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  1. raman maharshi self inquirey2
    I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    The recommended technique is Ramana Maharshi's self-inquiry. It's very simple. You know that "I am" right now, right? It's obvious. Well, how do you know it? Where is that feeling coming from? Try to find out where in your experience it is coming from, that certainty that you are. Start in your body. Just like if someone asked you where you were feeling cold, and you searched your experience and said "Oh, my feet are feeling cold." In the same way, ask about the feeling of the "I" that you somehow know with certainty.
    And every time you think you know where it's coming from, the rule is that you must ask yourself if you are aware of that thing which you think is the source of the I. If you are, you haven't found the real source yet. So you keep going
    If, for example, you say "It's coming from my head" -- well, ask yourself "Well, I am aware of the feeling and sight of my head, right?" Notice that. So where is the "I" that is aware of the head? It's not coming from the head -- it is aware of it. So where is the I feeling? It's just like you notice that there is light in a room, and you're looking for the source of the light. Is it coming from this chair? No. The chair is lit up by something else. Is it coming from that table? Same deal. So keep searching until you find the light bulb. You'll know it when you find it.
    As far as psychologists, it's wonderful that you have them as friends, but I'm talking about going into psychoanalytic therapy. It's quite different from normal conversation. Google "psychoanalytic institute" "<your city>" and call them and see if they can give you a referral. PM me if you have questions.
    Unfortunately I can't speak with authority about what will optimize happiness in the short-term. Probably close, empathetic relationships with other people, eating the right food, sleeping right, taking care of your health, getting therapy, participating in art, and so on.

  2. raman maharshi self inquirey
    I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    Ramana Maharshi's approach, most certainly. Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi is a wonderful thing. But to understand that, I'd recommend reading as background other advaita texts like the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Vasistha. 
    I'd also recommend looking into your psychology. That's where 90% or more of the work usually is -- figuring out psychological obstacles. I highly recommend getting psychodynamic psychotherapy -- or even psychoanalysis if you're willing to spare the time. If you want a good analyst, PM me and I will help you find one. A good analyst is a great guru to have.
    Finding an expressive medium like writing or drawing and being able to express your emotions accurately and originally can be a critically useful instrument as well in understanding yourself and quieting the mind. Reading good literature and being acquainted with culture generally helps a lot with this.
    Finally, the game is actually first and foremost figuring out your own desire. Therapy, expressive art, and everything else has to be oriented around that. And it is your own desire that will lead you to the Truth.
    Edit: I'll also add in The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma. Beautiful.