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  1. @egoless check this out.
  2. Are you in control of whether you do evil or not? Are you in control of whether you awaken or not?
  3. Nothing, but who's calling it evil?
  4. That's not really what he said though. He said evil is selfishness, which comes from your ego's desire to self preserve which we all have. The more conscious you are of your propensity to do evil in the interest of your self preservation, the less evil you will do. The boundaries of evil become irrelevant when the boundaries of your 'self' do.
  5. It seems most quality psychedelics have this effect on addiction. It's as if they force you to confront your inner demons lurking within your subconscious. You build layers and layers of ego around them, which are blasted away. You confront them, drop the fear, and the need to dull your senses to keep your demons from creeping up into your awareness subsides. I'm sure there's more to it.
  6. This is immensely insightful, not just in the scope of raising children. It pretty much summarizes the entire detachment issue, and the question of whether we're supposed to retreat into a cave and meditate for the rest of our lives. We are in a "play of consciousness" - play on.
  7. Is it really going to help you if everyone here gives you their perspective? You are going to get yet more differing opinions. There are no definitive answers, and even if there were you wouldn't know which one. In my point of view, you should stop starting threads for awhile and over analyzing everything. It doesn't matter how much knowledge you acquire now, because you may not have the wisdom to integrate it. Get out there and rack up some life experiences. Go find your own interpretations.
  8. Not all of illusion is ego, but all of ego is illusion. My understanding is your authentic self is there underneath your ego as awareness, and when you lift the mask you are able to access it. Some consider that authentic self absolute or "true" reality, some call it nothing, some call it no-thing, some say it's a projection. Personally, I feel we're always limited to a projection and there are infinite layers to peel back. Would like to hear other perspectives though!
  9. I suppose you did the right thing, trying to hone in on it and unmask it. For whatever reason, the insight didn't come and you were spinning your wheels. Trying to actively expel the energy seems like a counter productive strategy here. Acceptance is much more natural. At this point, you can treat it as an oncoming wave that eventually passes, which it will. You don't have to tackle it now, let it pass. Maybe there were other insights waiting for you.
  10. Honest question, is there any difference in experiencing a hallucination vs. reality? Either way, non attachment definitely has a way of taking the edge off.
  11. Thanks man. No doubt there are different ways to get where you're going. Can't deny whatever you're doing is working for you, you're embodying it.
  12. It's the process of prospering in an environment you cannot control. You could be slaying dragons at work, in your relationships, in nature, or even within yourself. The greatest chaos dragons are within.
  13. I'll quote the article I sent: For many people, including myself, attracting my desires has not converged with a path towards growth - so this is why I use the term 'happen to.' I LOVE chaos. Do you? It's all about balance though. When you create order in chaos, that's a beautiful thing. Too much chaos and you're overwhelmed, anxious, and miserable. Too much order and you're stagnant, boring, and predictable. I personally wouldn't enjoy sitting on a couch attracting things I want. I would much prefer getting out there and navigating dangerous waters. Maybe I'll get there, maybe I won't. One thing is for sure, I'll have a hell of an experience.
  14. It's great that your desires happen to converge with your path for growth, but it's way more complex than this simplistic system based on attraction. I've personally had so many experiences where I've had the strongest desires, fought tooth and nail for them, didn't get what I wanted, was completely crushed, and then realized it was the greatest thing that could have happened for me. My desires were completely out of touch with what was best for me. To make things even more interesting, the highs and lows are the greatest experiences I've had. I'm a proponent of the heroic path, confronting chaos head on.