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  1. Leo mentioned 'conscious dying' in one of his videos and it got me to ponder. Considering the fact that our innate nature is nothingness, would it be accurate to say that death is not opposite of life, but only opposite of birth? And wouldn't pursuing enlightenment then become a journey back home, so to speak, back to the place we all came from to begin with? This is another reason I find enlightenment so desirable and of great value, worth investing much time and effort into. What does 'conscious dying' mean to you?
  2. Recognize your thoughts (memories are also thoughts) as illusory images that have no weight on reality. They are fiction created by your mind. Get in direct contact with raw reality at hand, what you can empirically experience through your touch, vision, smell, hearing, and taste - this is what real and the only things you can know exist for sure right at the moment. Everything else is an illusion. Let go of it.