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  1. Psychedelics are like a radical diy route. But only if the intent is to self discover, else it's just mindfuck usually, people taking their thoughts more seriously even. A teacher is like a slow safe course in a way. But I think it's safe to say, before this whole process is stable and high, it takes some time, but you can be happy before it in love already, that's really good news, after might be way more happy, idk.. i should find out ^^ But do want to say, really, for most people it takes time to adjust and go there, and that seems like a good and necessary thing (for me), if I look back at my progress and glimpses, I don't feel like it could have happened more or sooner so much, but this is ego pov also I guess
  2. Lol, I didn't even saw there was a lot long text post here, guess that could be seen as offensive to you, gotcha asshole
  3. Don't read too much, live simply and practice loving. There, saved you some time hopefully. What is love, to be as open and honest as possible and all that other subtle stuff we can't talk about.
  4. Ye that was entertaining to read, and it's true most people have not had a breakthrough bad trip, it's utterly terrifying, but it passes and even has little to do with coming into no self silently, that can only be done silently. It's interesting though, drug experiences really are of a different kind, than natural ego deaths, in my experience. I only have glimpses during and around sleep, sometimes sober more and more, but it's not really terrifying anymore, you gotta respect also that this is a natural (divine/'serious') human process that takes time, it's universal law, and you gotta live properly or suffer. Drugs are cool and important, especially to get started once, but you can't compare them to all of it, al though we all have that tendency after a big experience, or most people. But just like a kid who can get bullied, or what ever, it can think the rest of the world hates him for years and years you see, seems completely real for him, in a a way, meanwhile it's so false it's not even funny. Drugs can be like that, hence everyone knows they are risky, or intense in that way, doing this through meditation is very different.
  5. Ye life stably normally, get your basics met, respect the norms, don't talk too much, and have truth as your core. The goal is to spread happiness and truth, not to heal people, or attain status.
  6. I was one for a while when I first started. Can be good to know what that place is like, in me experience people's egos were troubled, hard time functioning and or also just didn't want to, but also people weren't that crazy, you know, people were kind of normal also, that can be good to learn, let go of some of this fear of psychosis, and of course it doesn't flatter the ego. But ye, take it as a warning, you are not suppose to change the world like young people often feel, just focus on learning and gaining experience, enjoying. As far as getting out of it, why not commit to being normal, enlightenment is also about being to be normal and be good with that, of sound mind, special games are of the ego. And it's not your job to prove you are healthy, that's normal, they need to provide reason to keep you there.
  7. Ty, you too. And no I am not being a trickster, I just hate it when people may unnecessarily suffer, wouldn't dare joking about this. As far as new age, not sure what it means, it's generally westerners mentally jumbling with esoteric concepts it seems. Buddhism and hinduism are quite flawless afaik, truly divine traditions sourcing from truly enlightened teachers. Buddha's cult was quite strict but even tells you to 'let go of all (good) teaching, especially bad one'. I guess that's why people have a dislike for new age in general, it takes eastern spirituality, tosses out the core, then take the divine cow and makes a happy meal from it. Nah but it's all sorts of things, but I mean, new age, new age, why wait for a fucking new age, this is what all the fools have been doing for millenia.. better to get a nice dog or a gf then.
  8. No, I know because of direct experience what's true and what isn't. Once you experience ego death consciously, even with just glimpses, you begin to just know what is true. You think there are different levels of consciousness, one level where a being chooses to decide to pick it's friends for instance, or consciously 'create' anything, (you mean alter, no one can create anything, no one can create the infinite, where would you start.) From that level, there is 'no one' and 'nothing' to make a choice or have a preference. Why would it care about anything, you see, only your ego cares, which is alright I guess. You may say, well profound synchronicity exists, ye for you, you make meaning, there is natural loving intelligence, but it is not a person, it is the magical matrix without preference, it happens naturally or always because it does, and because all are one, things naturally flow with a certain resonance. Thinking about this or trying to understand it just leads to nothing but frustration probably, just meditate, use darshan and practice loving, and know directly. Because what value could any belief at all have for you? Peace.
  9. Understanding this is really good to see how little control one ultimately has. You didn't make your body, hair, clothes, bed, house, wood, air, friends, electrical systems etc. And yet it claims you can do anything your little ego bunk head wants if it thinks the right way. Even in theory if you could, just simply what is your experience, you make it all yourself? Ya dumb fuck. Sorry, felt funny to say, I totally believed this show myself for years, huge fan, owned the bashar forum and all, and even years after studying real spirituality directly, and proper intellectual understanding, I still didn't realize how off big pappy alien was though I didn't pay much attention later to it, but realized later on review the wrongness and negative impact it had me at the time when I first started, which was psychotic, I just wrote that off to 'well must have been the mushroom trip, father passing, and some weird experience', but seeing that teaching in detail again made me realize how plain false it was in some regard, and how unbalancing absorbing that information constantly was for me, he speaks it like a real authority as well, it's quite a modern day scandal I would say, or modern, it has been going on for 30+ years even. I guess that shows the power of confidence and authority, group think. And trust, and wanting to put someone on a perfect pedestal leader. And he actually succeeded, he is still regarded as a high figure in the spiritual scene I think, most watched figure on BATGP, it's not all bad though but it can actually kind of fuck up the vulnerable kind. As having a good teacher is like the best thing that could happen to you, so the reverse could be said to be true for shitty teachers, even if they are partly amazing. Ralston's new video fits perfectly
  10. No, I simply have come to know what is true and what isn't, based on my own understanding, based on direct experience. The idea that you can create reality as you want is simply utter horseshit. You couldn't make anything even if you wanted to, reality like dreams just appear into existence, from the existential power. And it's not a mind, but out of it can come a mind with perception and feelings, and wants, fears and ideas. You can only alter it a little bit after the whole thing is put in your face, and that's it. Don't think a baby manifested itself into existence with belief.
  11. The 'problem' is some of his stuff isn't practical or true, which is plain out dangerous, I had a mindblowing mushroom trip when I was 16, and then got introduced to spirituality through spirit science to this channeling of Darryl Anka, he confirmed a lot of the things, he does say a lot of good things, it blew my mind, and so I believed everything he said, but believing everything, this indoctrination of nonsense actually contributed to a psychotic time after that. But again, some of the shit is plain wrong. "Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is physics." "You will see when you believe it. Not the other way around." "In the mindset, the majority of the people will be thinking ‘I hope I pick the winning numbers, I hope I pick the winning numbers, I hope I pick the winning numbers.’ Here’s the key, remember that when you choose your numbers, wether by your own hand, or you allow the machine to randomly choose for you, you are still choosing. But the key is not that you will pick the winning numbers. The key is you will pick numbers you will shift to a reality where those are the winning numbers. You will bend the reality to your numbers, not the other way around. The difference in the mindset is profound, because when you go in saying ‘I hope to pick the winning numbers’, you’re talking about the winning numbers as if it is already decided what they will be. But it’s not. Nothing has been drawn." (dumbest shit I have ever heard) -These are dangerous false quotes, life just doesn't work this way, just as 'imagination is how the higher mind speaks to the lower mind', total nonsense as well, and I have studied reality, spirituality, in depth for years, basically full time, after this, trust me, it doesn't work this way (obviously). .I am happy you bring this up though, he's quite a popular spiritual teacher and should be exposed, or at least be taken with a big grain of salt.
  12. Applying a method to do such and such to become that. That's the definition of seeking.
  13. I mean, if you can love things, then that's great, but what do you need a teaching for how to live then? He says, do what you like, don't worry about the outcome, and life will support you (cuz trust me, I am an alien from the future).. jfc.. Anyways, not to mention it's quite naive, it also implies a sort of gain from experience. 'Do this!! Very important!!! And don't expect anything! Then it will work!!' If you don't expect anything, what needs to work, for what? Why do anything? It's a mess of a teaching, it has typically good spiritual info also, but it's largely raving mad based on spiritual materialism and special experience of 'higher beings' and 'a better future', (if you act well), it's typical religion in that sense actually. And ye, I watched and experienced and experimented with it for years. It looks cool and blew my mind because it has some truth, that's what makes this ordeal kind of dangerous actually, it's a mix of the good and the bad with a loud mouth 'higher' authority.
  14. Passion and excitement for things are an absolute pain in the ass, craving for experience all of which are unfulfilling... Not to mention his schizophrenic following of the 'higher mind', which speaks shows you images (which you must follow), it's terrible.
  15. He has quite some delusional new age bla bla in his teaching. I.e. beliefs can 100% manifest a reality and shit like that, there is some truth to it, but not this solipsistic spiritual materialism nonsense, screaming macho like stuff of 'following your dreams' and 'it always works', focusing to work on it's utter crap actually.
  16. Could also be some cherry picking, remembering those referencing childhood and not those who didn't mention it. But there could be some truth to it I guess. Also perhaps those who have a childhood inclination towards it, and pursue it seriously there after, may have a higher chance of becoming a teacher, it's been their course of study. If you awaken at a later stage in life, odds are you already built a career, didn't gave up family life as much, weren't as knowledgeable in study, and probably woke up with the help of a teacher.
  17. Rick is great, he just needs to use the 'I am eating rice' anecdote more often.
  18. Gotta sit with them irl, meditate upon them, eye gaze, that should tell you pretty easily how deep someone is, that's how you experience satsang, the talking is just crap and good ones will make that known. You can fall into their enlightenment like that, and then your fear will probably jerk you out of it, but then you know.
  19. But this hardwiring potential still sounds like a doing or understanding when it's quite the opposite of that, funnily enough. And spiritual experience is not alien to anyone, but many people need to learn some basic more loving first.
  20. There is no such entity , there is divine life force, but it didn't make itself, just the way it is
  21. they say 3 jewels are master-sangha-dharma, doing it alone is hard, doing it alone as young is harder, when relationships are being build and going away from family,.. so find the others no
  22. Looks like someone who can't take being in an very responsible position, there's no evil about it, but it simply looks like a still immature guy who gets dragged along by his position as 'famous shaman' or something, that's really what it looks. (despite it being understandably hard to work so intensely with people in such a short time, we don't know what goes on in their minds, what happened prior, no subtitles). Yeah, sometimes guru's or shamans get into conflicts of some kind, it's really dumb to then judge the whole tradition or what ever like many westerners do by standard. But there's a reason spiritual teachers, tend to be carefully picked and treated in a tradition, as it's basically the highest most responsible role a human can have. Rettig doesn't seem like a mature enough figure to handle such position, and to be fair even, he has no guides, no tradition, and isn't rooted in some community or homeland , he's been doing this traveling- so in that sense, he probably has it quite challenging, probably still spirituality underdeveloped, because some trips by no means means stable high abidance, possibly the opposite. creating a new sort of spiritual tradition by yourself based on some short experience, can easily become a kid's work gone wrong, I guess god has some tolerance for it, but honestly it looks fucking intolerable and terrible