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  1. @Dan Arnautu I totally resonate with you as I had almost the same experience as you. Just one note: I would recommend for you the book 'inner engineering', it is a great book about spirituality and just basic stuff. What is really intelligent on his part is that after the 1 chapter Sadhguru writes: "... and now Yoga", he did it on purpose. Because only when you ground yourself and become decently actualized it is time for one to do spiritual work.
  2. @Siim Land So lets say during that dinner interval of 1-2 hours you eat pre-meal after some time main meal? How about carbs/protein/fat, what ratio do you follow and amount you try to consume? Sorry for the questions, but I am really interested in this thing, mainly because I feel as if a lot of energy is unneceseraly wasted when having 3 or 4 meals a day? Generally I have not the most restful sleep as well as feeling exhausted during the day. Although going to the gym or doing cold showers do make me feel more alive. @Mondsee I would also love to hear more about ir
  3. @Dan Arnautu Thanks! Btw I started using that app MyFitness Pal - great app. I began to write my training and food daily reports. I now count all the calories and other substance intake. Thanks really Talking about protein, yes I noticed the trend, if I eat more plant based diet it takes a lot to reach that 160g/day mark, and if I eat lets say chicken breasts or cottage cheese than its pretty easy as you said.@Siim Land I might try this one meal a day thing in the future, sounds interesting
  4. @Siim Land How are you managing all your protein and calories intake in one dinner? I mean for a person who wants to gain/ at least maintain muscle mass, is it possible to eat everything in one go? Would love to hear about your case
  5. @theinevitableandi i feel the same and for me this video is number one tool for actualizing at the moment. Thank you Leo for this video so much!!! It was just what I needed now, mostly because i am very bad at this and boosting concentration will boost other self help areas as well. I can say that at the same day I did three sets of 5 minutes of this technique. During last session which I did just before bed I tapped into something greater. Just as Leo said I downloaded the app (which is amazing btw!) and listened to the sound. About 4 minutes I started feeling my heart beating faster and faster at the same time I was closer and closer to that sound, in a way at the end I almost could feel like the sound is me. That was interesting. However when my heart rate increased my mind was like wtf is happening and so just before alarm clock went off that feeling of sound merging with me disappeared Yesterday this did not happened. Hope in future I ll be able to enter that state easier as my concentration will improve
  6. @Dan Arnautu Okay, so my question would be what and how much to eat if I want to gain muscle but at the same time to eat minimum meat. I am not vegetarian although I am trying to cut my meat and dairy cosumption to a minimum. To be more specific - what ratio of protein to the body mass should I consume? I red a lot of online articles but every source claims different truth. Also about time: does it really matter if I ingest protein rich foods right after work out or is it okay if I eat all the daily norm simply during breakfast lunch and dinner? Thanks in advance
  7. Hmm where should I start. Well my main question will be how to wake up? But first things first. Intro I am 20 years old student, discovered actualized.org and spirituality about a year ago. I was VERY interested in this topic since the beginning of my discovery. I started to meditate, do some sort of self inquiry and self help habits. During this year all these things were not consistent, meaning I am still doing meditation and other things not daily, generally a few times per week, as it is very hard for me to commit to this fully. Anyways. Dreaming One of the most fascinating topics for me were dreams and OBE (red all three Robert Monroe books). I tried to lucid dream and recall my dreams. The following explanation might not meet the reality as it is hard to put in words. So in my dreams, as well as lucid ones, when I realize I am dreaming the reality at the time is very dim, sort of like 360p quality or 0.5 frames per second, its sort of like I am very low aware. When I notice this, I try to be very mindful and aware, but its just to dreamy and hard to make it real. Now the main issue! DMT Today I tried DMT, and man, this was sort of stupid. Because I supposed to do it with my friend, but it happened so that we were 5 in the room, I was not in the mood and etc. This was first psychedelic in my life btw. Anyways, I took the pipe and was waiting for dmt to be vaporized, my heart was beating really fast, I was nervous (I really wanted to stay relaxed but it was hard). I took the hit, somehow I took the second and partly third, and the journey started. I closed my eyes and shit started to happen. For the record I can tell you it was light dose, as I didn’t approached infinity and all there were these "infinite" fractals and patterns. IT FELT LIKE MIRACLES WERE HAPPENING IN FRONT OF ME BUT I COUDNT CATCH THEM. the same as in my dream. I was very little aware, it is hard to describe. I am awake, I see the patterns but at the same time, everything is sort of reduced in reality, its like I am dreaming. It was very weird, its like I was watching this magnificent movie, but half of the film was jumping and I couldn’t notice it properly. Okay I have the metaphor- when you try to draw an apple, you clearly see it in your head, but at the same time not at all, because when you try to go into details, its impossible, and so drawing is unrealistic whereas in reality if you would look into the apple you could see the details of it. And so this hole trip felt real and beautiful at the same time I wasn’t able to watch i fully. Sort of like the' glasses were muddy'. Its so sad. I know that I am not ready, I need to solve this dream like perception issue Okay to conclude. Trip was nice, it was very interesting and all. But two things. It was light so I wasn’t able to really go deep into myself, second it so sad its like flower is in front of me and I cant see it properly, maybe I am ADHD or something lol. Because its like I cant watch it calmly and see it clearly. Man I cant see it!. I see the potential of what can be seen, but how. I get the idea of the infinity being in front of me and the only thing that is holding me is my perception. Back to the question finally - what was wrong? why I am unable to feel it as real? Maybe it is my low awareness, if so how can I raise it? Cause it really feels like life is just so magnificent and I am blind.
  8. Damn! I have seen hundred TED talks yet I think this might be one of the top 3 speeches. Very mind-opening, I ll probably watch it 5 more times just to get a deeper understanding of what he is saying. Thank you for sharing this @alifesurreal Those ideas push me to question a lot
  9. @Dodoster Good stuff, i would love to try to meditate in a dream. I can tell you my crazy stoy, from the dream a few days ago. Basic background: I have never had lucid dream before although tried. Anyways, so before going to sleep I red that it is very helpful to have an intention to be conscious while dreaming if you want to have a lucid dream. So I did, later that night I dreamt that I was talking with a group of people about college and suddenly I thought to myself, damn this looks so real, what a funny thing it would be if this turned out to be a dream. So I started to examin items on the table, everything seemed real. I thought I will stop examining reality as this is clearly not a dream, although just for the record I ll try to count the number of fingers on my hand. There were 6 of them!!! BOOOM! MINDBLOWING SHIT! it was a dream all along. Funny thing is how real the dream appears while dreaming, hard to catch myself in it. So yeah just wanted to share with you my first lucid dream experience. Btw interesting fact: I always thought I don't have many fears, man I was so wrong. For some reason I am afraid of the dark. Like the moment I become conscious I flew out of the room and it was only a dark space around it, I instantly woke up, I was in a some sort of panic, like I was afraid to go back to sleep for the next few minute. Interesting stuff.
  10. @Kazman thanks man for your in depth answer appreciate the advice
  11. @Kazman What exactly is the technique you use? I would like to try it out myself someday, could you provide us with some source of information maybe ?
  12. @Donald thanks will do. Currently I am reading Sadhguru's inner engineering
  13. I noticed this to be very true. From human's trying to do things in order there only comes disorder. Good work with understanding the book. And of course thanks for the quotes
  14. @cetus56 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I've seen it, nothing special as said before, but I LOVED that movie! haha Idk maybe it was because it resonated with me, as the character is somewhat similar to my personality. And the story is cool, especially the ending like inception, as everything is put in place. But not the greatest movie, just good . What I could recommend is Forrest Gump, I know u prob have watched it but still, watch again and pay attention how Forrest is acting purely from intuition, when he thinks its time to run he runs! And runs without worries or anxiety just runs. An overall I feel like he is without much crappy baggage, like it feels he just flows with what universe gives him without ANY resistance. Great movie. Recommend to all of you
  15. @Pramit I might not be the best adviser in this situation but I might recommend a few things. First: don't force it too much, just try to relax and let go of a thought 'its uncomfortable', although this wont help u too much as your body is too much adapted to sleeping in different position. As for me I was sleeping on the side for years so in this case what is most suitable would be to put an extra pillow against your cheeck ( like side to your head) therefore it will trick your mind into more relaxed state as you got used to feeling a pillow on the side of your head. Or put extra pillow below your knees, in case you were sleeping with bend legs, so again your body would feel more 'as usual'. Finally, u ll have to adapt step by step, like don;t force it too much just adapt gradually good luck, hope this helped
  16. I don't think that movie is very spiritual and about enlightenment, although it is beautiful and with nice effects. Its cool that they introduced new universes and other kind of 'magical' stuff BUT! It is VERY much about POWER/ PROTECTION/ KEEPING THE BODY ALIVE as long as possible and defeating others. Most of the charterers in the movie are resisting the here/now. Trying to fix the planet fighting against someone. Idk, for me it seems not the most spiritual movie. But again, i liked it and it has broader perspective on life than most other Hollywood movies so overall it is a bit 'enlightened' . bit in general its cool movie
  17. "Le Grand Bleu" Not very popular movie but I am telling you this is something beautiful. It is not so much waw movie, but man it is about enlightenment in a way. It is about reaching everything and nothingness. Two divers going deep in the see. I thing it is based on true facts. When people are deep in the water they experience this no-gravity feeling and it is like merging with everything like floating in space and feels so good to them, they want to go 'home' to oneness. Ending is fantastic. Really recommend this one . Wonderful movie!
  18. @quantum "I feel much more rested and somehow grounded with earth." exactly !
  19. @Frogfucius Hello there, Yes I am sleeping on the hard surface, basically on the 5-10 mm mattress. What can say about the experience, well its only about 2 months now so its hard to say that I experienced some huge benefits but there are certainly some small ones. First of all I get up in the morning easier, I don't know its just not very addicting to lie there and push snooze buttons. Secondly, Its cheaper u don't have to buy some expensive bed. Talking about the spine, if u sleep on your back then YES it is healthier but on the side I am not sure. This is an issue for me because I still cant sleep all night on the back and i change positions, just a hobbit. Lastly, for me this is the greatest benefits: when u lie on the hard surface for sleep its like meditation, I instantly become more aware of the surrounding and the ground, Idk I just like that feeling. So yeah those are pros from my perspective, hope that helps a bit
  20. I dont know about this one but perhaps its it is true
  21. Hello everyone, I thought i will share some very nice art with you guys. I myself am very interested in art and especially non-duality so this is very inspiring and amazing for me. All the lines are so vivid and busting with energy its just pure awe to watch them. Perhaps you know some nice art as well so this could be a thread where we could share similar art. After such images I am burning to try something myself on paper. Enjoy http://artpeople.net/chris-saunders-abstraction-and-psychedelic-experience/
  22. @cetus56 Waaaw. Thanks Cetus for sharing this video. Man the way he moves the brush and all those colors dancing, it is sooooo majestic art-gasm. Particularly 2:45 - 2:50 the blend of it all amazes me. This art piece is made just like in Tao teachings by the flow of life. Awesome
  23. @Azrael Do you suggest that a person who really sees through illusion doesn't fear anything? And the person who have fears simply is ignorant and haven't woke up from a 'dream'?
  24. @Azrael Sounds like you are eally good at spotting delusions. Good job Azreal, very nice advice. When I think about it all problems seems so egoistic. I mean there is so much to be grateful for and I myself very often get caught in problems like, being lazy, skip homework, others treat me bad (this is very delusional). But after all I have so much, like srsly, when I was sleeping I couldn't feel wind blowing, notice these rich colors around me, but know i can experience it all thanks to my existence. Man, this advice to be grateful really wake me up from illusions.
  25. Hello guys. I wanted to ask you one thing for a while but was postponing. Well now i am doing it. Here it is: around a year ago i started to notice some weird fewling/sensetion in yhe body. It appeared more commonly when after reading Echart Tolle's book about now i started implicating it. For example when i sit in front of computer or when i lay in my bad and remeber to be here now, pay attention to my breath i feel this tingling. It feels weird. Most often i feel it in my legs or hands. I also notice it appearing when i watch video about enlightnment or some inquary video. Is it some sort of power waking up in me or just muscles going crazy? Maybe this sensation is always in my body and i am just not aware of it on minute to minute basis. Maybe it is intuition that tries to tell me smth through my body, idk. Maybe you guys experience smth similar and could help me understand what it is? (Btw sorry for my English)