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  1. @MM1988 I feel what you are saying. I have been thinking the same for a long time. This is pure orange stage. The believe you have that you need to manipulate or act different to get something. Once you have been long enough in this stage you will realize that you get a lot more succes by just acting out of your own feelings and heart. Entering stage green will help you a lot but for that you need to see how egoistical you really are and stop caring so much about yourself. Start to care more about other people and this love will reflect back to you.
  2. @GabrielWallace Oh now i understand. Seems a little bit to me like she's using you. Why do you have to pay for everything even though she is working so much? What things do you guys do together on regular day basis? I mean if she is all time working and when she gets home you can't even have a conversation. Maybe you could try to take her out to a bar or a restaurant. In those places you can talk about those things and then she will not have much chances to run away or distract herself with.
  3. Focus on your goals bro no need to have the goals alligned. Trust me you don't want to have same goals. Just respect each other and and if you want to make a change in your life. Just say it to her and hopefully she will respect it and help you. But there is no need to have this big conversation about your next 5 years plans and where she has to allign or agree with you upon
  4. @Hardkill I don't consider myself a specialist but i think it depends on what city (small/big) you live and what country. It also depends on what place (club, school, public place) and the presence of the girl (is she open or just standing with her friends not trying to make any contact). But i think girls don't get approached that often. I have done few approaches and one time a girl said 'i like the fact you came to talk to me, not a lot guys do that'. and i was really i thought you get approached all the time.
  5. @Consilience Your life purpose connects pretty much with the 1st business you thinking to start up. It's about health nutrition and fitniss. The most best and strategic way is to first start your initial business. Even though it's not your ultimate life purpose but from there you can grow into this yellow based business. It will definitly take some of your time but look at it like this. You will receive knowledge, experience and if it is going good financial stability. After a while you can start your life purpose business. Your initial bussiness can still exist (if it's a training center simply put a good manager to take care of it) or you can also sell your businiss ofcourse.
  6. @Martin123 True that i wish i could express myself like that. Need to do some work on it hehe It was nice talking to you. I wish you the best
  7. @Martin123 I was just thinking about it. Let it break you. As hard as possible. Take some time but eventually stand on your feet and keep going and try again. Life goes on. I don't think start hating women and joining these incels or MGTOW movement will do any good. This summer i was on the lowest edge possible because of this girl that i loved kept ignoring me. I was feeling so sad. I wanted to hate women. I started to read/watch these MOGTOW videos. But eventually i got over it and have learned so much. I am much stronger and better with girls now. And looking back these sad times were actually the most beautiful ones. It's hard to admit.
  8. @Martin123 Connection with your feminine side and translating it into the universe by giving. Being vulnerable. But keep on going. Don't let it break you. Staying positive
  9. This is beautiful. Don't you think that this is what masculanity is? i can totally relate
  10. @Martin123 Let's say we are contemplating hehe I have difficulty understanding this. I have not really thought about how men or myself receive things. I'm talking more practically. Just discover for yourself how girls react to things you say/do and how does it differ from guys. Men have more power then you might think. I totally agree. I just said it because a lot of guys are seeking this support with the girl. This is how co-dependant relationships are created. I once had a 3 year relationship with a girl but the foundation came from 'being in despair'. In the beginning i was so so happy. But after a while it just doesn't work. I don't know maybe it can work for others.
  11. It's okay man, i like argumenting. Honestly, that is totally fine. I am myself like that. I grew up all my life with my mother and 2 sisters. But i am more talking about the attraction fase. I'm just saying that YOU have to make the move/approach and stop bitching around. And if you are not having success go next there is plenty of fish in the sea. Once you have some kind of connection with he girl you can talk about your feelings and stuff
  12. @Mikael89 i agree with you bro. It's not about what you have(money, looks...) but more about how you can make the other feel. And here comes personality into play. Women are meant to receive. More specefic if you say something she will receive it process it and give you a response based on what she is feeling at that moment. If you are so obsessed about how you look like you are not really giving anything.
  13. @cori do you smoke weed or take any other substances?
  14. @Eric Tarpall Here is what u need to get a girlfriend. - Wanting a gf (my opinion is they occupy a lot of ur time and energy) - Sleeping place - mobile phone - Some money to buy food or drinks - Confidence - Humor - Be detached (not a creep or needy) - be social
  15. @MrEgolessYes food is necessary to survive. I don't understand what you are saying.