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  1. If you are way more artistically talented than technically, go with art. Otherwise, start with programming. You will be able to fund your time spent on art later on.
  2. Damn, I fell for this so many times... So I don't blame you. She's going to betray your friendship as she did your relationship and hurt you even worse next time. It is what it is, I guess you have to go through it to learn. The spiritual bypassing doesn't just clear out psychological dynamics you both have developed throughout your entire lifetimes.
  3. Stop this record playing in your head that it's your fault she left you, and that if you were "better" she would have stayed with you. It's not grounded in reality. What you did is share with your girlfriend an honest side of yourself, which 99% of men have in common, and acknowledged it's something you'd like to change. Now, if she were a normal, loving partner to you, she would stand by you, and encourage you to develop into what you want to be. These are just crude control tactics on her part. If you were to 100% quit porn, I guarantee she would still find a new reason to leave you. Also, mark my words, she will return to try to recycle you in a few months. And she will breadcrumb you with love which will never reach the first times you were together. Don't fall for it, don't go back. You have to stop with this mentality that you are some slacker, who wasn't enough, who has all these hoops to jump through before you're ready to be with her. The more hoops you jump through, the more she will reject you. You seem like a good young dude, trying to better yourself. Everything is fine. Let her go.
  4. Guy, I have news for you. She is the narcissist, not her "ex." This is her thing, she bounces from young guy to young guy, creating this illusionary honeymoon phase only to drop them on their head. She already got in your head, making you feel like you've been "slacking." You have all these bad habits, and you simply aren't trying hard enough to win her over right? Essentially, she made you feel as if you aren't good enough for her. Before, you were the hero and he was the bad guy. Now she's recycling him, and you are trash. She went to him and told him about how he was the hero, and you are the bad guy. In a few months, she will try to recycle you. You don't want this girl back. Believe it or not, she doesn't deserve you. Don't ever let her make you feel like you aren't good enough. Read about NPD / BPD relationships, and you'll see this is all classic behavior. Cut this toxic person off. She is immature, and young guys like you are easy to pull off this bullshit with.
  5. Depends on your definition of enlightenment. There's enlightenment and liberation, I believe they are different. He could have witnessed the absolute, he may understand it very well. On the other hand, he might not be completely liberated. Is anyone? He's human. He's vulnerable like the rest of us. I felt like I had an understanding which would shield me from a lot of pain, and then life punched me in the face and I was completely unprepared. Life has ups and downs, it's part of being human. I wouldn't expect a complete cessation of suffering. I feel we are training ourselves how best to accept what comes our way. Seems like he's starting to accept what's happening to him. It's much easier said than done.
  6. I had a bout of severe insomnia earlier this year, and it lasted weeks. It was in response to a really awful emotional time in my life. What happens though, is that you enter an anxiety cycle. He's rightfully worried about his sleep, more likely he's terrified. Body's fight or flight response gets stuck in the ON position. Takes a really really long time to come down. It could create insomnia, chronic pain, twitches, burning skin, dizziness, pretty much any physical symptom you can imagine. Anxiety is truly awful and I wish him a speedy recovery. He must accept his lack of sleep and float through it, Claire Weekes style. The key is PATIENCE. Insane amounts of mental willpower, fortitude, and patience. I don't believe this is directly connected to entheogen use, though it could make him more sensitive.
  7. Color me unimpressed. Russel Brand always gives off the vibe that the most important part of anything he does is to show off how woke or conscious he is. I give him a lot of credit for inviting those with opposing viewpoints to come speak with him on his show. He also deserves praise for highlighting their courage and preparing the audience to hear them out. On the other hand, it was an opportunity squandered to connect there because his ego got in the way. He condescendingly mocked their words, patronized them, invaded their personal space, and really spent little time actually trying to create a bridge. Humor is a way to connect, but Russel made his guests the butt of the joke and it was all at their expense. Of course these bigots are wildly disillusioned, but in many ways their love is more sincere than Russel's here because they actually believe what they are saying will save someone. On the other hand, Russel brings out these guys like some kind of circus freaks he can mock in front of his audience for magical wokeness points.
  8. Using the No Contact rule to get your ex back IS low consciousness. The No Contact rule is there to help you move on, it's not a tool to manipulate. If you still believe there is a way towards reconciliation, you should act on it directly. If not, cut your losses and move on. Heartbreak is awful. I recently went through something like this, even worse. That said, I'm now going through some health issues that make my girl problems seem like child's play. My advice, if you're reasonably healthy be grateful and move on. If someone wants to be with you, they will work towards it.
  9. I was only kidding. You were pointing out the obvious, hierarchies are part of nature.
  10. He might, if the game calls for it. There are games with therapists. You're living in one.
  11. You can be liberated from the dream, but maybe you still want to participate in the dream and play by it's rules. I don't have to play Mario, but if I am I'm going to hit that block and pick up the mushroom...
  12. I disagree as well. This is why spiritual bypassing is so dangerous. From the absolute perspective, your ego doesn't exist. From the relative perspective, it still does. You're still wandering around acting out your shadow. I could see an awakened community having less of a need for this, because they generally have simpler lives revolving around sounder principles.