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  1. I found this recent video. I hope fox doesn’t start a shit storm with this:
  2. @Husseinisdoingfine I think this belongs in the ‘high consciousness resources’ section.
  3. @Karmadhi If you believe so, it will be true for you. Notice that every man in the world has succeeded in getting a partner. Please think about that.
  4. @Karmadhi You don’t need to be anything. Just by the way you currently are, a sufficient amount of girls will be attracted to you, provided that you don’t act needy.
  5. @onacloudynight If you’re feminine, you will need a masculine woman. That means she will ‘wear the pants‘ in the relationship.
  6. No, it’s biological. Has nothing to do with fear.
  7. @Leo Gura Finally. You have teased us with dozens of psychedelics that are ‘more profound than 5 meo’. After many years of starving us, I hope you can finally throw out some names.
  8. @Jake Johnson The conservatives from the UK are definitely more liberal than the republicans, that’s for sure. Under Corbyn, the Labour Party was more to the left than bernie sanders!
  9. @Ananta I think it’s best to hide the ‘negative impact’ of vaccines, at least for now. Nothing is gained from mentioning it.
  10. And who in this forum has the authority to do that?
  11. @blackchair I’m sorry for offending you. I really didn’t mean it that way. Please accept my apology.
  12. Most men would cringe from reading that line. Can I ask when you became gay?
  13. But wouldn’t that damage his image? I expect that most gurus want to be seen as a Jesus-like saint, so people would respect them.
  14. Can I ask what your source is?
  15. @Leo Gura This pandemic will take longer than expected. South Africa confirmed that the UK’s vaccine does not work against it’s variant. And since the virus will keep mutating, there’s no end in sight.
  16. @ucan99 I think this is related to Yoga and the Chakras. Perhaps you have a natural talent for that. Research the meditative yogas, you’ll probably get a lot from it.
  17. @gettoefl Good insight.
  18. I think Osho mastered it. He was never in a relationship, despite having to sit in front of young sexy girls for several decades. Look at this picture: Forget the video. This picture shows how semi naked women would close all physical gap between them, and despite many years of that, he successfully remained celibate. I highly doubt someone as famous as him could hide a sexual relationship.
  19. You’re not being very clear.
  20. @Raptorsin7 I think this belongs in the ‘high consciousness resources’ section. Moderators, if you may.
  21. @Seemore Escaping suffering by ‘imagining your problems away’ is pretty neurotic. If you have problems, deal with them head on, instead of running away from them.
  22. Since God is infinite, the process of experiencing itself will never end.
  23. Then what is the purpose of life? Up to this point, I thought it was because God wants to experience itself fully. Surely that means getting enlightened?
  24. Just when I thought China was catching up to the West in terms of development. It seems there is still a huge gap between China and the West.
  25. @Vibroverse Why don’t you check some physics forums then? Not sure why you would search here.