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  1. No, it's not the first time. I said it before in another thread, but I can't find that. Okay I'll be more humble.
  2. How many times do I have to tell you? I am SERIOUSLY walking the spiritual path. I practice Yoga 24/7. I never said anyone has to do what I'm doing. I'm didn't talk about Ashtanga yoga to impress people. I talked about it because it's genuine information. People can learn about it on their own. If they disagree with what I say, they can ignore it. They can think for themselves. Your implying I shouldn't talk about anything if I'm not enlightened myself. Then what should I do? Should I ask newbie questions all the time?
  3. No, you can only be a guru if people consider you to be. You're a good writer, but it doesn't mean you are further on the path than we are. If you give unwanted advice, it's rude. You were accusing me of thinking that I am superior to others on this forum. Are you sure you're not just projecting your mindset onto me? I noticed you behaved rudely with another member on another thread. You should allow people to have their own opinions, even if they are wrong. If they're wrong they will figure it out on their own. They don't need you to tell them that. If you're so confident in what you know, maybe you can start a mega thread like Shanmugam's Guide to Enlightenment. There you can bombard people with your "wisdom".
  4. It depends on how you choose to define enlightenment. If you say one has to experience deeper consciousness states to be considered enlightened, than no they aren't equally as enlightened. Some consciousness states can't be described with words. Our present experience can't be described with words either. For example, I can say I'm writing this but that's what I'm doing, not the totality of my experience. The opinions vary from person to person. In my opinion, it's necessary to experience something that helps us wake from the dream. It has to be dramatic enough that we completely dis-identify with the dream character.
  5. We can be friends. @Shanmugam Thanks for the help. I am whatever you say I am; if I'm not what you say I am, I'm nothing at all. I'm seeking enlightenment, but I'm not desperate for it. This is my secret: When I post ideas here, I like to post contradictory ideas to see how people react. Some times I post ideas which are pro enlightenment. Some times I post ideas which are anti enlightenment. I think people here have been brainwashed to think enlightenment is the best thing ever. There are downsides to enlightenment as well. Plus I think enlightenment only happens through God's grace. Here is my experience: 1. I feel a wide range of emotions daily. 2. I don't need a lot of material possessions. 3. I don't need a high paying job, but I don't mind working in one. 4. I don't fear death. 5. I don't worry about what will happen to me. 6. I feel heat in various parts of my body. 7. I don't feel attached to things that "Deep" was previously attached to. 8. There is a strange feeling that I can't explain. Yes, I admit I can be arrogant sometimes. I agree that enlightenment is not an achievement. I disagree about words such as kundalini, Brahman, Atman, etc. being deceitful to the human mind. Those words are pointing to something about reality. Kundalini can definitely be experienced in the body. Atman can certainly be realized. Yes, I admit I don't know many things.
  6. No, I'm not offended. I don't want to mentally masturbate over something that can't be described in words. I know how to attain enlightenment and I have spiritual practice. How does coming to this forum benefit me? No my understanding about enlightenment comes from experience, not just books. I am reading books to compare my experience with masters to see if I'm on the right track. Yes, I think of myself as superior to other people. I never denied that they had glimpses. I don't have any reason to believe or disbelieve them. I don't know them personally. If they had glimpses, great, I'm happy for them. If they haven't had glimpses, great, I'm still happy for them. If I thought I was superior to others on this forum, I wouldn't have posted videos of common people sharing their kundalini awakening. It was to show that everyone is capable of attaining enlightenment. If you're enlightened why do you have a strong desire to be right? Why should I believe you are enlightened?
  7. @Shanmugam I regret coming on this forum now. Goodbye and good luck on your spiritual journey. Peace and love to all!
  8. @Shanmugam It's okay, let them think whatever they want. It doesn't make any difference to us. This is what I think about enlightenment: I think a person can take up spiritual practice such as Bhakti yoga, Gyana yoga, Raj yoga or anything else. Then they can experience kundalini because their mind is being harnessed. Enlightenment can happen even before kundalini reaches Sahasrara. While the Kundalini is buzzing at the base of the spine, it still changes awareness. As it rises higher awareness starts to increase exponentially. While the awareness increases a person can have lots of realizations along the way, BUT it doesn't have to rise all the way up for enlightenment. That's my experience with it.
  9. Some experiences help to turn on the light bulb of enlightenment. They help us realize we aren't the body and mind.
  10. That's a superimposition of thought onto our present experience. Experience is present even after thoughts are eliminated.
  11. @Nahm Sorry, I misunderstood what you said earlier.
  12. @Leo Gura @Nahm Both of you are speaking from ego. It's the ego's job to be discontent and hope for something more or "higher". Let me break down what you said. When you say highest stage of awakening, that's you trying to conceptualize awareness. Awareness can never be described with words. Sahaja samadhi is not described as the "highest" stage by any master. It's a permanent ego death so there is no more seeking. That's you trying to push your psychedelic propaganda there. That's not going to help people gain mastery. I agree but I'm not in a hurry to get to the end. I'm God so I don't have any ending. Why do you assume people here haven't experienced anything? While it's true that experiencing God is more fun than being on, some people could be here out of the goodness of their heart. They can't say, "they haven't reached the end" because they're eternal. They have feeling of being eternal. You've had a few glimpses of the Truth on 5-meo (God knows if that's even true) and now you're trying to conceptualize it. It's clear you haven't experienced any samadhi. I agree with @Shanmugam that enlightenment is binary. Typically the end is described as all of our past lives flashing before us like a movie reel. Then we've broken free from the cycle of karma.
  13. Isn't experience independent of thought? Yes our perception is flawed. @LastThursday Thanks, these are just self inquiry questions. I'm not looking for a correct answer. These are just self inquiry questions (except for the 3rd) to help other people. I'm not looking for a right answer. My answer to the 1st two questions is based on my experience.
  14. @brovakhiin Yes, we have to experience it to know if it's true or not.
  15. I think Leo was saying there are a lot of realizations along the way to sahaja but sahaja is the highest. Since Sahaja is a permanent, nirvikalpa there can't be any levels within it. According to the article, when the kundalini goes to Sahasrara (crown chakra), the person loses body consciousness. They can no longer feel the body or use it. If they don't come back from samadhi (the kundalini comes down from Sahasrara), they can die in 21 days. I said it "feels good" because the body is a limitation we have. We have to take care of the body and so it's like "burden" we carry while we're experiencing it. You're right, there is no such thing as good or bad, but that was the only way I could describe it.