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  1. It’s clear that someone who speaks like this and then claims he’s more enlightened than the Buddha is deluded and not someone you want to follow. I reccomend finding another spiritual teacher who’s resolved his narcissism. Humility is normally one of the first things you learn on the spiritual path, apparentally Leo’s still in grade school.
  2. A course in miracles workbook. Letting go by David Hawkins
  3. @Yannik send me a message bro I may be able to help out with that
  4. @Uncover bro you need to read a book called the untethered soul by michael singer. Talks directly about this.
  5. @andyjohnsonman continously letting go of wanting to change anything and remaining in an inner silence while going about life. Leads to great joy and things get better and better and better?
  6. @Arman yes actually I own 8 of his books, he's pretty much the only source I read from now cause anything else besides hawkins doesn't feel as deep haha.
  7. @dimitri the technique is in the chapter called the mechanism of letting go but it's easy to miss (trust me I struggled with resistance and thoughts like am i getting it right as well). Basically all it is is relinquishing control allowing the feelings to be there without trying to change them. It's a surrender to what is, and allowing things to be as they are, it is simply a decision. Can be tricky at first.
  8. @Commodent yes I definitely struggled with this it the start wanting to get rid of it, which of course was resistance and the emotions stayed. Only when I accepted them without wanting to change them they began to dissipate.
  9. Hi, been doing personal development since 2013 in high school after discovering Started it to deal with my crippling shyness and social phobias and began a challenging but extremely rewarding journey, going from wanting to be successful, to moving towards spirituality and fulfillment of my potential as reaching higher states of lovingness. Kind of gone of and focus on spirituality and working with coaches which led me to by far the most effective self development tool and principle, letting go. It is a meditation technique although rather than being done in separate meditation sessions it can be done continuously all the time while at work, talking to people etc. It seems to have all the benefits of meditation but is much more rapid. Basically the principle behind it is we carry a huge reservoir of negative feelings, the letting go technique is simply allowing a negative feeling whenever it comes up, it is then relinquished and never comes back. E.g someone has grief over a break up, normally the emotions are kind of suffered through, or repressed via tv etc. Letting go would involve sitting with the feeling and not trying to change it, until eventually it runs out. This is the whole basis for the technique when you sit with a feeling and allow it fully without trying to change it, eventually it runs out and is replaced with a lighter feeling. There is no limit to this, you can literally release every painful emotion as it comes up, eventually you enter a state of unconditional love, it is even possible (veritably by the author of a book below and other experiences) to reach an enlightened state through this technique (since the basis of spirituality at it's core is surrender at depth to truth and god) . If have had this absolutely confirmed in my experience and many others, that you can continuously use this technique and become progressively happier and happier, and free from negativity, as well as beginning to transcend your feelings more and more the more you practice it. It's like an antivirus setting your life into an upward spiral, by clearing out all negativity as it arises. Using this non resistance and feeling the emotions as they arise you can resolve any pattern as it comes up, and resolve it for good, e.g fear depression. It's not pleasant sometimes because it involves actually feeling your emotions, but the payoffs are enormous. I mainly learned the technique from this book, which I highly highly recommend, have read somewhere around 50 self help books (many from leos book list)none have been as powerful as this. Also this video below provides a nice summary and all you need to use the technique if you don't want to buy the book. I'm happy to talk over skype or facebook if anyone wants to talk about the benefits of this technique in person, or I can guide you through how to do it, send me a message.
  10. by Far the David Hawkins books especially ‘the eye of the i’ and ‘I reality and subjectivity’
  11. Thanks to leo I got into personal development and eventually spirituality. It has changed my life so much. I'm now optimistic and im filled with happiness. Life is not always great but my happiness is so that now around 60% of the time I am genuinely grateful and happy. I also overcome anxiety and got into spirituality. The best part is his work led me onto works like power vs force by David Hawkins, or a course in miracles which made me more compassionate and kind and honest, I am genuinely becoming a more loving person and it is amazing. I am so grateful to leo and anyone doing this work, because anyone here doing self actualized also brings there friends and family up with them and gives them a chance at your life shifting from negative to positive, not because of what we do but because of what we have become. I can't imagine what I would be like if I didn't stumble upon his channel, I could imagine myself deeply depressed and anxious (I used to have crippling social anxiety and drove everyone away) without it, honestly maybe even suicidal. The best part is I learned this at 16 and have made ridiculous progress and am only 19 years old, it feels like many lifetimes of wisdom have been learned, and I am constantly filled with excitement as every day my mind is filled more with great teachers and books I read. I can only imagine how I will be in ten years and that is such an amazing gift to have, I am more grateful than words can convey ?.
  12. @Shin I used this course and shared it thinking it was good. I would advice staying away. Trusted people I know have verified bentinho's course is not beneficial. And I can tell from firsthand experience doing the first two courses that it doesn't work. It was just a waste of time for me it didn't change anything.
  13. @Omadorinlooper kindle I think
  14. I would hope so, that sounds amazing