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  1. @Carl-Richard It was just one example, but you'd be living under a rock if you didn't know universities all over the west push this rhetoric.
  2. jesus christ, I have to try this. Smoking a joint on ketamine alone was already non-dual as fuck.
  3. actually some seriously good advice
  4. Same, mushrooms has a fantastic comedown, LSD can too for the next few hours after the peak but after that I'm awfully drained. Would rather mushrooms these days.
  5. Agreed, MDMA probably isn't worth the comedown unless you REALLY have some insane trauma.
  6. "gender study people" omg somebody kill me now
  7. @Vittorio Problem of the One and the Many; it is both simultaneously. "You are just hallucinating me right now" is a false statement. baha! This dude gets it.
  8. fair enough yes probably should have mentioned it, it is still something you wouldn't wanna do anymore than you would psychedelics, although physical problems usually happen after a long time of HEAVY abuse so not something to freak out over if you're only doing a moderate amount spaced out over several months regarding each dose. But the stigma definitely isn't warranted imo
  9. Adyashanti is by far one of the best, it's fucking ridiculous the state his meditations put me into in a matter of minutes with virtually no effort. Literally nothing exists any more, and as I come out of it into the world of form it's instantly recognised as still being of this very same essence; I can't look at the world the same any more, it's actually a little frightening sometimes I'm still getting used to it. But his style is so calm that you never panic. The psychedelic awakenings are great too but to be in that state and have it connect to your ordinary life so seamlessly is truly a beautiful thing.
  10. As someone who's experienced psychedelics with AND without foundation this cannot be overstated.
  11. Yes Ketamine is insanely effective for non-dual insight and super underrated for it, it probably is one of the best for these purposes especially because you are much less likely to panic in the midst of it which the ego loves to do when it's threatened in any way, and there isn't as much visual phenomena to distract you. Ketamine+cannabis was mind blowing for me as someone who's done a decent amount of LSD well before trying it. The ego death happened almost instantly, and yet the transition felt more seamless and less chaotic than LSD. I also think the "enlightened" state Ketamine produces is closer to what meditation induced awakenings are like. @Leo Gura THIS is definitely one psychedelic that I think would surprise you.
  12. L-theanine is the go if you're anxious with coffee; the concentration is far superior to caffeine alone
  13. Everything comes from the white light, it is your essence, your very being, it is love, it is peace, and there's nothing left to do then to simply abide in that knowing. Surrender all fear into love, surrender all mind into intuition, and you will know.
  14. I'm someone who learns by doing, not just sitting in front of some dumbass telling me the answers. School is designed to make you good at memorising and following orders. It really doesn't teach you how to think outside the box, and why would it? They want mindless workers, smart enough to complete the tasks yet too stupid to reinvent the system (as Carlin puts it). If your life purpose requires going through it, then by all means do, it can at least teach a pretty solid work ethic, but if not don't kill yourself over some arbitrary letter that society tells you means anything when it doesn't. At the start of one year they make you ask to be permitted to go take a shit, at the end of that year you have to figure out everything you want to do with your life. It's a joke.
  15. I actually got MORE benefits from LSD when I stopped trying to "find all the answers man" and all that egotistical bullshit; the recreational attitude can be more appropriate if you're someone who tends to be uptight which I was back then. Just letting go of expectations and NEEDING anything from it paradoxically lead me to learn more. Granted I was still hoping for something spiritual but it wasn't done with a seriousness that I think some people in this forum have. A massive insight psychedelics teach you is to stop taking yourself and life so seriously; it makes the ego games people like politicians play become hilarious.
  16. he's used 5meo and other psychedelics, he just isn't doing them right now. He has been diagnosed bi-polar in the past so that probably complicates things. I don't deny he's had massive awakenings off meditation alone, but I'm sure his bi-polar influences this. It seems they are in fact at an advantage over "normal" people when it comes to awakening, however it doesn't seem like a healthy expression of it that's for sure lol.
  17. Is being asleep really embracing life though? Is that really life? "If we've been dead a long time, life feels like death."
  18. @Aaron p hahahaha "I just can't....stop.....self actualizing.....somebody help I need to improve on this!" *Other member* "But wouldn't that also be a form of self actualizing?" "GOD DAMMIT I CAN'T ESCAPE"
  19. The Universe/God is a single infinite consciousness experiencing itself subjectively through many different forms and finite minds. The end. Imagine thinking what you're currently experiencing through this finite mind is all there, not only is this incredibly boring but quite literally means all your past psychedelic awakenings didn't actually happen at all thus you've been wasting your time. Just.....lol. It's both unverifiable, boring and helps no one, all it really does is create more confusion around something that conceptually is ridiculously simple. Like Martin Ball says it's ultimately the ego that wants to deny this simplicity to instead try and be super conceptual. So one can debate this endlessly if they want but at the end of the day they are wasting their time.