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  1. @OuterI see what you're trying to do on this forum, and I like it. You've seen some pearls of wisdom from Jordan Peterson, and his western spin on Spirituality. You've seen some pearls of wisdom from Leo and Eastern spirituality. You notice they're pointing to the same underlying truths, and you want to bridge them.
  2. Depends who you ask. I'm wrestling with this myself, but leaning towards yes. This isn't the only goal though, one among many. On one hand, you have those who argue for ultimate relativity and this makes "good" and "evil" arbitrary concepts. That may be true, but there are also themes deep inside us subconsciously, inside our humanity, inside our being that guide us towards a "better" way. There are ways to live that lead you into a life of despair, and ways to live that enrich your experience and those around you. That's a pretty good goal if you're going to choose one. If you've actualized yourself as part of a community, then as an individual, and ultimately are able to transcend your community, there's a great chance you are an agent of "good." At the end of the day, this is a choose your own adventure, this just happens to keep coming up over and over as the most enjoyable, challenging, and meaningful way to play the game. Have fun.
  3. So are things 'out of balance' so to speak or is it necessarily this way?
  4. Thanks @Ocean. Your comment lead me to re-explore the chop wood, carry water proverb and with this practical situation I feel I understand it in greater depth.
  5. I don't deny it, I'm just attempting to reconcile this with the message of "go live in a cave." On the other hand, for most of us, even though caring can be a learning / growth experience that brings about understanding, this can feel like an obligation at times. Any time you're "required" to take an action that doesn't seem to follow where you want to be expending your energies, this can feel like an obligation. I'm sure there are many out there who have transcended such feelings, but I'm speaking on behalf of myself and the layman. So there's this sort of chicken and egg, caring can lead to transcendence, but transcendence leads to caring.
  6. Hey guys, this is something i'm working on understanding and reconciling with everything I've learned these past few years. For the most part, in these circles we have this suggestion to separate oneself from society and focus on inner being / non duality. This is a kind of freedom or liberation from externalities, societies, cultures, expectations, etc and allows one to just be present and bask in the grace of being. Now, this is all lovely, except I see a recurring theme in my own life and in those around me. Especially those one generation older than me (I'm 32.) In my own life, my parents each have their own struggles. My mother has chronic health issues, my father struggles with alcoholism. My mother is also very burdened taking care of my grandmother, who not surprisingly has even more serious health issues. Among others in my family and friendships, I see many take on a huge responsibility and devoting a large portion of their lives and well being towards caring for their parents. I fully understand there are situations where it warrants completely cutting off from parents especially if they are toxic. For most, there's this giant gray area and it seems a necessary burden and moral imperative to care for your parents. Though, this can sometimes feel like a bottomless pit. So I wonder, what do consciousness and non duality seekers have to say about this? Is this just another arbitrary societal illusion? Is this just a barrier to higher levels of consciousness? Is there a greater truth and inherent morality that involves caring for others as an expression of non duality? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  7. I think this guy is one of the best things to happen to society in quite some time... If the ultimate goal is consciousness, we need to bridge that gap somehow to even be able to have these conversations. It's impossible to see multiple perspectives when you're caught up in group identity victim power games all the time. I believe that's the focus of his work right now. He has tons of content related to metaphysics, epistemology, and consciousness which I'm sure he'd love to spend more time on, but he's fighting the good fight for even being able to freely think in our society. Now you might brush this aside and say there is no good fight. Everything is perfectly fine. Yeah sure, everything is perfectly fine because people are fighting to maintain this balance you experience now. Jordan Peterson is a necessary agent.
  8. I'm an INTP as well. I used to get caught up in all of this nonsense. An INTP behaves this way, an INTP behaves that way. An INTP has these strengths, an INTP has these weaknesses. If you continue down this path, you will get stuck inside an echo chamber and self fulfilling prophecy of who or how you are supposed to be. I don't recommend it. Especially considering you already know you have a tendency to get stuck in thought. You're just adding more thoughts to get stuck in, and these are the worst kind, because they seek to define you. Meditate, become directly aware of your individual processes and transcend them.
  9. I really don't agree with this idea that the forum should be some kind of metaphor for spirituality or enlightenment. If you want to keep deconstructing the forum and approaching nothing just shut the whole thing down lol
  10. I'm not sure why you highlighted my usage, but to that point I'm all for removing the counts. I made another post advocating for quality over quantity. I believe the upvote button helps remove unnecessary "I agree" posts. Keeping the rep counts private (on both user level and post level) removes the group think while maintaining feelings of connectedness.
  11. Here's a thought, and I don't know if it's possible or not given the forum's feature set. Is it possible to enable the upvote functionality but keep the count private? Thereby removing the Group Think but maintaining the connection aspect of it.
  12. Overall I don't like the change. I agree with removing those ranking titles and total rep count, etc. Having the rep counts on individual posts is useful. There's a reason why websites like StackOverflow are so damn useful. In addition to being useful for highlighting good posts, you join the forum to connect with others and relate thoughts, experiences, etc. Up-voting individual posts is a way to say "I'm resonating with what you're saying!" This is satisfying to both the upvoter and the upvotee. I find myself reaching for the button often when browsing. I don't usually feel like writing a post to agree with someone is useful. The upvote button is a way for content consumers to have a voice in the discussion as well without further cluttering it. On the other hand, the user based rankings and titles were not useful. They favor high frequency posters and reward quantity over quality. Also, what happened to forum notifications, mentions, etc?
  13. I think of enlightenment as binary, but awareness levels in gradients. You "know" the truth. You're enlightened. But do you truly believe it? Do you embody it? What level of awareness do you have of the truth? I'd venture to say almost everyone on this subforum is enlightened, but how many of us live in such a way? Myself included. Most of the time, I feel like I'm "me" and separate from my surroundings. I get glimpses.
  14. I think less of myself, but I'm feeling myself more than ever
  15. I used to have similar feelings about comic books, wanting to have mutant powers like an X-Men and help people. I definitely had a phase of my life where I felt like I was stuck, and not having deep, meaningful experiences. Over time, just following your standard school -> job -> career trajectory I was presented with several calls to action and adventure. I had to choose to accept these. Choose to leave the corporate job for a Start Up. Choose to leave the start up and move my entire life to Israel for a year and a half. Choose to travel, experiment with psychedelics, have an intense relationship, etc. Over time I found out the real world is just as magical and adventurous as those fictional worlds are. Will those adventures bring you ultimate fulfillment? No, but they will teach you 1000x more than sitting around and reading on the internet will. Life has beaten me with a stick so many times, it's the ultimate teacher. Just be ready for those calls to action, and when adventure calls, make sure to pick up the phone and accept!