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  1. Who the fuck knows honestly. Everything springs from an infinite nothing, and the “dream” is that the nothing looks like something. It can all be pretty much summed up like that.
  2. Hell yeah 😎 I always knew I was a dickhead, just not entirely a dick, specifically God’s. Ya live and ya learn.
  3. Desire in illusion is the only thing one needs to work through.
  4. Word If people got that they wouldn’t be worrying about solipsism because that’s just people debating and “I” is not a person but the screen. “You’re just part of my dream” and who’s the “my”? That’s also a dream on the screen.
  5. There are levels of it and of course those levels are part of the dream also.
  6. That being said life goes in phases so maybe in a few years I suddenly do give a fuck because of choosing to lose myself in my dream cos y not? But without a doubt when you’re really in non-duality you don’t have desires genuinely. You’re completely unmoved.
  7. “Just 2 bodies rubbing up against each other” paraphrased from Ram Dass It is a bit harsh but I see where he’s coming from. It is better to be motionless for the ultimate bliss. Again I’m dreaming all of this so if I cared that would assume that I’m just thinking I’m dreaming all of this vs actually being genuinely awake to it and not full of shit.
  8. You can’t “use spirituality” when spirituality is actually using you and changing you automatically without choice. Ramana Maharshi certainly didn’t give a fuck, so it is possible ya monkeys! 🙈
  9. Projection! I’ve literally rejected women cos I give no fucks 😎🤪🤙It’s a waste of mental space, being alone makes you more creative and original. Most people are boring to me. Sex makes you dumber.
  10. Artistic expression 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a load of croc, if that’s their artistic expression then they are a bunch of morons.
  11. What? Everything is “neurological” and everything is a drug since life is a drug experience.
  12. Spiritual development has to be authentic, if you wanna do it you’ll do it, if you’re enlightened enough you will automatically stop caring about sex. This doesn’t happen for everyone of course but for me enlightenment made me see how stupid sex is and how much every human behaviour, endeavour and way of seeing the world is influenced by sex. In fact for most normies it’s like their entire life revolves around it unconsciously; it’s pathetic. From a far away view it’s hardly any different than looking at a bunch of rats 🐀 scurry for a mate to reproduce just to do the same crap all over again 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Life is a joke, have fun!
  13. Interesting CBD makes me feel smarter, probably because of a history of complex trauma though. It is a miracle from God to me.
  14. Modafinil is actually that strong? Find that hard to believe. Have you had Ritalin before and if so how much stronger is it then that? Just curious.
  15. I’ve had paranormal experiences that were undeniable from a young age that has convinced me that there’s an afterlife. Floating objects, moving objects, a random mechanic who’s mother is a psychic that was having dreams about my encounters without even knowing who I am…things like that. There is clearly an afterlife. Paranormal phenomena is real, psychic phenomena is real. Reply if you’d like to know more.
  16. Ever tried Ritalin? Try it.
  17. Have you done meth?
  18. Apparently pregabalin can be toxic to your ears called ototoxicity. Probably not something to worry about but I’d rather not risk it.
  19. Definitely a good chill vibe