroes included Michael Angelo Batio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Andy Timmons, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Phase 2 was learning how to play the acoustic guitar. It was about learning how to perform percussive acoustic guitar solos requiring no accompaniment. My heroes included Michael Hedges, Preston Reed, Tommy Emmanuel, Joe Bonamassa and Doyle Dykes. Phase 3 promises to be something exciting and brand new. The fact that I have reinvented myself musically in the past means that I don't feel hesitant to do it again. Everybody in school and college knew me for being a badass shred metal electric guitarist. Fast-forward a few years and everybody from university remembers me for being an acoustic guitar wizard. At least, that's the best things they all think! But Phase 3 for me involves a brand new avenue of exploration with the guitar that I've never come across before. Phase 3 is going to be the ultimate fusion of past and present. Phase 3 is about learning how to play electroacoustic guitar music. It's an intuition that's been burning away for a while now. The reason why I put it off several months ago was because I had to be sure that this was the right course of action. It's usually best to tell, over long periods of time, the difference between a fleeting and a burning desire. But this one has remained persistent. A few days ago, I started work right away on making this dream become a reality. So far, I've managed to complete the difficult task of converting the guitar into a MIDI instrument. In other words, I can plug the guitar into the laptop and convert the sounds of the guitar to MIDI notes, which can then be played using the software instruments found in Logic and MainStage. This goal left me stumped several months ago because I couldn't make it work back then. But I've got it going now. Not much on self-actualization, I know. But by following this desire, I've become reignited with a sense of purpose and striving. That's something worth talking about. Pick of the day:
  8. Entry 340 | Reflection Just finished doing some life purpose exercises. It's becoming so painfully obvious what my life purpose is now that it feels like I'm just waiting for the final climax of this course to come together. It's writing music. It has to be. For a while, I figured that my YouTube channel was basically a dumping ground for all the compositions that I've wrote so far without much direction to it. But if I pretend not to think of the practicalities of taking that to the next level and turn it into a career, it feels like I've been subconsciously drifting in the right direction. I've felt so alive the last few days. My ability to self-express reached a peak on holiday and I feel so optimistic about my life from hereon out. I'm finally starting to understand how money works, how myself works, how everything works. Even though I have no intention of getting any old job, I'm willing to invest in myself as a guitar teacher for the time being. It's really fulfilling work because it provides an opportunity to channel my wisdom into the growth of somebody else. But it's not my life purpose. It's perhaps my Zone of Excellence but not my Zone of Genius. Even if taking this life purpose course has been one big procrastination in itself, at least I can come away from it far wiser than when I went in. And with great wisdom comes great responsibility. Any procrastination that follows will be unjustifiable. I've travelled the musician's path for so long that there's no chance of turning back. The potential on the horizon is looking huge. It's just a case of taking the steps to walk there. And I can do that through practice. There isn't much else to reflect on that hasn't been mentioned in yesterday's post. I'm still facing resistance at this point. It still wants to veer me away from meditation, gym, music and other things important. But I've just got to get good at surrendering to it. I spent ages searching for the correct word to use in conjunction with resistance. You can't beat it, you can't endure it, embracing it doesn't completely cover it and you certainly can't try to overcome it, even though you can overcome it. To keep moving forward, the only thing that you can do is surrender to it. Surrendering to resistance means that it will loosen it's grip. You will then be free to move forward. Pick of the day:
  9. Entry 339 | Back From An Amazing Holiday Ahh, hello Attelamp! (abbreviation of this journal) It's been a while, my friend. I've missed you. It's been a long old while since I went on holiday. The summer of 2016 to be exact. While it could be said that my time spent in-between and shortly after university was a holiday, it didn't exactly feel that way. It seems pretty crazy to think that it was almost 2 years ago. So this holiday was well earned and well overdue for sure. Me and my partner took a romantic trip away to a cottage in Boynton, near Bridlington, for around 4 days. This is the first time I've ever been on holiday with a partner. Honestly, it felt like stepping into a dream. The cottage was beautiful, the village was picturesque and our relationship felt so deep and strong. Relationships is something I've largely left out of this journal but I've had enough partners in the past to recognise when they really work. And this one is the most special of them all. Among many things we got up to include cooking and preparing a 3-course candle-lit dinner, watching a bird of prey show, walking along the seafront, walking around the rustic neighbourhood, making friends with horses, meditating, doing dyads, creating Easter egg hunts and writing new compositions. It was one of the most profound holidays of my life so far because not only did we share so much with each other, but we also made an even deeper connection with each other as we continued to let our self-expression flow through us. It was genuinely sad to leave. Also, I managed to keep up my Life Purpose Course work whilst on holiday. Looking through my list of values, it's clear to see just how much this experience has filled my soul with positive energy. Even though it was about bloody time I gave myself a break, I've come away from the holiday feeling energised and optimistic about the future. Since returning home, I've started transferring all my recipes to OneNote, working out a budget, researching the cost of all the ingredients I need to buy and deducing the cost of each serving that I yield when cooking from scratch. Yep. Money, money, money. Right now, that is my goal. How shallow and unoriginal. But to be honest, it's a reasonable goal for someone who's currently earning around £200 per month. And there's a definite reason I would like the money, as opposed to just having money. My goal for the summer is to be able to earn enough to afford a relatively cheap place to live with my partner. It's a pretty easy goal and it feels relieving to know that this is where I'm at in terms of money beliefs. I've done the math. I know it's physically possible. All that needs doing is the steps laid out for me. It's going to be an exciting few months for sure, though. I have 2 more holidays planned along with the guitar camp in Scotland. At first, it seems like overkill for holidays but it's a way of making up for the many years without one, in retrospect. And further along the path I walk... Pick of the day:
  10. Entry 338 | Change It Up Theory: If you've been practicing something in the same way for a long period of time, it's going to either become boring or ineffective over time. Applying it: Whenever your practice starts to become stale and feels even more challenging to commit to, try using a different method of practice. Posting this morning on behalf of yesterday! My meditation practice has largely remained unchanged for over a year now: 1 solid hour every morning of doing nothing. This method of practice really works for me but yesterday was the day I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of 1 solid hour, I managed to do three 40min sessions across the day. It felt easy to begin with but by the last one, it was challenging to remain focused and present. Nevertheless, I managed to retain a huge degree of presence throughout the day as a result of using this technique. Because I structured it to last the whole day, it meant that all of the time spent in-between (aka. the rest of my life) was made the most of. Because of the added degree of presence, I managed to exceed my expectations for what was possible in the day by going to the gym, preparing two big salads, recording a new song, teaching a guitar lesson and doing an exercise of the Life Purpose Course. I was also more willing to eat each one of my meals with full awareness and no distractions, almost like a meditation practice in itself. The change was really beneficial for me as well as intimidating. Once upon a time, 1 solid hour of meditation seemed like a massive ask. Now that I've become comfortable with doing it, the time comes to pick up the pace and make it more challenging. Collectively, it adds up to 2 hours per day which is double that of my previous habit. I'm aiming to keep up this habit for the next few days to see how it feels. But the important thing is changing it up when it becomes comfortable. That's the only way growth is ever going to happen. Pick of the day:
  11. Entry 337 | The Best Way To Teach Theory: If you want to be the best teacher you can be no matter the subject, show your students how to practice. Applying it: Guide your student slowly through every tiny detail of the practice. Allow them to find comfort in the slow place before picking up the pace and making it more challenging. I've been teaching guitar students now for around 6 months now. Hang on a minute, that's pretty darn awesome! And it's safe to say that even though my life purpose may not necessarily be in the teaching field, I feel confident in my abilities as a good teacher. Especially on top of all the self-actualization work, it's been a wonderful avenue for applying concepts and theories to the improvement of somebody else. Early into my teaching, I remember asking the question "how can I be the best teacher I can be?" The answer was to do the hard work for them. And that also meant showing them how to practice. Even though I've had several guitar teachers in the past, I can't remember one of them dedicating a lesson to learning how to practice. Seems crazy but most teachers will take you through something new and then tell you to go practice it for next week and leave it at that. This is no knock against any of my past teachers but it made it clear to me that this is really what I ought to be teaching to be the best I can be. One student that I taught today seemed to have some limiting beliefs regarding his playing ability (which happens to every beginner). So without telling him, I took him through the very process I would go through to practice something difficult. As far as learning an instrument goes, this is the bottom line: memorise the music, repeatedly play it so slow that it feels easy, then gradually speed it up without being too hasty. I took him through this process with a difficult picking pattern and by the end, we were competing to see who could play faster. Every lesson that I teach involves showing the student exactly how to practice. And every time they return, I can see a significant improvement in their playing ability and a smile on their face. It doesn't matter how much they practice at home. What matters is that they know how to practice. Playing the guitar is the one part of life where I have no limiting beliefs about my abilities. And I suppose in part, that philosophy is also an integral part of my teaching. But that only comes through having spent many years learning how to practice and deeply understanding the mechanics behind it by reading up on success mechanisms. Great books for teachers of any subject include Mastery by George Leonard and Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Pick of the day:
  12. Entry 336 | Hearing Beyond Sound Theory: Just as with imagination, thoughts and emotions, it's possible to experience sound on an internal level. Applying it: When composing a piece of music, turn inward and discover what sounds within you want to be expressed in the physical world. It's not necessarily a gift for everyone. But it's useful if you have it. This is going to be very exclusively music-related in terms of how to apply this to everyday life. Today, my instincts guided me to compose an arrangement of one of my guitar pieces: Hope Valley. I've been running on this instinct for several hours now and it's lit up a fire within me. My head is teaming with creative ideas for the music and the main source of these ideas are from what I call "internal hearing." Perhaps I'm lucky to be able to utilise it consciously but it's a gift I believe we all might have to some extent. How many times have you felt so certain that you heard something when others around you didn't? Internal hearing is a craft I've been developing (unknowingly at the beginning) since my secondary school days. My mum never used to let me have an MP3-player on the school bus so to block out the bullies and make the journey seem less huge, I would just sit and imagine my favourite songs playing in my head. This is where I became so musically grounded that I was able to develop perfect pitch and it's also given me an amazing compositional tool. Whenever I'm looking for inspiration when writing music, I always turn inward to see what I "hear" on a spiritual level first and foremost. That way, it will always come from an organic place. In the case of today where I've got the finished guitar part and it's now about adding more instruments, I can just hear what each instrument is calling out to do. It's probably a facet of the imagination because now I'm imagining what a cellist or pianist would want to perform and what would feel most fulfilling for them. I imagine myself sat behind a cello and feeling the bow on the strings or sat at a piano with my hands on the keys in the recording studio. So it's not only about hearing the idea but also getting into character. I'm so damn excited to do this with my pieces, especially with the possibility of recording them in full for an album release. It feels so good to be doing this work. Pick of the day:
  13. @Ayilton Could be! We have sleep dreams running alongside the main dream of life, right?
  14. Entry 335 | Life Is But A Dream Theory: Anything that you use to define your existence here in the "real world" can be dismissed as being part of the dream's logic. Applying it: Contemplate the ramifications of this life being nothing but a dream. What does it mean for you dreams at night? What does it mean for life after death? "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream." For an over-the-top and in-depth analysis of this nursery rhyme, you can use this as a metaphor for understanding how to be happy with your life. Rowing your boat represents the need for laborsome activity and in relation to going down the stream, it implies going down the master's journey. You do it for so long that you end up traveling a long way. The repeated "merrily" symbolises the joy and happiness that comes from doing this over and over again and the "life is but a dream" affirms that the fulfilment comes from the journey and not the glory of reaching a final destination. But the last line "life is but a dream" could be argued as being true as Leo has proven in one of his recent videos. This is a subject I've been careful to not believe but contemplate for myself. And in doing so, it seems to be building a stronger connection to God and absolute infinity. It's becoming easier to realise that all beings are one, time and space are illusory and all dreams are happening at once. It might all sound like wishy-washy work to be doing in contemplating this kinda thing. But it's easy to see the benefits. Compassion for other people and other beings is going to feel more natural, the ability to be open-minded is going to be improved, I'm going to feel even more connected with the existence that is right now in the present moment. Resistance will slowly dissipate, worries and problems will start to dissolve. And I also believe that the music that I write will come from a far more sincere, unconditionally-loving place. This feels like a serious enquiry. Or at least as serious as it could get. Let's see where it leads. Pick of the day:
  15. Entry 334 | Rich Food Poor Food By Jayson and Mira Calton It's been a while since I've completely read a book from start to finish and to be honest, it still has. Rich Food Poor Food is a book that is structured to allow the reader to dip in and out of at their own leisure. With only a few must-read opening chapters, the book is a detailed guide to help you navigate through every aisle of the supermarket to search for the highest-quality and most micronutrient-dense foods available. Now before I go any further, it needs to be made clear that this book was primarily aimed at American readers. There are loads of brand suggestions and coupons available that simply don't apply to anyone outside of the continent. Based in the UK, I can be sure that practically none of the brands detailed in the book will be found in the stores in the country. This part is pretty disappointing, given that a fair portion of the book contains this advice. But that remains to be the only negative about reading this book. Focusing on the many positives, there is a ton of detail about pretty much every food that you could possibly think to buy. Dairy, meat, fish, grains, pasta, rice, quinoa, milk substitutes, fruit & veg, snacks, you name it. There are also several "do it yourself" recipes for things like mayonnaise, guacamole, puddings, snacks, and even some preparation techniques to get the most out of things like rice and nuts & seeds. It teaches you about the misleading advertising that you'll find on food containers and exactly how you ought to be reading the label and (most important) the ingredients list. American friends, get a load of this book. It was simply made for you! As for the rest of the world, don't underestimate the amount of wisdom that you can learn about your diet from this fun, tightly-written book. Especially if you're just getting started with cleaning up your diet, this will provide a solid foundation for you to get started. (And what's more, healthy eating is presented here to be far from overwhelming) Pick of the day: