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  1. It becomes increasingly clear in my experience that life is inherently counter intutive and paradoxical, therefore contemplating the counter intuitiveness of your life situations would help you understand reality better, which will allow you take better action, which will lead to better results, which will create success. So yeah, seems it would be worthwhile. I had this experience recently, I finally figured out the solution to a problem and the solution was a counter intuitive move that I failed to see or understand, I wish I had tried to discover and wrap my mind around the counter intuitive move much earlier, would have saved a lot of struggle, wasted time and energy.
  2. @Blackhawk He provided you with his perspective on the benefits of being introverted but because you are looking to simply defend your worldview and stay stuck in your limited thinking patterns and not actually seek to understand other peoples perspectives (even though deep down you want to becuase this issue is cuasing you suffering), you are demanding scientific evidence which I think is LOL. First time i've seen someone demanding scientific evidence from somebody to back up their opinion on the forum which is kind of funny. Where is your scientific evidence that there are no advantages to being introverted? You're just trying to defend those limiting subconcious beliefs you have about introverts and ultimatley about yourself. Bust em baby!
  3. This simple process of writing out words a few times, reading it out loud, reading a sentence with the word in it for context, then adding that word and sentence to anki flashcards for SRS review later seems to work. This process just moves the fluency journey forward. "The meat and potatoes of language learning: Words."- Tim Ferriss
  4. Just jerk off so then you can concentrate. No shame. Let it be. Ideally a woman in bed, but if not just jerk off. Jerk off and tick off. Done.
  5. @Yarco Thank you for wasting your time to convince me. Much appreciated.
  6. Man I gotta try look sober before lunch break ends.
  7. Get a teacher. This is too potent to try alone. You'll fuck yourself up.
  8. ...seriously, total ecstasy wipe out.
  9. Okay, its finally at the point now where practice is the only thing that truly fulfills me. I just did an hour of Kriya yoga. Totally blissing out right now. Wam. Bam. Smack.
  10. I just did an hour of kriya. I'm on cloud 9 right now.
  11. I second this but in order for the relationship to be long term potential, personally I need the girl to have some level of spiritual awareness and inclination. At this point, I wouldn't settle down with a girl who didn't meditate or do yoga or do taichi, that comes down to aligned lifestyles and wavelengths, but I would be open to guiding her into it, if she was curious, like others have said. Curiosity is a dealbreaker.
  12. I've lived in China for 5 years. I'm not fully fluent in the language but getting there slowly but surely. I will be living here for a few more years to come. Still after 5 years, it can be hard to feel at home here, in myself and with other people. As you can imagine its 99.9%Chinese and 0.1% foreigners. I am well and truly in the minority. Particularly in the last 3 years since the relations with the US and west have declined and with covid raging abroad much more than it did in China and now the Ukraine crisis; attitudes towards westerners in this country are to put it lightly, at a low point. On one level, I'm aware that no matter how fluent my Chinese and how much I understand the culture, I will always be an outsider to the Chinese, and that's fine. Also, I'm aware that I grew up in the UK and that my psychology and worldview is heavily influenced by the society and culture I was raised in and that on an ethnic level I am not Asian, therefore will always feel some level of disconnect in that regard. I guess I'm after a spiritual perspective on the issue, so that I can accept reality, think about the situation in a more optimistic way, and be at peace with the context that I am living in. I want to more deeply enjoy my time and experience in China, with Chinese culture, with the Chinese language and the Chinese people, who are more often than not kind hearted, lovely, beautiful and wonderful wise souls. I want to engage with those souls in a way that make them feel more safe and comfortable, because it seems they often have all kinds of fears, judgements, projections, pre conceived ideas and stereotypes of foreigners/ westerners during the rare time they meet/ interact with one.
  13. I can't keep eating fried rice anymore, despite how good it tastes and easy it is. I need a new attitude around nutrition and health in general. My sleep is getting better, just requires the consistent discipline to shut everything down and hit the hay. My yoga practice is suffering because my diet fucking sucks. Which leads to my energy levels being down and my brain being foggy. Some days i don't practice and the diet is part of the problem. I need to cut out the rice and carbs and eat A LOT more veggies and fish. I just am not getting the nutrients I need through my meals. I want to cook but it takes too much time. Often I feel very tired after a 9 hour work day and don't want to buy veg or spend energy and time in the kitchen. my cooking skills are not great, it seems i will have to spend energy and time simply learning how to cook too. I get fomo at the idea of going in the kitchen for an hour. I wanna get to work on my passions or i get fomo because others are outside eating at restaurants (especially in CHIna, especially young people my age.) I hate washing dishes. These are limiting beliefs, they're not totally true. I have had them for years now. I must get my diet handled. I must learn to cook. I need a new attitude. ANY comments are welcome for discussion.
  14. "Practice concentration meditation so you can actually get some shit done."- Ryan
  15. @Yoremo The paradox of passion is that in order to do what you are passionate about you have to take action to master a skill you're not passionate about. By developing proficiency in the skill and seeing the results of that proficiency benefit other people, you will develop passion for that work. In short, passion is created not found. Don't wait for it. This perspective comes from the book 'Be so good they can't ignore you.' He says, don't wait for your calling, focus on building skills so you can do work that is passionate. Passionate work is a valuable thing and contrary to popular belief is something you have to earn, not just stumble upon. He suggests to follow the things you're interested in and have inclination towards but don't get hung up on wether or not you're passionate about the things or not because you will never get anywhere that way. Passion comes once you build the skill in the area and serve others with it. Take action first, then passion will come. Not the other way around.
  16. @Benton Interesting read. Yogis realize the Truth and enter samadhi. I guess if what you are is the cosmos itself then as Sadhguru puts it, 'you are not just a piece of creation, you are the creator itself.' Yoga is a very powerful practice. Sadhguru says to know kriya yoga is to know the mechanics of life making itself. Yoga practice is a way of co-creating existence with existence. Both are you. Union.
  17. To help with the relative level: Breath concentration meditation and also Body awareness scanning meditation. To help with the absolute level: I AM meditation and also Buddhist center meditation. Of course, they are one in the same, but it is useful to understand how they can be of benefit. The absolute level certainly serves the relative and the relative level informs the absolute. I have a desire to improve my connections with other people as well as my focus, the relative level helps target this more directly. Of course the absolute level does too, so both are needed. "He challenged the Buddha's worldview. The Buddha, being the Buddha, remained calm." -A buddhist
  18. @Hardkill Putin was at the Beijing Winter Olympics a month ago shaking hands with Xi. They just signed a $137 billion dollar gas deal and are building a new pipeline from Russia to China to supply China with gas for the next 30 years.
  19. "You're real, but you're not real." -A Buddhist teacher With spring comes new energy. Be so good they can't ignore you.
  20. @Hardkill They want to maintain a position of neutrality in order to benefit their economic interests in the short and long term. China wants the world to buy into the idea that a prosperous China will mean a prosperous world. They do this by actually putting money on the table instead of talking about it. By advocating for the war in the Ukraine, China will isolate the world from itself just like Russia. They do not want that at all, they want to control and gain from the global economy not isolate itself from it.
  21. Important point. I thought about this yesterday. If you try to do pick up and choose your words to appeal, you will attract women but you won't attract women who are attracted to the authentic you. OR you can drop that, just express yourself authentically in the moment with honesty without trying to 'pick her up' and you will probably not attract the women who liked the other version of you but you WILL attract women who connect with your authenticity. Wether you are inauthentic or authentic in your communication, most women won't be interested anyways. Unless you're Leo DiCaprio you ain't gunna be getting a 100% record. So it is better to just focus on authenticity and being well socially calibrated without 'doing pick up', then that way the women you attract will be the ones who are attracted to the authentic you. You'll feel better about it too and enjoy those women and relationships a lot more. also yeah, I agree, it doesn't have to be cold approach. You can do social circles and business circles game by adopting this socially calibrated authenticity. Focus on attraction and leadership over persuing and chasing.
  22. Third. "Doing Pick up without doing pickup." That's a great distinction.
  23. @Scholar Thanks for the response. Yeah a lot of westerners enjoy living in Taiwan a lot more. I live the far West of China, Sichuan, it's still pretty authentic here with a lot of rich history and culture and even spirituality. It's definitely a lot more 'Chinese' than the rest of China. lol. A large chunk modern Chinese society is stage orange too. At least it's becoming more and more orange. Green and yellow and turquoise feels non existent in my experience, apart from the odd enlightened taichi/kungfu master and Buddhist monk floating about. I've been fortunate to meet one or two of them in my time here. But thanks for the POV. I guess I do have a unique first hand experience of these red and blue stages.
  24. @PurpleTree Wow. Yeah I think a similar thing happened to C-Milk and ADV China and their Chinese wives. They used to drive around China on motorbikes with helmet cams and make Vlogs. I don't think they got deported but were threatened with deportation and had threats made to them by nationalists so they left. Their videos used to get hundreds of thousands of views.