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  1. For me it was sugary cereals, pastas, and soda. It's amazing how much crap I was ingesting.
  2. Oh my god. I had the same experience, though slightly worse. My doctor loaded me up with strong antibiotics that destroyed my immune system for years. He could have just told me to drink more water and lay off the sugary garbage food.
  3. I did this once before with my ex girlfriend in Israel. He gave us the usual dose of 5 points. Everyone reacts differently to it. For me, it gave me a really strong fever, I turned beet red, and I felt intense pressure in my head like it was about to explode. This was somewhat unpleasant, but was oddly relaxing and also felt good at times. Definitely a weird experience. On the other hand, my girlfriend at the time was vomiting profusely. I can tell you from knowing her personally, she has had tons of emotional baggage to deal with - this could be why. For me the effects subsided by the following morning and I felt mostly normal. My ex swears she doesn't get sick for the 3-4 months following a Kambo session. I didn't pay much attention to whether my immune system was immensely boosted or not afterwards. I generally don't get sick often, and didn't feel like it did too much for me. For my ex, it was immensely helpful. Go figure. Just goes to show you how everyone is different.
  4. The 5-MEO inhibits the parts of the brain which allow you to function as an "individual" part of the whole. Your brain hides the truth for functional purposes.
  5. I would say for me, the biggest difference is that my decisions in life aren't driven by FEAR. This affects all aspects of life.
  6. It's not a bad terminology to describe the group and it's purpose. The underlying belief that we're entering some kind of 'new age' where all of our intellectual underpinnings are just shams and conspiracies. Personally I don't resonate with the new age movement. They've hit on some truths, but only through luck. It's not hard when you don't examine any idea critically. At the same time, they throw away any knowledge or wisdom that is considered conventional simply because it's... well... conventional. Conventional wisdom is boring, and the new age movement is fixated on exciting theories revolving around aliens, egyptians, solar flares, quantum entanglement, etc. The egyptians built the pyramids through their own ingenuity and we have tons of documented evidence? Boring! They must have used ancient magic and alien technologies, man couldn't possibly have figured it out themselves! So they've really thrown the baby out with the bathwater. They do a great service by questioning conventional wisdom, but if you're going to do that you also need to think critically about 'new age' theories and this is where they fall short of hitting the mark.
  7. @Joseph Maynor you already made the choice to be here. This in and of itself makes it not pointless. You chose to experience Joseph Maynor. You chose to experience my life too. You chose to experience everyone's life. When we talk about life being pointless, it's a language issue. What we really mean to say is closer to there being no specific point. You are free to find your own meaning.
  8. We are all entertainers, I believe that's the great truth. The one quality that seems to be shared by all of the great masters is a sense of humor
  9. They are both spiritual masters. They are both enlightened. Once you are aware, you're free to express being whichever way you prefer and there's no reason they should express being similarly just because they are enlightened. Sadhguru has his way, and Alan Watts has his way. Alan Watts enjoyed drinking, so that's what he did. He wasn't trying to self preserve for the sake of self preservation, because there's no 'self' to preserve. There's no sad end to Alan Watt's life. He brought eastern zen philosophies to the Western world, he got to the heart of the matter. There's no where to go. He presented his message with tons of humor and practical insight. And when he felt like it, he detached. There's no "master direction."
  10. @egoless check this out.
  11. Are you in control of whether you do evil or not? Are you in control of whether you awaken or not?