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  1. Using the No Contact rule to get your ex back IS low consciousness. The No Contact rule is there to help you move on, it's not a tool to manipulate. If you still believe there is a way towards reconciliation, you should act on it directly. If not, cut your losses and move on. Heartbreak is awful. I recently went through something like this, even worse. That said, I'm now going through some health issues that make my girl problems seem like child's play. My advice, if you're reasonably healthy be grateful and move on. If someone wants to be with you, they will work towards it.
  2. I was only kidding. You were pointing out the obvious, hierarchies are part of nature.
  3. He might, if the game calls for it. There are games with therapists. You're living in one.
  4. You can be liberated from the dream, but maybe you still want to participate in the dream and play by it's rules. I don't have to play Mario, but if I am I'm going to hit that block and pick up the mushroom...
  5. I disagree as well. This is why spiritual bypassing is so dangerous. From the absolute perspective, your ego doesn't exist. From the relative perspective, it still does. You're still wandering around acting out your shadow. I could see an awakened community having less of a need for this, because they generally have simpler lives revolving around sounder principles.
  6. Lol Gorilla Glue is great weed. I've had it. Very sativa dominant, energetic strain.
  8. You are eloquent. Part of me feels like you can summarize all your posts with: NOW!
  9. Samsara = Hell? Whoa. There are heavenly realms as part of Samsara. There will always be some degree of suffering in Maya, but there's a reason you chose "it." I'm working through this myself, but looking down on Maya and Samsara seems like a trap. You don't want to escape, you want to integrate Maya.
  10. That's life. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. There's nothing wrong with grieving, sadness, and the entire range of human emotion. Detachment is a double edged sword. There's a beauty to being engaged with life.
  11. There are many happy people on this planet who aren't "awakened."