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  1. @Nomad @Emerald Wilkins @Kelley White @MartineF @Amplituda @Evilwave Heddy @Bobert@Rasmus @Saarah Yes, we should all get together and petition for a free Ultimate Life Course for@Abhijeet Singh !
  2. Both. The pun was unintended
  3. @Nomad Omega-3 is good for healthy thinking brains
  4. Making fried tuna stakes for dinner tonight. You like fish?
  5. @Nomad Constructive criticism is always welcome
  6. You're too nice to play the devil role @abrakamowse
  7. He was. I've kind of outgrown his teachings, though, and am ready for some 'meat'.
  8. Those are just silly labels for post score. I made a joke awhile ago that once you reach a certain amount of reputation dots, you can be considered enlightened
  9. @Nomad Cool, I will
  10. @Nomad We're all on the forum to share and learn, not judge each other's intellectual abilities. I would like to learn from you and others about the integral.
  11. @Nomad I'm still waiting for your integral thread
  12. No, you're just being paranoid
  13. @Nomad I learn as I go, one step at a time What integral teachers/ material do you advice for me and others on here? Why don't you start a thread, so we all can learn?
  14. Fresh grapefruit juice, ginger, and raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar in water are great for that.
  15. @Nomad I do integrate also. Which resources/ teachers do you listen to? I like to listen to Ken Wilber.
  16. @Nomad What are the signs of a cult that are present in I agree that Leo's approach is radical, but call it a cult? Cult members are brainwashed into becoming psychologically DEPENDENT on the leader/ cult system. What Leo encourages us to do here is to be INDEPENDENT thinkers. I doubt many on here would follow him to become yogis, but many will go out to realize their potential and help make this world a more conscious place to be.
  17. Man's brain is wired differently from that of female. Their left hemisphere (logic, abstract thinking, etc) is more dominant than the right hemisphere responsible for emotions, communication, etc. We process thinking differently. It's not that he doesn't want to do these things, he just biologically is not equipped to do emotions like us, women. The good thing is that he is willing to broaden his understanding of how you as a woman feel. Huge credit to him for trying. Working with/ around younger people also makes him feel more alive. You'll understand this once you hit 65 yourself Men can also naturally compartmentilize. This is actually a pretty handy mechanism to keep all the stuff in your brain more organized. Women, on the other hand, has a tendency to put all their eggs in one basket, so to speak. If one thing doesn't goes well, everything doesn't go well. Which is most of the time not the case. Once you start learning about enlightenment, you'll find out that reality is actually quite neutral and everything is just the way it is, neither good or bad. It's our ego that interprets it one way or the other. Have you watched any of Leo's Enlightenment videos yet?
  18. I just keep it quiet and do my thing. Yes, it feels lonely at times, but it's all part of the Hero's journey.
  19. @OceanJjb What are your reasons to want to divorce your husband? Is he being abusive in any way? Sounds like he is putting an effort forth to work on the relationship with attending counseling with you and taking an online course. He is also at the age when people feel the finality of life more acutely and just want to have comfort and peace. I'm just trying to understand why you don't want to be married to the man anymore. Could you talk about that?
  20. @Emerald Wilkins What kind of pasta do you use? I did an extensive research about grains and after having learned about gluten, stopped consuming anything with it. I found that rice/ buckwheat pasta or spaghetti squash are much healthier alternatives. 'Grain Brain' is an excellent resource if you want to learn more about that.