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  1. I mainly want to do work on my past. I think I am a 'novice'/ 'newbie' in that area of work, I have never really looked into my past and feel the unconcious patterns are holding me back. I don't know to what extend I am traumatized or to what extent I just need a better understanding and application of basic self development in this area. I dunno. Lol. Someone offered me the course for free so I'll check it out anyways, maybe deeper work needs to be done elsewhere.
  2. Curious if anyone has taken Jordan Petersons Self authoring program here and can give any feedback, reviews or suggestions? I am thinking of taking the program.
  3. @RttPtt I reccomend ditching anything that includes English in the material, especially for Chinese. You need as much total immersion with the language as possible. The only way is to give your brain the opportunity to get used to the language, which is done through immersion. Immersion doesn't have to be 24/7 it can be an hour or 2 or 3, but it needs to be just Chinese. Personally duolingo and ChinesePod didn't work for me. I use LingQ.Com and Refold.la There whole premise is immersion through reading and listening to native materials not learner materials. LingQ has a wealth of resources for all levels and is really fun to use. Refold is basically a philosophy of how to use real native TV shows and movies to develop native level listening comprehension in a foreign language. They're both very fun and satisfying approaches. I live in China, so I use AQIY and Tenecent video, they are Chinas version of Netflix basically, they have more than enough Chinese tv shows and movies. I don't know if you can access it abroad though, give it a try. It only costs me £1.50 a month. With enough Input, speaking comes easy....easier at least, pronunciation in Chinese certainly takes a lot of practice, but with enough input you won't be searching and struggling for words and you'll be able to understand the other person, which is 50% of conversation. 90% of Chinese words only have 2 syllables, and the phonetics don't really deviate from the syllable patterns like they do in most other languages, so actually the pronunciation is much easier than people think, the tones are tricky though. I fuck the tones up all the time still. Steve Kaufman says " you've just gotta get a feel for the rythm of Chinese and allow the listening input to 'infect' you with the language." Biggest thing though for Chinese is to let go of English, only use it for getting the meaning of words initially, don't bother with explanations and analysis of Chinese in English. The meaning of Chinese is in the Chinese language itself.
  4. Organifi Gold. It will knock you out and you'll wake up calm and energized and it will carry through the day. It's so potent I only use half a spoon each cup, (that way a tub will last 60 days instead of 30 too, so you'll save money.) Add it to hot water and drink like a tea. Tastes good as well. Super calming and relaxing. Its magical.
  5. I see networking as collaborations on projects, actually expanding your client base through in person interactions that actually lead to sales, opportunities and collaborations. Having your network of clients or collaborators expanded through word of mouth referrals or by directly connecting with you online, or you connecting with them. Things that actually increase your sales, clients or business opportunities. Offering value to people upfront such as free services and products. Going to a wine mixer or expat bar and exchanging social media contacts whilst getting drunk doesn't seem to be that effective. lol. A lot of expats try to start service based businesses in Asia but often fail to build much traction. My life coach said 80% of his client networks comes from word of mouth referrals and social media and the other 20% comes from online or him going to a random events, meeting people and picking up clients randomly. Personally, I am building a business around sharing and teaching yoga. Of course networking varies depending on the nature of the business. Any discussion, insights and tips on networking and building a client base is welcome.
  6. If there is only blackness/nothingness then what conciousness is is blackness/nothingness. If there is phenomena then what conciousness is the the phenomena as well as the nothingness, because conciousness is nothingness. Blackness/nothingness is conciousness/awareness. Conciousness is nothingness, with or without phenomena.
  7. It will come back around and you'll start feeling more human than ever. Or you'll just stay nihilistic forever, in that case you're missing the point.
  8. Do you want freedom, purpose, ownership of your life and happiness and fulfillment? Or do you want to be a slave to someone else and sacrifice your life for someone else's benefit and be miserable forever? Your Choice. I doubt the response will be anywhere near as bad as your mind is making it out to be anyways. Go get take your fucking life back brother. You will be dead one day. "The quality of our life is determined by how many difficult conversations we are willing to have." - Tim Ferris
  9. @integral Nice. Communication with the girl to discover her fantasies and desires.?
  10. Enlightenment alone won't cure your trauma and dysfunctions, you'll just be an enlightened traumatized and dysfunctional person. There are practices such as Yoga and taichi which can be used to both awaken and develop a healthier psychology, but those things both require attention and intention to work on them. You can practice yoga and not awaken much, you can also practice yoga and awaken but not heal yourself and develop a healthy psychological-emotional wellbeing, you can also practice yoga and not awaken or heal your psychology but develop nice abdominal muscles and a tight ass. You can also do all of the above. It's all about the intention and attention.
  11. It's tough being sober in an intoxicated environment. It's like going to an all you can eat steak house buffet and eating a salad. You can joke about it, but you won't be on the same wavelength as the rest of the table.
  12. She will dump or cheat on your ass in a shorter time than it took you to write this post. Alternatively, she will never date you in the first place. Either way, the situation isn't gunna end well for you. Just stop. Go meet single women and stop trying to cause chaos in your own life and other peoples lives. You're here to give not steal.
  13. Total Active Immersion Time (Hours : Minutes) = 2 : 45 It's not just compelling content that is neccessary, you also need to be obsessed with the language itself. You need to be hooked on the sense of satisfaction that comes with understanding and 'leveling up' your comprehension skills. Listening is Active, the more concious the better. Watching Kung Fu Panda 2 is not zoning out eating popcorn, you need to literally tune into the vibrational frequency of the language, that connection is where the juice is, and by doing that you can relax, and just enjoy the experience of understanding whilst becoming immersed into the content just like a native speaker would, even though you're not native fluent yet and you can't actually comprehend all of the language. The experience is still enjoyable, and probably even more so, because you get to enjoy a movie/TV show/ Book/ whilst enjoying the sense of satisfaction that comes from increasing your proficiency in the skill. It's pretty amazing. Then when you walk out the door into the real world, your perception and level of atonement and understanding already increases. You begin to blend into the environment around you. It's mindblowing.
  14. I just wanna practice, Self-Actualize, build the business, and spend time in nature. That's all I wanna do.
  15. Sivasana Corpse pose. Dead man's pose Yogic Sleep. Today I did 12 minutes of Sivasana after 20 minutes of asana and 10 minutes of pranayama. Relaxation under full conciousness. My physical body definitely fell into a sleep, but my awareness was fully present. After working all day, I felt incredibly energized and rejuvenated after tonight's practice. Total relaxation. It is a good time to practice letting go of the body and merging with infinity, as during Sivasana, no tension or effort is needed to sustain the bodies posture. Like all postures, they develop in their subtlety and skill over time. Although simple, it can be challenging, much like the way seated meditation is simple but challenging and much like the way seated meditation yields greater results over time. However the results in the short run of the practice do not always seem linear. That said, preparing the body through asana and pranayama and then lying down which is a very easy position because no effort is needed, allows for very deep states of meditation. Although the mind can still wander often, so it is a meditative practice to remain concious of the body until the body is consciously let go. Sivasana can also be practice before Asana and pranayama as a way to calm the body and mind from the stresses of the day and prepare for the practice. Alternatively sivasana can be practiced on it's own as an alternative to a nap. Benefits: Helps relieve depression, high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue Energising promote equanimity calm the nervous system regulates breathing absorb and settle the energy from the practice into the body Complete relaxation Good alternative to a midday nap
  16. A journal about yoga, yoga practice, yoga teaching and yoga living.
  17. @Javfly33 Sadhguru has been practicing yoga and yogic living for 50 years (in this lifetime and probably many more lifetimes before). Do you really think Sadhguru has never done any work on his physical/astral/ energetic/ causal bodies, social conditioning, trauma, karmic memory, attachments, addictions, cravings, identity, self-agenda and ego in this life or in past lives? What do you think a yogi does? Just turn on the light switch and then they are done? Give me a break.
  18. The cessation of suffering and the attainment of the Nirvana of Brahman.
  19. I find that crossing off and ticking off tasks that are hand written on paper is extremely satisfying and motivating too. I make my tasks extra small so I can cross off and tick off more often, feel good and build more momentum. I get more done. " Progress is the best source of motivation." -Tony Robbins
  20. I am Guilty of 'spiritual bypassing'. Learned the hard way. It can play out in many areas.
  21. @Preety_India So there are the daily practices like meditation, diet, movement, nature, journaling etc. that help us manage our mind. Then there is the work to process and heal the trauma that causes the 'dysfunction'. "According to Gabor Mate, it's not that important to look for the precise cause of Trauma, the important point is that Trauma is the lost of connection with you authentic self as a protective mechanism to face the traumatic event, usually an unconscious choice to choose attachment over authenticity. So, the healing is to reconnect to that authenticity, through discussion, artistic expressions, etc."- My Life coach. Perhaps be helpful to hire a coach or a therapist to help you heal and return to authenticity. Then the the meditation will also become more calming and healing itself too.
  22. Thanks, I am going to do both the LP course and the full past, present and future authoring programs. I think they both have a lot of potential value in them in their own ways. I'm working on Trauma these days, I feel the past authoring might provide some value insight and help with the trauma work.
  23. He said he was sober the whole time he went out learning pick-up. Given what I gather from his lifestyle and outlook, I guess that he doesn't drink alcohol much. I have no idea what Leo does or doesn't do though really. I pretty much know nothing about Leo, never met the guy. It can feel like I know Leo, but I don't know Leo.