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  1. Not clear to anyone else.
  2. Military analysts have said that the Russian army were not prepared for a war. They were under the delusion that it would be a quick operation that would not include any major battles. It explains their shortage of supplies and low morale.
  3. @Leo Gura It’s hard to believe that Putin actually thought he could end this in days. It makes you wonder what planet he’s on.
  4. Or maybe you are too emotionally involved with Russia to see the simple truth.
  5. The west is already a democracy.
  6. Or maybe it will be overthrown because it is an autocracy, and the US wants a democracy. There’s nothing bad about that.
  7. Forgive me if I find that hard to believe, since you were born in Russia, and your family is Russian.
  8. It’s not obvious. It’s your opinion, which we disagree with.
  9. You have created a false equivalency here. The situation you’re describing is completely different to what is happening in Ukraine. I see that you are stuck in self-bias, since you are Russian.
  10. He’s definitely autistic though. You can tell by just watching him speak.
  11. Ukraine is gone. It will be under Russian control, as it was during the Soviet era.
  12. It won’t be overthrown if Russia keeps a permanent military presence in Ukraine, which is what many experts believe will be the case.
  13. @Someone here Muslims are minorities in the West. Plus, the Right loves to attack Muslims, so it makes Muslims seem like the oppressed ones. Muslims are not powerful in the west, unlike Christians.
  14. The way that Curt speaks reminds me of Putin. Maybe it’s only me.
  15. US is trying to install democratic governments all over the world. You’re right that autocrats will find it hard to rise up and get fair treatment. Putin and Xi Jinping should be concerned.
  16. If he can manifest anything, why does he charge for his lessons ?.
  17. I fully agree with Leo’s decision. Nahm has to go.
  18. All these profound truths pre-dated Muhammad. He didn’t bring any new teachings. But he did claim that God was speaking to him (and him only), which is a typical cult-leader tactic. He used it to get what he wanted from the Arabs. Reminds me of Donald Trump and the maga movement.