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  1. @SageModeAustin this is not a dark night of the soul. This is just your condition created by who knows how many factors.take action. Its the only way.
  2. @hundreth oh sorry! @Barry J seems like spiral dynamics is our new ideology and everything below yellow has no value.
  3. @hundreth just another close minded human being seeing everything from his limited lense, not giving a chance to thoughts and ideas, constantly criticising and staying in his limited narrowed view point. Nothing of value here.
  4. @Gligorije vippasna alone won't enable you to experience the full range of your consciousness. It's not about what meditation you use and how much time you do it but in what way has your being been purified by your ego. This could happen in one seating alone or in 2 lifetimes. The root cause of your unconsciousness lies in places that meditation alone won't help you discover... Well maybe hardcore meditation will do but not just a 45 minute seating a day. There are plenty of techniques and methods to use. Some of them are : psychoanalysis, shadow work, kriya yoga(or other types of yoga), psychedelics(with caution), self inquiry,spiritual autolysis(jed mckenna), the work(byron Katie) and plenty other. Of course theoretical understanding of life and of yourself is crucial so I would recommend more learning...
  5. @Gligorijeclean diet + exercise. Sleep same time everyday and wake at the same. Make a habit of sleeping 7 - 8 hours and stick with it. When I was in the army they forced us sleep for 4 hours each day. Thought I was gonna die but after a while I get used to it.
  6. @tashawoodfall stop looking, start seeing.
  7. @Mikael89 The problem with you is that you don't believe. Your intention is backwards so your results are going to be backwards. Faith is the power that creates world's. Before moving on with kriya I think you should learn a fundamental law of the universe. The law of attraction! Also don't be arrogant with teachings. Respect and humbleness.
  8. @Mikael89 there are kriya schools that use om. Japa as their main technique for at least 6 months before progressing into more advanced techniques so I think you shouldn't rush so much.
  9. @Mikael89 if you have the j. C Stevens book spend your first month with ujjaji pranayama, om japa on the chakras and the first kriya pranayama with some concentration exercise in the end. That should be enough for you to lay the foundations. You could be reading other books of course at the time but those techniques are easy to follow and lay some foundation in your future practise.
  10. @0ne if it's an energy problem try kriya yoga. But be gentle with your practise. It may be powerful. You could read a book about reiki so you can learn more about prana, Chi or whatever the fuck this is... Of course you can do a brain scan to see if it's a "physical" problem.
  11. @CreamCat stop wasting time trying to find me somewhere while I'm everywhere! -God
  12. @ValiantSalvatore it depends on the level of your consciousness(if you accept such a thing). If it's above the plant's consciousness then you will experience a decrease. If below then an increase.
  13. @Ingit eventually the wall will start melting. Don't freak out ??