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  1. He's already in a fearful mind state, if you couldn't tell. I wasn't suggesting it was wise to do what he did, I was only pointing out there's no reason to add more fear on top of his existing anxiety. Obviously, you're playing with fire doing such strong psychedelics within a short time frame. It's not because it stays in your system some arbitrary number of days, it's because you're likely already more sensitized physically and emotionally.
  2. Don't fall into this trap of worrying about permanent damage. Just because something stays in your system, doesn't mean it's actively affecting you. Marijuana stays in your system for a month. So what? You're just feeding anxiety with this.
  3. Another issue to consider with minimum wage is, how will this scale with the future? As automation becomes more prominent and other job markets are cleared out, where will minimum wage come into play? Minimum wage will only accelerate large corporations investing in automation. You sign it now, and then in a few years the rate is obsolete, and you have a long winded battle to once again establish a new minimum wage as pay lags behind for years. It's a bad idea now, and it's even a worse idea going forward.
  4. If this were true across the board, every employee in the U.S. would feel their pay is not "fair." Yet, in many lucrative fields there are employees who are very happy with their salaries. They feel fairly compensated. What is "fair"? The reason someone living in poverty feels their wage isn't "fair" is because they're living in poverty and having a hard time keeping up with their expenses. That doesn't mean the wage isn't fair, it means there is a bigger societal issue at play here. Not everyone can earn a livable wage through the job market alone. To me this points to other social welfare programs needing to be expanded. If people weren't so reliant on these minimum wage jobs, what happens to all of that leverage you point to? It starts to shift and wages will rise for those jobs as there are less inclined to take those positions. What makes a wage fair is simply that someone else is willing to do the same work for the same compensation. You've created a new definition of fair to mean "living wage" - but what you've done is put a monkey wrench in a system not designed to handle social issues at large. As you say, there are many ways to improve minimum wage - though it doesn't negate there are better solutions. You've countered the small business argument with theoretical models of minimum wage which no one in your political party is talking about. They just unanimously parrot $15 / hr. In the proposed solution, small businesses WOULD be hurt. We both agree large corporations should bear a larger burden, but disagree about how to get there. As I said in my previous post, I'm for raising corporate taxes at the highest levels and expanding other social welfare programs. You make the valid point that businesses are designed to maximize profit. Yes! That's what they do. Minimum wage is like trying to remove the stripes from a Zebra. Let businesses do what they do best, and find other avenues.
  5. I agree with most of your points. Yeah, the effects of UBI would be fairly complex - though I'm a proponent for trying it. It could definitely help. Much of the UBI funds are going to go right back into the economy, which would stimulate business. The downside is a sort of inflationary reaction. With rising prices as well as rising wages because of the dynamic you've described. I think above all we need smarter corporate tax systems in place. If your annual revenue is in the billions, you simply CAN'T be allowed to pay nothing. We need to force multi billion dollar corporations to pay taxes.
  6. That libertarian was pretty dumb. I'm not libertarian but I don't think raising the minimum wage is how you deal with this problem. The problem with politics and these binary political parties is that you have "consensus" solutions like raising the minimum wage. It's not even controversial at all among progressives. It's just assumed this is the correct solution. What you have is a societal problem, and you're offloading it onto ALL businesses. This means small businesses are highly impacted from raising minimum wage. Leftists seem to only think about some evil rich billionaire with big box stores like Walmart. If you wanted a more nuanced way to handle this inequality, you could raise corporate taxes at the highest level and close some of these loopholes, then feed it back into the social safety net programs out there. What you shouldn't do is just arbitrarily set someone's value as an employee regardless of location or context. This is so lazy.
  7. It's not going to make anything worse, necessarily. If it's causing you fear, maybe work your way back into it slowly.
  8. You're just overthinking it. It's easy to see because of how detailed your reports are about where it's more or less intense. This is anxiety thinking. Anxiety feeds off your fear and attention. You have a bunch of imaginative people here suggesting to you that you're on the verge of some crazy ego death and having kundalini awakenings, etc. I wouldn't take it too seriously. It's probably just adding to your stress. The good news is, whether it's "kundalini" or just plain old stress causing weirding body sensations and symptoms (very typical) - the answer is the same. It will pass. You will be fine. Know this and float through what's happening until it subsides. Don't worry!
  9. It's anxiety my guy. Whether you call it kundalini or an over active nervous system it's the same. Kundalini is the nervous system. All of the sensations, symptoms, fears, and feelings you're experiencing are just as common for people suffering with anxiety. Check out this list: 5-MeO ramped up your nervous system, and it takes time for it to calm down. The issue is, you're so worried about what's happening that it's keeping your nervous system on edge. It's a vicious cycle. You don't have to do anything to get over this. It's a chinese finger trip. The sooner you let go, the sooner you will recover. Just give it time, as much time as it takes. Don't count the days, weeks, or hours any longer. Best of luck!
  10. This isn't the case. See his discussions with Sam Harris where he spends hours refuting Sam Harris' rational objective morality with metaphysical arguments about the nature of truth. Then again, I'm not even sure why one's belief in one area determines the worth of their entire body of work. I'd be willing to bet Bernie Sanders believes in an external, objective reality as most materialists do yet we don't throw away all of his wisdom and behave as though he's a simpleton.
  11. You could say the same thing about Jesus. Any teaching can be misinterpreted to fit a specific agenda, so why demonize the teacher? JP can be associated with the wrong crowd, yet both he and Sam Harris do come from a sincere place of trying to understand the world despite having vastly different opinions. There may be some holes or gaps in JP or Sam Harris' understandings, but the real problem is that our society will demonize them for having a different opinion and stifle all conversation. That is what they are standing up to. You are playing your role in demonizing the man, when we should be encouraging anyone with a sincere purpose to step forward and be part of the conversation. Look at someone like Joe Rogan, who is able to converse with and appreciate viewpoints from those across the spectrum including Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and now Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang. If people are becoming radicalized by ideas, the solution isn't to demonize and stifle them, it's to open the conversation and shine light on the misunderstandings for the benefit of everyone. Clearly there is a large segment of your viewership who resonates with and has learned something from Jordan Peterson. Instead of seizing this opportunity to connect with your following and teach, you've shut them down and pushed them away. It's such a broad strokes generalization you've made about anyone who sees value in JP, that is what is toxic here. I've listened to hours of JPs lectures, and by your logic I should be a Trump thumping neo Nazi, yet I'm voting for Bernie Sanders in the next election. It's possible to hold partial perspectives, which you've touted when it's convenient regarding pseudoscience - yet you're unwilling to behave this way when it comes to anything that doesn't fit the basic spiral Green / political left agenda. Wake up.
  12. @ivankiss really well said. It's obvious you've lived through the various stages and are actively integrating them. Most on this forum have not been through stage 2 as you've dubbed it. It's very much like that famous Alan Watts quote:
  13. I had a DMT trip last year which convinced me my ex was my soulmate and that the universe was showing me how my destiny was going to unfold. Two months later I realized how deluded I was. It seems that more than anything else these psychedelics are windows to your subconscious. Leo is definitely more focused on the mechanics of absolute infinity, and the vastness of it. He's preoccupied with how much greater exponential levels of consciousness he can obtain. Maybe it's metaphor for an insatiability with knowledge or wisdom. Maybe it's something else entirely. All I know for certain is our convictions can change at the drop of a hat, so always remain humble.
  14. This seems to be a chicken and egg issue you've skirted over. Materialists are close minded because they haven't directly experienced the absolute, but those who have experienced the absolute and draw different conclusions are close minded because they are in the materialist paradigm. So what makes your direct experience worth more than the next's? Are your experiences not just as colored as theirs are?
  15. Good self awareness. Try to be more mindful about how you're promoting new ideas and concepts to the world. First of all, you seem very attached to certain concepts and this has made you sound dogmatic. Second, pay attention to why you're really putting this out there. Try to have pure intentions. The best way to initiate change is to embody what you'd like to see. Others will surely follow if you're emanating the right energy. Leo has done a lot to help others, but he's also a zen devil at times. Now more recently he will describe the absolute in a thousand different ways for an hour plus each video. What does this do to help his viewers? Mostly nothing. Which is exactly why you don't see other more mature masters behaving this way.