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  1. To clarify I said there’s few Male role models speaking about mens issues* not male role models that don’t speak about mens issues, there’s plenty of those already yes 👍
  2. I would wait at least a year after getting off them, could result in unnecessary instability of the mind. Let the mind adjust to the lack of antidepressants for lots of time then re-evaluate. That being said a low dose of mushrooms like 1.5 grams shouldn’t be as much of a worry and could really help heal your brain; they’re one of the most therapeutic psychedelics in my personal opinion.
  3. Do plenty of yoga sober too. What else ya gonna do on mushrooms especially during the comedown? Meditate and do yoga obviously
  4. I mean what gives me the right to say what a chair is, I’m not a chair. Only a chair can decide what a chair is. Checkmate bigots.
  5. Adyashanti's meditations might really help you with that fear; it's a slower and safer transition into oneness. Just think of the tremendous relief that WILL come when you come out on the other side, the ego is a massive weight and letting go of it even temporarily is such a weight off. Loving kindness practice for developing compassion and trust is also really useful for this problem. Learning to have a deep trust in yourself and life is a very profound part of the spiritual journey so welcome that challenge.
  6. What? I've literally done yoga on mushrooms, they go together better than dick and pussy. What are you talking about lmfao. @TheAlchemist You'd be more likely to lose your marbels than permanently awaken through psychedelics, and even if it was a permanent one I wouldn't be surprised if the individuals had all sorts of delusions despite it, as well as a massive ego. Spiritual/psychedelic narcissism is real and is terrifying, it just isn't worth the risk to go that hard with these drugs.
  7. Yes and I'm saying it's a bad example because Andrew Tate is not as powerful, nowhere near so, and the public opinion would support people coming out unlike your examples. Of course in those instances women can't speak out as much, just like children can't speak out as much, however not every rich man has the power of Epstein and so simply giving an example that is an outlier doesn't really actually say anything at all. You cannot do anything with that information/example because it is an outlier. Tate is not as powerful, all women have the power to speak up in this particular situation, and yet none are when they really seriously should. Case in point.
  8. Tate has money but he does not have that kind of power, terrible comparison, especially the Epstein one Jesus Christ.
  9. It's certainly strange that (at least from what I know) no women have gone to the authorities about this even though he is in the limelight as an abuser right now, everyone would believe you, everyone's talking about it. It would be the perfect time, but no one is. Just an observation.
  10. Barrack Obama isn't directly speaking to the younger generation of men that's why, it's a very simple reason. No shade on him though he's a great role model, but not someone who's advocating for or speaking about Men's issues. Without that it doesn't create the same effect because if Tate isn't going to talk about Men's issues who will? Nobody, IDK if you know this but we're actively shamed for speaking up on a regular basis. Men are not allowed to complain, or at least if we are it is always met with personal attacks, statements like "yeah but Women have it worse because" or it is simply downplayed just like in your comment. We cannot just say "men have this issue" and respond with "Yeah that's bad we should do something about it" that isn't happening either at all or not nearly enough. But I get that from the outside having not listened to enough of his content you'd think it's just the flashy cars, that is certainly a part of it but it is not the core reason behind why men are actually listening to him. It has much more to do with the fact that traits such as ambition and assertiveness in men are seen as toxic and should be suppressed which is the direct cause of said energy coming out in more evil ways. Truly "toxic" masculinity is directly caused by the suppression of its healthier forms. A woman's abusive partner isn't her role model it's just a codependency problem.
  11. Notice that even in its most abstract sense, Gender still operates within the polarities of Male and Female energies as a spectrum, and thus it would be silly to label any difference along that spectrum as a new gender; it's just personality types and sexuality types, which are unique on their own, but are not a new gender. And much of what constitutes gender in its most abstract sense or even in a spiritual sense are still greatly influenced by biological factors that cannot be argued with. Any "third" option or multiple options are still occurring within the spectrum that is founded in duality. You actually cannot escape that fact, you cannot point to me a truly non binary person that exists anywhere in the world who isn't suspect to being stuck somewhere energetically on the spectrum of Male and Female energies and thus it doesn't exist. My argument is very logical if you take the emotion out of it. A woman is an adult human female with certain biological reasons that make it so, that influence behaviour which in a wider communal sense influence culture, but never can you seperate biology, psychology and culture because they're all interconnected.
  12. Nah the bias doesn't work the other way in the current sphere of the west, the man will always be blamed first as an oppressor/horrible person without feeling a right to retaliate, I'm just stating how things currently are. It's fine though because the pendulum always swings too far the other way before balance is found. And yes I deleted that message because it no longer proved relevant. The "research" you speak of is very hard to come by and thus it's a bit strange you'd expect people to find it. Mmm yeah no, nobody is going to die because people want to revolt against cancel culture that's very melodramatic, it will actually wreak more havoc again because you are only putting a bandaid on the issue by cancelling people. These men that love Tate now feel even more silenced to make any complaint about living life a man and thus this same issue will pop up again somewhere else, it's actually exacerbating the issue. There's no such thing as successful repression. The very fact that men are going to him for help is even more evidence of a complete lack of male role models that won't change if no one wants to admit that fact. If we don't solve that issue, types like Tate will just keep popping up again and again. The more you silence the issue, the stronger it gets. I'm looking at the cause of the problem not what appears on the surface.
  13. Mmm yeah that's wrong, I'm not gonna defend that
  14. You shoulda seen it a couple years ago lmao It's much better now
  15. You can literally say "Fuck all men" and you will be championed for it, zero consequences. Double standards lol. So dumb.
  16. Banning someone for differing views is authoritarian albeit to a softer degree. Social media sites like Youtube are becoming (if not already) a monopoly, and thus from that fact alone it requires a more open free flow of information, rather than a political echo chamber where opposing views are seen as "dangerous" and traits such as weakness are seen as virtuous. You can't help but feel like your opinions are getting moulded around you based off what you're allowed to see vs not see. Answer me this, why do young men "depend on him"? Because as it stands currently in the west certain masculine traits such as assertiveness and ambition in men are seen as toxic (vs for women it's seen as empowering), and so the retaliation against that rhetoric will always go too far like with Andrew Tate, but banning him will not stop the cause of him coming up in the first place. If you ban Andrew Tate a different version of that stage red archetype will simply manifest in another form, but admitting this requires admitting what the problem is in the first place which is something nobody on the left wants to do (at least it seems). A lot of men simply have no masculine role models in their lives who embody traits like assertiveness and ambition because again the vast majority of men in the west have had these traits moralised out of them. There is no such thing as a positive male role model when done under the framework of what is considered politically incorrect. People can complain all they want, but rarely do they give alternatives.
  17. Or perhaps God as a singularity of infinite potential would therefore be simultaneously powerless to stop the manifestations that arise from it, and is thus innocent in a sense. Wanting vs not wanting are still human qualities.
  18. My interpretation is that God creates the illusion of free will which is thus real in a relative sense, from which Donald Trump can use and impose said free will, even though it simultaneously doesn’t exist in the ultimate sense, however neither would Donald Trump exist in the ultimate sense. Sadhguru put it as God being a creator not a manager.
  19. Consciousness is infinite, mind is finite. An infinite nothing dreams up many finite things. The end 🤗
  20. Ketamine was made to be combined with mushrooms, it is unbelievably good. The most easy, accessible and surprisingly powerful gateway into pure oneness with zero thought. If the love/connectedness/infinity/God part is ever lacking, that’s when you simply take another gram 🍄 and sit back down for meditation again. It’s a pretty safe combination psychologically as well, I doubt you’ll feel the need for 5 Meo after.
  21. Just don’t smoke/vape the weed whatever you do, both are just too habit-forming in my opinion. Edibles are much more of a commitment and will be much more psychedelic as well, so those are a better option. Regardless, mushrooms are better lol. If you can, do that instead just at a lower dose.
  22. Hyper-dimensional entities would just be one example of dualistic activities of God consciousness, literally everything that’s manifested would be an example, I’m only saying DMT shows you the depth of God’s infinite manifestation the most quite literally; it would take obscene doses of other psychedelics to get that. But yes virtually anything that is manifest is to be regarded as not the “ultimate” reality where there is nothing but God (non-duality) at least in the eyes of a mystic. Of course the closer you get to God the further away from manifestation you go, akin to being burned away in the sun, at a certain point nothing exists but that single light, which I think is a good analogy. It depends on what aspect of reality we regard as more important in the first place. To me from the eyes of God nothing is seperate so non-duality does become mandatory at a certain point, yet paradoxically to subsequently split away from that oneness into diversity is equally as necessary to show the infinite power of God. I don’t look at one level of reality as being more valid than another, only that one reality is more fundamental and unchanging than another, but all those levels that are diverse and fluctuating are still valid. So in summary the Truth begins with Non-duality but ultimately goes beyond it.
  23. Nice dude, yeah you’ll notice the benefits pretty quickly, and they’ll keep building, if you’re doing vinyasa you’ll be looking pretty good too haha. I’ve notice more Zen/shikantaza “just sitting” meditations to be supercharged by doing what is essentially the opposite of that beforehand, which is physically demanding yoga and aggressive breathing exercises. The ability is to just sit in total silence and rest in it with total awake mental clarity is almost effortless because of the momentum you build up beforehand.