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  1. @ivankiss really well said. It's obvious you've lived through the various stages and are actively integrating them. Most on this forum have not been through stage 2 as you've dubbed it. It's very much like that famous Alan Watts quote:
  2. I had a DMT trip last year which convinced me my ex was my soulmate and that the universe was showing me how my destiny was going to unfold. Two months later I realized how deluded I was. It seems that more than anything else these psychedelics are windows to your subconscious. Leo is definitely more focused on the mechanics of absolute infinity, and the vastness of it. He's preoccupied with how much greater exponential levels of consciousness he can obtain. Maybe it's metaphor for an insatiability with knowledge or wisdom. Maybe it's something else entirely. All I know for certain is our convictions can change at the drop of a hat, so always remain humble.
  3. This seems to be a chicken and egg issue you've skirted over. Materialists are close minded because they haven't directly experienced the absolute, but those who have experienced the absolute and draw different conclusions are close minded because they are in the materialist paradigm. So what makes your direct experience worth more than the next's? Are your experiences not just as colored as theirs are?
  4. Good self awareness. Try to be more mindful about how you're promoting new ideas and concepts to the world. First of all, you seem very attached to certain concepts and this has made you sound dogmatic. Second, pay attention to why you're really putting this out there. Try to have pure intentions. The best way to initiate change is to embody what you'd like to see. Others will surely follow if you're emanating the right energy. Leo has done a lot to help others, but he's also a zen devil at times. Now more recently he will describe the absolute in a thousand different ways for an hour plus each video. What does this do to help his viewers? Mostly nothing. Which is exactly why you don't see other more mature masters behaving this way.
  5. I would never suggest it's women's fault or that they should bear the burden of the incels. The truth is there will always be truly incel men, and it's very sad. Sure, a significant portion of them can work through their issues and attract women. Let's be real though, not all of them will be able to. These guys carry a double burden. They are unattractive to women, and they are chastised for being unattractive to women. How these men deal with the issue is misguided and toxic. These guys have enough shame, shaming them isn't going to help or change anything. I'm not sure how we're supposed to handle them, I just know that further shaming them is counter productive. For many of them, it's fair to suggest ways to improve. But let's be real, some of these guys will never be able to attract women or form relationships. This isn't disney world. It's tragic.
  6. What makes music "coral"?
  7. I don't deny you're a good guy nor was I trying to "knock you down a peg." Glad to hear you're doing well.
  8. What insight do you hope to obtain by studying a dysfunctional thread on an internet forum? We all know the conclusion you're going to draw. It's not you. It's them. The people who are suggesting you take time off the forum are right. It's the most common sense nugget of wisdom. You're going to double down and study the forum? Tremendous waste of time. You're traveling overseas and you're still on this forum. It's just an addiction mate.
  9. Most people are weak minded. He can stop overusing the word "devil" and drop the air of condemnation when there is confusion, challenge, or disagreement. This would help.
  10. The Buddhists have the idea of "Mental Continuum" which isn't a permanent YOU but something as close to a temporary identity as one could come to understand...
  11. Lol here we go... Does having a mystical experience (which I've had a handful) turn me into the three eyed raven? You are a perfect example of said parrot.
  12. @Joseph Maynor making some really good points here. Take some time off the forum, brother. @Leo Gura is right about others turning his teachings into religion. He has always been explicit about not doing this. I see way too many here parroting things Leo says as if they are absolute fact. Though I would say Leo inadvertently contributes to this by hammering his truth into whoever questions him. When you're confused and the leader here refers to your behaviors as devilry, either you or onlookers with weaker minds will fall into blind faith parroting and mimicking to stay in line. "This is the answer you devil!" - What do you expect is going to happen?