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  1. "So this guy can just sit peacefully on the grass while I have to go around stressed and agitated trying to fulfill my endless desires?! How rude of him... "?
  2. I was hoping for something more specific related to the situation that I was thinking about but I must say this vid was very insightful, confirmed some of the things I already felt was and gave some more material to ponder. Thank you for your input.
  3. @BipolarGrowth How will the messy situation that I'm currently in unfold over the course of near future ?
  4. @Nahm ooor how about infinity, because what is the end goal ? being healthy human with balanced emotions ? being an extraterrestrial being with a light body and ability to manifest in different physical forms ? It's cool to wonder
  5. @Nahm I get what you're saying but balancing your emotions, body etc is a process. Saying "fuck all the bad beliefs" might be good way to get you on right track but the process is still taking place and you can play with it, make it more efficient, discover new ways, techniques etc
  6. Because they realize that Nirvana and Samsara are the same, all is one.
  7. I know what you mean and do whatever feels right, but you will still have to face consequences of being narcissist later in your life, karma is a real thing.
  8. I'm not talking about the visuals or the sedative aspect. I'm talking about heightened consciousness state. He described it as "a Different Psychedelic From A Different Planet Every Nanosecond". I'm not in that state so it's also my opinion only as it is yours statement only an opinion. But he seems really genuine and my heart and intuition tells me he speaks the truth.
  9. Look up this guy named Frank Yang
  10. @SoonHei Glad too see another high councsious phone user in here ?? @Holygrail Trying to answer that question I started with asking myself what is a "thing"
  11. Love @Nahm and his new youtube channel. The way he helps everyone in here including me and shares his message is truly admirable and beautiful. Much respect.
  12. I've done past life regression and in my opinion it's kinda bullshit. Basically the person who hipnotize you ask you bunch of questions that develops a story and you answer them based on whatever comes to your mind. Example: You floating on a cloud and land in a place, where are you ? ..umm I'm in a garden... What do you look like who is it there with you ? etc. This way you develop a scene that is from your "past life" If you buy into this kind of stuff in can be cool expierence but I wouldn't say it's very legit. Unless there are some other more advanced methods that I don't know of.
  13. I think 100% honesty is the way to go although I'm definitely not on that "level". A lot of people here say that is better to not be honest in some situations, Im curious what are some examples where you think you shouldn't be honest ?
  14. I'd say that's because Leo is intellectualising a lot, talking big theories. No doubt he's knowledgeable in a lot of topic. But how deep is his realization and what's his daily experience we can't really tell.
  15. No highly realized person will want to go into politics, it's a shit show. It's like you trying to win an argument with bunch of 5 year olds, there's no point. I think the best kind of people we can get in politics right now are Elon Musk types, people who are very much into materialist paradigm but are driven by positive motivations of moving humanity forward. I think we will see these types of people in politics in near future.