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  1. Seems like according to this forum having fun is no longer ok
  2. Edibles can be psychedelic as fuck, similar feeling to mushrooms without so much visual stuff going on. Good integration tool imo. Ketamine can be both therapeutic and a pretty reliable means to ego death, and MDMA healed my trauma. Who are you to declare what drug can have benefits and what can't, just because it isn't classically psychedelic? Many people react terribly to classic psychedelics and these can be alternatives for them.
  3. That's a symptom of prohibition. Sounds like you just have an addictive personality my dude. Pretty biased opinion.
  4. I'm not your Dad but personally I don't think it's worth the risk and would most likely lead to a serious burnout of the highest degree; tripping is absolutely exhausting (which is why I'm currently on break). It very well could lead to a permanent change, but a positive one? I wish, I've seen people go overboard with acid and it literally never has benefits the way responsible use does, they just look absolutely cooked and out of touch with reality. That being said the idea of their being some hardcore vipassana style retreat that would also include spaced out responsible use of psychedelics would be fucking awesome. THAT I could get on board with.
  5. Really?!? I'm curious about these non dual artists aha, can you tell me some?
  6. I think he should exclusively devote the book to his porn collection, nothing else. Could b huge
  7. True, Never said it can't be, but the idea that it's that way for everyone is just not true either; personally I've experienced both sides of the spectrum, being addicted (which was ultimately my fault) to using occasionally quite easily after seeing the cons. But anyone who's been heavily addicted to something is naturally going to be biased against the idea of it having any pros as a means to protect themselves. From an addiction standpoint I can see where you're coming from, but as a case by case basis it's kinda ridiculous to think smoking 5 meo has less risk than weed; if that were the case you should have no issue smoking 5meo in the city and going about your day. I mean people can get seriously traumatised from single experiences in a way that simply doesn't happen with weed (or at least nowhere near as much and even if it does happen it's not even on the same level of traumatised). The best example would be one such person in this forum I'm sure you're aware of who got very messed up off a single dose, the only way that could happen with weed is if you were schizophrenic. But on the flip side the dangers are certainly underestimated in many stoners (for obvious reasons of overcoming prohibition). IMO weed has too many benefits to be shrugged off, not that it's for everyone. Seeing people on this forum advocate for consistent use of psychedelics than criticise weed makes me laugh. Agreed. I mean you don't have to ahahaha
  8. Not from my experience, whilst alcohol gives me anxiety upon withdrawing weed's relaxation lingers post use. Plenty of people can smoke once every few weeks with no deleterious effects whatsoever, but of course doing it anymore than that is a bad idea. Do you have this stance regarding frequency of use with powerfully mind altering psychedelics?
  9. a coffee table doesn't have awareness, but that doesn't mean that it isn't consciousness itself; even Sam admits in this interview that consciousness is quite literally the only means to which you know of the existence of anything, because consciousness is the very mechanism we rely on to know the existence of anything. I'm not saying inanimate objects have independent awareness, I have to stress the importance of this distinction. Absolutely, and where is this "projection" coming from? Note that all projections are appearances and what I'm pointing to is the source of said appearances.
  10. Not only is God, Consciousness and emptiness all one and the same (even if the experience of these facets may vary) but it's also inherently self aware and self loving. Emptiness itself can be totally self aware without an illusionary observer experiencing it. But..... none of this will fly if one hasn't experienced it, so experience it for yourself and if you can come to another conclusion I'd be happy to hear it....seriously.
  11. As a big fan of Sam I gotta agree, it was almost laughable, never realising that Non-duality is pointing to the context of reality rather than the contents within it which is the only thing that science can and ever will truly grasp.
  12. @4:40 had me like DAAAMMMNNN wasn't expecting Rupert to start criticising science like that
  13. This is the equivalent of saying "I tried to go to the gym to get stronger and now I just feel weaker!" Like yes that's kinda the point; meditation is gonna bring up uncomfortable subconscious material just like with psychs.
  14. (Skip to 8:00) Try this, very similar to do nothing but even better, also L-theanine I find to be super underrated for meditation in this forum, the combination of the 2 can take you seriously deep (or at least it does for me). Surrender all your ideas about awakening; there's literally no way the mind could ever fully grasp this enigma, no matter how "woke" one thinks they are lmao. @cannedsoup My advice with meditation would be to focus on surrendering all thoughts through this process first, THEN you can start looking for this thing you call "I", not through thinking, but through awareness itself; you have to feel your way to this, rather than think your way into it. I know this sounds rather flakey but it truly is an intuitive process that you have to get a hang of. It's an art, not a skill.
  15. This is a healthy perspective imo, instead of being like "nah my kids are an illusion they could starve for all I care lmao". Integration is key
  16. In this very moment I am imagining that, but I've also experienced mind from the perspective of another ego following an ego death experience (as bizarre as that sounds) and as a result see consciousness as simply a vast, open, infinite empty space that can take on many forms and different experience, all of which are equally illusory in nature. Just because the ego's current state of consciousness can't embody another perspective doesn't mean it isn't there in the same way that one can't fully embody God in this current state of consciousness (psychic phenomena would be one such example of tapping into alternate perspectives). Non-duality is only unwiring the context of the dream yet says absolutely nothing about the contents within it; if you drop an apple it will fall to the ground, the rules all still apply. The illusory nature of another perspective is in no way different to the illusory nature of any other piece of dualistic content that arises in the field of consciousness, so what's the point of singling it out when really the most important illusion to cut through is the ego itself, because without that the ego will most likely run off into a delusional state of thinking its the only thing in reality, never realising its entire existence is a facade. There is no "you" to hallucinate anything is a better way of putting it imo.
  17. That "more" you speak of is just consciousness itself. The nothingness from which everything arises (that is simultaneously everything paradoxically). We (or at least I) am not saying there isn't. By saying consciousness is all there is is very different than saying the ego and it's tiny individual experience is all there is. This ego is merely another appearance within the field of consciousness.
  18. Great explanation; there is nothing outside consciousness, and yet there's a whole lot going on outside the ego-mind even if the ego isn't experiencing it. I think too many people are jumping to the (+)I am God/True Self facet of enlightenment before first grasping the (-)No self/emptiness aspect, and thus this confusion happens. Every ego wants to hear that they're God, but no ego wants to hear that they're merely a fabrication of something much deeper.
  19. This is what I've been thinking but couldn't properly articulate, so thank you for that. I still don't get Leo's take on these "perceptual bubbles" that every ego lives in, or whatever the ego imagines to be true is true, and anything outside of that doesn't exist....except because it is infinite it does exist??? His comments seem to contradict each other to a (literally) insane degree. I heard Martin Ball describe in a podcast a certain phenomena that occurs on 5 meo where when the ego is dying it says "omg I'm dying....and I'm taking everyone with me" which he later explained would be a mistake/trap when in fact that's just you and your perspective. This seems to directly contradict Leo's comments such as (paraphrasing here) "once you die, your family will no longer exist" essentially saying the ego creates this reality, not God. If were to guess where these traps came from it would seem like a lack of "no-self" understanding is the cause, but what do I know.
  20. Leo's biggest flaw is that he hasn't done ketamine. .....or at least I don't think he has.
  21. It's pretty fucken interesting, but psychedelics are better for spiritual type experiences, nitrous is more for parties. But if you are interested in dissociatives I think ketamine can definitely help with non-dual purposes almost as much as LSD might. I find it lends itself more to the "no-mind/emptiness" aspect whereas LSD is better for god consciousness experiences. Although at the same time I tried ketamine following all my journeys with normal psychedelics and I definitely think that made a big difference to the quality of the experience.