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  1. Has anyone here taken antipsychotics, and fully recovered from their effects after stopping them? I have taken antipsychotics(Seroquel XR) for a few months in the past and they pretty much emptied my personality and passion for life. That was more than 7 months ago, and I still haven't recovered. I have no idea what they did to me, but it feels like my brain has been irreversibly damaged. Has anyone here gone through something similar and fully recovered?
  2. Hey, I'm considering doing a 21 day water fast (supervised by someone with a lot of experience). I've had major depression for the last few years, and 8 months ago I started taking antipsychotic medication which was supposed to help with depression. Apparently I had a bad reaction to the drugs, because they made me emotionally numb and basically a zombie. More on that in this thread: Even though I quit the medication about 2 months ago, the horrible effects haven't worn off yet. I heard testimonials from people saying that a water fast completely transformed their lives, completely curing them of supposedly incurable illnesses. Does anyone here have experience with these prolonged fasts? How likely is it to cure me? Physically, I'm 100% healthy. Thank you for your time.
  3. Thanks for the reply. If you're okay with answering, What drugs and for how long did you take? Also, what kind of symptoms did you experience?
  4. @pluto I really appreciate your response. I'm really considering doing a long-term supervised water fast. Is it likely to heal my brain?
  5. Hey, 8 months ago I went to a psychiatrist because of depression and he put me on Ability. I stopped using it after a month because of side effects. I was then on Zoloft for another month but it, too, caused severe side effects so I quit it. Finally, I was prescribed Seroquel (300mg). It caused me to feel emptiness, apathy, and fatigued. Despite these horrible side effects, I continued using it for a few months. I stopped using Seroquel 2 months ago, and I still struggle with anhedonia, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, brain fog, and just overall emotional numbness. I feel flat and my brain just feels asleep. I feel like a zombie. I am really desperate and I just want my life back, the way it was before the drugs... I am willing to try anything. Many people on the internet say that after using Seroquel, their brain never recovered even years after they stopped using it... I am really afraid that the damaged caused is irreversible. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.