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  1. Doable. Not optimal for peak creative output. Vast majority of people need more focus in the hours that they do have, not more hours in the day. But, if you feel you do need the extra time, it works.
  2. turned to goo, your brain has.
  3. A significant portion of it was made before he ever started actualized.org, with some sort of online marketing business. I'm also sure that most of his money from actualized.org came from private coaching and such. And of course his subscriber count and courses do contribute something.
  4. he's already past that point mate.
  5. 98% of his content is free anyways! on his youtube channel! what are we even talking about? literally his only paid content is the life purpose course.
  6. You mean, what this forum provides? Thought you wanted to leave to save from being manipulated. This is precisely why many of us are appreciative of the way Leo communicates his content. He is coming from a viewpoint and perspective not too unlike our own in place of from some super enlightened guru who we can't relate to very much at all.
  7. Leo is not the buddha Sounds like you may be the one rubricizing him. Most of us recognize and use this forum and community for what it is and nothing more. As stated above there are plenty of people who haven't seen a single video of his.
  8. If Leo doesn't want to work at McD's while also trying to promote his channel and website and do his consciousness work, then yes some form of business is required. If you believe he's "manipulating" you then leave. baibai~
  9. In general, limbs falling asleep for a bit and then waking them back up with the familiar pins and needles type feeling is fine and not dangerous. People pass out drunk in weird positions all the time. Meditating for a few hours is not an issue. However - use your discretion and if you think it is actually causing damage, you should stop. If your feet are legit turning different colors, that's probably a sign .
  10. chatting with your parents is suddenly a weird activity?
  11. @abrakamowse and I regularly visit www.zenstudies.org/newyorkzendo.html. There are "enlightenment dojos" in various forms around. The center I linked above also has a retreat upstate where you can become a resident for months at a time. Then you also have places like http://antaiji.org/en which are multi-year commitments.