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  1. Truly eye-opening video @Leo Gura. Made so much things clear. Also made me grasp the importance of doing contemplation. Just the fact that we shouldn't use it for egotestical reasons is hard to swallow for the ego (last thing u said in the vid). It amazes how much u know about all these aspects of life. Can't wait to start discovering for myself.
  2. Hi Don, i know that meditation is the one thing that i should be doing. And thank you for the video. Lack of concentration might be a big reason why i'm not meditating. I'm also going to check out Kriya. U should also try the Shamanic breathing. It's amazing how it can change ur state of being after 10-15 minutes. First time it might be scary so take it slow. If u feel ur breathing to fast then it's okay to slow down. Cheers
  3. Thank you for your reply Leo. I've never heard of Kriya but i will definitely check it out. In fact i will try it tonight. @Leo Gura
  4. Hi, my name is Nick i'm 23 years old and i live in Belgium (Europe). I try to keep my story short because i mainly want to have some feedback and thoughts on the Shamanic breathing technique. I watch Leo's video's for a few years now. And i tried to meditate but i never could set the habit. I have created a lot of bad habits and addictions in this period. Basicly my life was/is going nowhere and time is passing by very quickly. Because of this i often get thoughts which leads to feeling bad (negative emotions). So it's like a cycle that a lot of people are familair with: Feeling bad/ having nothing to do> hiding it with bad habits (gaming, alcohol, weed) > problem not solved > feeling bad again > ... But then Leo has uploaded the Shamanic breathing technique. I was very curious so i tried it out. My first experience was amazing. I felt an altered state of mind. I could think very clearly in that moment. And by doing that my negative emotions/thoughts disapeared by just thinking about it. So i have done it a few more times and each time i felt myself feel different and become more aware of what is happening in reality. In total i have done the breathing technique like 6 times (30minutes). Fun thing happened the last time i've done it. I did the breathing for 30 minutes and then went out to a bar with a friend. I was feeling very calm and like a 'not giving a f state'. So to keep this short. I asked a (very beautifull) girl for her number and she gave it to me. We end up meeting eachother for 4 days in a row now. Keep in mind that i was +2 years single before this night and never would do something crazy (like asking a number/ looking very deep in the eyes while talking). The negative part is i still keep doing my bad habits even after the breathing. I don't know maybe it will fix itself after i have done more breathing sessions. Because these habits are very deep rooted. So my question is: Can u keep doing the Shamanic breathing technique instead of meditating? And are there any negative side effect of doing this breathing technique for multiple times? I ask this question because i start to feel like i'm living in a dream. In other words can i go insane by doing this? And also share ur own breathing experience in the comments. I'm very curious to hear about how other people feel.
  5. I think you should not try to eliminatie all those things. Its okay to judge , its okay to lie its okay to do anything... As long as you are aware that you are doing it. Eventually you will stop doing all these things automatically.
  6. Hello, I'm a 21 year old student and this is my actualisation experience. I just want to say that English is not my native language but i'll do my best. I've been watching Leo's videos for almost 2 years now. It all started when i broke up with my girlfriend. I've had a lot of negative thoughts and emotions which i wasn't even aware of. I was sick of feeling bad and then i started doing weed. Everytime i did it i became happy and it made me not think of all the bad things. It was also that moment that i started watching self-help videos thinking it will make me feel better. I have to say it was a lot of information to process. The videos were very helpfull but the problem was you kinda get attached to them and so as Leo often says you need to apply it in the real life in order to really understand it. So i've had long period of 'knowing how it really is' instead of 'really understanding and feeling it'. Because of that i still wasn't motivated and it was very confusing. Maybe some of you also have noticed that the newest videos (from the past 3-4 months) are a lot different than the old videos. These videos are the ones that helped me the most. After watching 'how to get rid of addiction' it helped me quit smoking weed. I used to get wasted 1-2 times a week. Right at this moment i'm already sober (not even alcohol) for almost 1 month. Which is the first time in my life. And to be honest i'm starting to enjoy the sober life. It also helps me not to get so confused after watching a video. So today i watched the latest video 'Meditation for beginners'. I have to say a year ago i tried to meditate and after 1 week i've quit. Today i tried out this 'more understandable technique of meditation (thinking and awareness). And i know that you only see results after meditating for atleast 1 year. But today it felt for the first time that i was doing it right. After those 20 minutes i even wanted to do it a bit longer. So i've meditated for almost 1 hour. After that i was feeling so great. I became aware of all the thinking that i'm doing. All the thoughts that come up. All the sensations in my body. The sensations i get from a thought. And i also was aware of the air i was breathing, the sounds i was hearing and the feelings in my but of sitting on the chair. And i've experiencing all this in a non judgemental way. When a negative thought came up i didn't labelled it as 'negative' but just became aware that a negative thought came up. So to end this topic. I realised this is the beginning of something big. I'm very thankfull for all the things that i've learned already. The journey has only started.