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  1. I found this chart while researching how pain heals and it made a lot of sense to me. So basically if you've had an injury or a condition where pain from nerves is involved, you probably noticed that as the healing process happens slowly and with intervals between good days and bad days. Eventually, after weeks or even months, the pain will completely ceases. It happens so gradually, that you may even not notice when it stopped. This chart shows the cycle of nerve healing and if you're going through healing and managing the pain right now, have hope. It has to get worse before it gets better. Actually, when it's at it's worse, that's when the nerves are doing some heavy duty repairing. Then you'll feel a few days of relief, and back to pain, etc. Here's the chart:
  2. After having contemplated for a good while on the subject of happiness, here's the most recent insight - Unhappiness is simply a result of conflicting concepts that is seeking resolution either way. Once the resolution is achieved and cognitive dissonance is eliminated, finally peace and life gets easier, better, happier. In this process of eliminating the dissonance, it's important to be dead honest with your true wants and also be ok with devaluing the option that has to go. Example: you're trying to choose between watching a late movie and going to bed, because you have to get up early for work the following morning. What would you choose to do? Majority of people would choose the latter (going to bed), but their original want was to watch that movie. So, in order to eliminate the dissonance in a non neurotic way, you would need to choose to stay up late for the movie and either miss work the next day or sleep in and work the late shift. So why is cognitive dissonance so damaging to one's happiness? Because it traps us in a dual state - this vs that, and often causes us to dishonor out wants. When we eliminate cognitive duality, everything starts falling into place and flow with the Universe. 1. Do only what you want to do. 2. Don't do what you don't want to do. 3. If you don't like something, say it right away. 4. Only respond when asked. 5. Respond strictly to the question asked. 6. When disagreeing with someone, only say how you feel. 7. Don't fear the consequences.
  3. Unhappy people fear death more than happy people do. Reason: when you have lived life feeling unhappy/unfulfilled, then to you death is the end and no more chances at creating happy life. Happy people don't have that problem. They just enjoy life and vibe with it and have no regrets or wishes at better happier life. So when the time comes to let go of this avatar (body/mind), they just let go of it easier and even more willingly, because they don't have the need to recreate their life to anything other that what they already have had and enjoyed. And that again, within dual reality. In the Absolute reality, there is no such thing as fear or death, only illusion of them.
  4. @Wilhelm44 Yes, outside of Matrix. What I proposed in OP would be within Matrix.
  5. I healed myself from cancer without a conventional protocol. It just made sense to me not to fight what was part of me, but rather work with it. So I went all out on alkaline diet and water, full body detox, dry sauna sessions, massage therapy, stress reducing techniques, adequate sleep, etc. Vibrational intuition.
  6. @Thought Art Great video! I had a few smokes 3 yrs ago and it took me awhile to unfog. Then about a year ago I had 2 mushroom trips and could tell the difference between the mushroom trips from the pot trips. My creativity sky rocketed after the mushroom trips and spiritual integration went much smoother. Yes, those things can be used as an escape which defeats the purpose of spiritual evolution. Keep up the good work!
  7. @OneIntoOne There is no 'dead' and no 'end' after Self-realization.
  8. @Aquarius It says videos unavailable, unable to watch
  9. @Thought Art THank you for the great video! Thought this picture is a good demonstration for point 7 - the collective aspect of forgiveness
  10. @Kuba Powiertowski Something from a mind perspective, no-thing from a no-mind perspective.
  11. If it's complicated, it's from Ego. Spirit is simple.
  12. In the light of the current holiday happenings, I was introspecting and integrating, and while choosing to not actively participate (decorating, shopping, gatherings, etc), still found the cheer and community buzz somewhat endearing. Someone would say it's love, and yes Love is what is, holidays or not holidays, it's just what is. The collective ego-mind hive comes especially alive in such times of the year. The reason for the season is not really as important as the attempt to maintain and strengthen the collective illusion. Even thinking and writing about it is contributing. Not saying any of this is right or wrong, just making an observation. An infinite possibility at play, like everything else in reality created. Cheers guys!
  13. Wearing my cute little reindeer antlers today Merry Christmas!
  14. That's a projection. God is just what is. It doesn't need or requires anything.
  15. @Forza21 Infinite possibilities. One of them is what your ego perceives as a suck-ass life.
  16. @ChrisZoZo It's something from a mind perspective and nothing from a no-mind perspective. It's the mind that created something out of nothing. Relative vs Absolute.
  17. Not s crystal person, but here's another funny one ?