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  1. Interesting response. I'm not really sure what's so "Western" about order / chaos. That seems like your projection. It's not like order and chaos are inherently Judeo-Christian concepts. Every spiritual system has it's own ways of representing duality. The Hindus have Purusha and Prakriti. The Buddhists have form and emptiness. Kabbalists have dark / light. The Tao has yin / yang. Are you sure? The Taoists describe yin and yang as positive / negative, and feminine vs. masculine. JP also relates order to masculine energy and chaos to feminine energy. This is the same relationship between Kali and Shiva in the Vedic myths where she's dancing on top of him laying down. Feminine yin energy is also associated with "mother nature" - chaos. Practically speaking, what's the difference? When Jordan Peterson says the optimal way to live is in balance between order and chaos, what is practically different from the Buddha teaching the Middle way? The whole point of the symbol is more than it's "all one." That is true, though a huge part of the symbol is that opposing energies which are not the same are necessary for duality to exist, and more than that, it's necessary for them to intersect. The larger theme is that I'm not sure what's wrong with him taking Eastern ideas and attempting to reconcile them with Western mythologies. That's a GOOD thing! When Eastern mystics talk about Christ, they often relate him to Eastern ideas such as Krishna consciousness. That's because their audience is Eastern. You might not agree 100% with his interpretations of Eastern teachings. You might not agree with his conclusions at all, but there's no way you can watch those videos above of him speaking about the Buddha and conclude that is stage Blue thinking. That's why I was replying to @Leo Gura. I have no problems with not appreciating JP, but if you're going to criticize him at least know what he's teaching. It's not traditional Christian, strict rules, and repression. He's also far from stage Blue, even though his beliefs will intersect at times. I'm sincerely interested in hearing your thoughts.
  2. He does. Maps of Meaning was all about connecting and integrating myths from around the world to find common themes and narratives. He's not saying Christian based solutions are the only ones that work. He's not even a traditionalist Christian, he doesn't go to church. He just resonates most deeply with the story of Christ. Sounds like a personal preference more than anything else. Yeah I'm not arguing his approach is the ideal one, it just seems like you haven't really looked deeply into him and are basing your opinions on him via soundbites from popular interviews. He considers himself a leftist, but "radical" is always going to be relative and a moving target. What were fringe leftist ideals 20 years ago are mainstream today. He believes we've gone too far in that direction. I'm personally not a Christian. I grew up in a traditional Jewish household but resonate most with spiritual teachings from the East. That said, I think JP is a bridge for the West. We've gone deep into the atheist / materialist paradigm and he's bringing a different view into the mainstream via psychology, mythology and debate. Is this how an Eastern mystic would go about it? No. Does that make it worthless? No. Is JP a traditional Christian who ignores all other paths? No. Personally I'm with you, I would hope he can go back to speaking about philosophy, mythology, and spirituality as opposed to politics.
  3. One thing to keep in mind is that JP *IS* a relativist. He actually acknowledges post modernism and that ultimately it's all relative. Where his ideas differ is that he believes there are infinite interpretations, but there's only a small finite set of interpretations that lead to a positive and meaningful life. Every spiritual system is based on rules or guidelines. While the truth is always non dual, there are guidelines on how one should conduct themselves. The Vedic traditions have guidelines, Buddhism has guidelines, Kabbalah has guidelines, etc. These guidelines tend to be conservative because that's simply all it takes to be on a straight and narrow path towards truth. They generally work. The key is, are your guidelines there to orient oneself spiritually or are they there to control societies and suppress expression like many organized religions tend to do. I don't think JP cares to control and suppress. He understands the individual process, the value of order and chaos, the necessity of different perspectives and types of people, freedom of speech, etc. Where I agree with you and @Leo Gura is that he has a tendency to demonize and become angry when speaking about the radical left. This is unhealthy moralizing. Definitely part of his shadow. Does that mean you throw the baby out with the bath water? I wouldn't. I think he's refreshing voice for the West.
  4. It helps to see yourself in others.
  5. On one hand being against porn could be considered Blue, on the other hand it could be considered a Turquoise value. The Buddha and the Bhagavad Gita speak extensively about avoiding lust on the path to truth. Then again it's not being "against" porn as much as suggesting you should avoid it if you can. Blue seeks to censor and ban porn. The higher spiral dynamics levels tend to avoid it on a personal level. Also, JP has been heavily misquoted with that "enforced monogamy" bit. He doesn't want to enforce anything, he wants freedom. On the other hand, he has personal values he feels will help society. Sadhguru is also a proponent of monogamy. Does this make him stage Blue?
  6. If you fall in love and then hate them, check yourself. You might have some attachment issues from childhood. A narcissist confuses love with infatuation. When they realize the person they idealized isn't perfect or the imaginary person they built them up to be, they begin to devalue them, eventually discarding them.
  7. You can meet one of these demons in our physical reality. They are called "BPD" women. Be careful what you wish for.
  8. It's a conceptual distinction. I should have been clearer. That rocks don't posses the quality of consciousness. More that consciousness takes on the form of rock. Sounds like we're on the same page though.
  9. It's a little bit more like "Conscious are rocks."
  10. Having tried both Ayahuasca and LSD, this seems way overly simplified. LSD isn't Aya minus the puking. There's a lot to be said about the Ayahuasca experience. When you're in the depths of the shadow parts of your mind facing your biggest fears, where you can conquer them and physically purge them, you're very thankful for the "sickening" effect.
  11. Don't try to control the mushrooms, they have a mind of their own. The more you surrender, the more you will get out of it. Unless controlling is your thing, and it will teach you a lesson either way.
  12. This is so true. Life will test how conscious you really are by pissing in your soup over and over. That is if you allow it to. Have to accept those calls to adventure where you're forced to put everything into practice.
  13. "He needs love" - notice the hubris there. I'm responding to this position. It's ego to believe you can help someone who doesn't want your help. I'm speaking from first hand experience. On the other hand, if you simply love without the "he needs love" part - it's all good and I'm with you 100% on what you said.
  14. Lucky guy has never dated a narcissist before. You can't love them out of their delusion. Has to come from within.
  15. Hey man, sorry to hear you're going through this. It definitely is psychological. The best thing you can do for yourself is to drop the label of "I have pelvic floor kalamazoo whatever." That's going to keep you stuck indefinitely. Your body is way more complex than these labels, and can change. The main cause for this type of issue is depression and anxiety. Not to give you more labels, but work on stress reduction and not thinking about this issue. You will naturally relax, don't give yourself performance anxiety. It's important to remember that just as quick as you got into this state, you can get out. Work on meditation. Definitely do yoga as this addresses both stress and tension in the body. Take Maca root extract as this helps with both libido and general health. Stop trying to directly solve the pelvic whatever, it's just a label. You already know the root issue, anxiety. Listen to this guided meditation every night while falling asleep: Best of luck.