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  1. @wanderer Some countries treat their citizens like gold others like waste How Denmark’s welfare program has narrowed its wealth gap to one of the smallest in the world
  2. I'll add that problems turn into lessons if you learn from them. You learned a big lesson that will have a positive effect on your life allowing you to make smarter financial decisions later on in life , when prospectively there could be much more money at stake. We learn most of our lessons on the fly good or bad they make us who we are Stop worrying instead learn
  3. Well I did try to help you and I can't do any less or more then that so I'll leave you to your senselessness.
  4. @Ozzy Smart People stop Sugar not Fat people ! Fat people eat Massive meals and high calorie snacks through the day , cutting sugar out for them is not enough they will eat more bulk to make up for it. If obese people stopped eating Sugar they would lower their chances of cancer immensely. For the rest of us with a Fit running weight cutting Sugar will improve your health as sugar weakens the immune feeds cancer and reduces energy and it even lowers ones IQ. Lack of Knowledge is the main reason people are getting sick and dying early , being proactive with your health will extend it by years and years all without taking prescription pills. If you look deeper into it you will find you feed cancer with sugar and starve it and heal yourself by stopping sugar. This is serious This is your brain on sugar: UCLA study shows high-fructose diet sabotages learning, memory I could add link after link for you to look at but its best if you search out the information yourself so you know I did not cherry pick the info
  5. @Leon Bell Congratulations !
  6. To put the premise of cutting down into proper perspective try using the technique vs cold turkey. If your having trouble quitting try reducing instead , once you have managed to reduce your intake in half try to quit again. I primed myself for quitting by cutting down from 13 a day to 10 a day to 8 a day 6 a day 4 a day Then I quit.
  7. Hairball blocking your third Chakra that cracks me up !
  8. I was watching some TED videos today and I came across this informative Video that I had hoped may help some find out whats going on. The future is friendly
  9. Welcome to freedom Neo , the power of good resides here the original God
  10. concepts everywhere and old outdated ones at that , I'm bad ! lmao
  11. @cetus56 My goal is become more useful to myself and others perhaps that is where true enlightenment lies , I can only guess.
  12. Be wary of anyone or organization that wants you to devote your life to them as they are trying to take from you what god gave you and perhaps all you have , Freedom / free will
  13. The box of their theology of course
  14. A more important question then nicer is what makes you happy , following people who want to keep you in a BOX or be free