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  1. Procrastination is suffering because it creates a separation between you and the work. As if there is a difference between your Self and the work?
  2. We are One and you are God. All answers come from infinite universal intelligence. All answers come from within your Self.
  3. Shame and fear often stems from our past. Without investigating the sources of this shame and fear, shameful and fearful situations will continue to manifest in the present. Interestingly and quite beautifully, when deep shame and fear is healed, as well as the many other emotions we harbor deep down, then the way that shame and fear manifests in the world begins to dissolve. The world is a reflection of your inner nature. Where there is opportunity can look like scarcity. Where there is scarcity, can begin to look like opportunity. Focus inward, on your Self. Heal... your Self. You could move city again, perhaps it is needed at this time, and will give you fresh space, but it is not totally necessary, for it is the mark of a strong inner world to be able to remain in one place despite the changing impermanence and chaos of the external conditions. Either way is fine, but either way, you must look within your Self. You must heal your Self. Only then, will you transform your Self, and your world. Love. ❤
  4. Do the course in the order that it is layed out. The first 4 videos are inspirational and help get your mind on board with the course and process. I am going through it now properly for the first time. Be the hero. Just do it.
  5. I agree. Stop procrastinating.
  6. I think it makes sense it is one of the causes. We are in part a product of our childhood conditioning. Power = energy Powerlessness= low energy This energy gets suppressed by the various ways that in our childhood our energy is blocked from being allowed to flow freely. Without energy we feel powerless. With energy we feel power. The energy blockages manifest in the from of suffering and emotional-mental narratives that keep us in conflict with ourselves and therefore feeling stuck.
  7. I've travelled solo a lot and lived in multiple foreign countries where I moved there alone. I think it can be a very good way to discover yourself, grow and expand your mind. You feel your ego, worldview and paradigms getting broken down when you expose yourself to other cultures and languages. Traveling and especially living in another country really forced me to grow up.
  8. The counter intuitive move of discipline is that you have to discipline yourself to do less not more. In order to sustain your actions consistently over each and every single day.
  9. Don't waste too much energy chasing women who aren't interested in you and focus on making your good interactions with the women who are interested in you even better.
  10. Maybe it's possible to just see a blackhole and go back into telling ourselves the stories without getting hung up or down about things when we go back into seeing the black hole. I dunno. The stories and imagination takes practice. Black holes are easy. Maybe I'm just lazy.Might as well play the game though.
  11. Video Games are fun even though they're are just video games. 'ah this game would better if it was not a video game and it was real life!'...no, you just play the video game because it's a video game.
  12. @selfvalley You need to investigate what this urge to tell them to fuck off is and what this sense of hurt and upset at peoples judgments and criticism of you is. Perhaps there are experiences in your childhood that have left this anger in you. A present moment mindset shift probably won't last, you need to investigate the trigger. Once you shine awareness on the source, changing the attitude will be much easier. Until then, you'll keep slipping back into being triggered and telling em to fuck off. As for a motive, ask yourself, how do you honestly feel when you tell people who have hurt you to fuck off? Does the sense of pleasure it provides last? Is there suffering associated with this attachment and trigger?If there is, do you want to keep suffering? Do you want to keep potentially making other people suffer with your rage?
  13. Lately I'm realizing that most of my inability to make changes is due to my lack of emotional mastery. Lack of daily emotional awareness that gets me bogged down. Emotional blockages and traumas that are trapping me in repetitive psychological patterns of behavior that leave me spinning in circles. I know what you mean about understanding things like awareness alone is curative and learning is behavior change but then not getting anywhere. It's the emotions I think, the lack of awareness and management and the lack of work done on the suppressed emotions that are trapping all your energy and potential and just weighing you down no matter how much Actualized.org you listen too.
  14. I need to realize Self-Love. Is it possible to realize? I feel like only realizing Self-Love is going to work now. All the other bullshit just won't work. Self-Love is the only way.
  15. There is so much good in the world that can help you get yourself together and whole. Even this forum can help you. Don't let the voice inside of you drown out your heart. Stay strong, you can and will get through this. Reach out to whoever you can, often we just need someone to listen to us in a good space. ?
  16. Alan Carrs Easy way to quit smoking. I smoked 10-20 a day for 9 years. Read the book mutliple times. Haven't had a toke of a cigarette in 6 and half a years. The guy who wrote it was a chain smoking banker who smoked for decades then quit over night once he suddenly woke upto the insights in the book and saw through the nicotine addiction illusion. Worked for me. Could work for you. You need a strong desire to quit though. I gave the book to multiple friends, some of them quit too, some of them just didn't read the book or read half the book then stopped reading because the reality of having the 'final cigarette' and never smoking ever again created fear in their minds. They still smoke. Good luck.
  17. I don't think they differ much based on this quote. The buddha taught theres no self in control and that by realizing that 'you' paradoxically gain control but it's like psuedo control where you're kinda watching the show unfold and not being absorbed and attached to it as if you are the one in the movie. Buddha didn't refer to this seeing and knowing as the 'father' but this he pointed towards this center as the source of of creation.
  18. I also think there is truth in this statement. Different wavelengths often make things difficult. Inner growth will greatly effect your dating and relationship life both in the sense it will make you incompatible with many women but will also allow you to be more authentically attractive and attract compatible partners. I think overall the benefits of internal growth for yourSelf and your relationships outweigh the drawbacks of also being incompatible with the majority of people you meet.