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  1. My initial impression is that your therapist is reasonably stupid. Reasonable, but still stupid.

    Meditation has to do with letting everything be as it is. Neurosis has to do with resisting what is. Can you see how one can not lead to the other? Their definitions are contrary.

    Of course when you meditate, a lot of shit will come up, but it won't be anything new, just shit that you have pushed down and you ran away with all your petty distractions.

    You want to grow? Shut up, sit down and suffer through all the contractions and tensions that come up. Yes, it will hurt like shit, but then it will be easier and easier and you'll reach higher levels of energy and positive emotions. Release those, don't resist anything.

    You get as many results from Meditation as the time you invest into it.

    Don't expect this to be easy.

  2. I’m really happy that my life is giving me more and more moments of joy and love, with no apparent cause. All of the sudden, I get waves of love and bliss, I smile and walk in the park smiling, radiant, fresh and alive. My interactions feel much more alive and authentic and my overall emotional-life quality has boosted a lot. Before, it would be very difficult to have moments of pure joy and love with all the inner-criticism, judgments and emotional baggage.

    After 10 months of meditating and learning very powerful techniques such as Letting Go, I feel that I’m now growing in the right direction and I’m on track. I’m so grateful for having been exposed and taken advantage of all the wisdom that Leo Gura and other teachers have presented to us. Much love for all of them. The practices and teachings that definitely helped me the most along this path (some were discovered intuitively) were the following:

    • Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David Hawkins
    • Do Nothing Meditation + SDS (Leo has videos on this)
    • Prioritizing full-body awareness
    • Prioritizing releasing thoughts (yes, I try not to engage in thought anymore, only when really needed, which is almost never)
    • Concentration Practice (Leo has videos on this)
    • Journaling
    • Disengage from lower-energy activities (read Levels of Energy by Frederick Dodson)
    • Self-Inquiry (this shit is magical, use it with Letting Go)


    Please share the love guys! Love you. :x

  3. 2 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    @Afonso Nothing that bad. Although I have no idea what your physical health is. I am not a doctor.

    Damn I thought you were the all-wise Guru!

    Perhaps it's the position in which I meditate (sitting in Sofa-Chair)? But I still think it's energy. I've had these headaches in the past but they only lasted a couple of days.

    Well, I'll wait till September. If it doesn't go away, I'll go to the doctor.

  4. I've been having headaches for almost 1.5 months now, and it's only getting heavier and heavier. It's a huge pressure on top of the head. It feels like I'm transporting something really heavy up there.

    Nothing seems to alleviate. Although I have my 2-cents that this is actually a positive thing and that things are changing, it's also very annoying.

    Does anyone have any tips or solutions for this? Since the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep I have a headache.

  5. @Leo Gura Notice that decriminalization doesn't mean that it's legal. It just means it's not considered a crime to possess drugs for personal use (personal use is defined in quantities for each drug). However, the police can still take your drugs and send you to a psychiatrist. Selling or distributing is a crime. (Apparently buying is not).

  6. It disgusts me to see how much today's technology is pure trash without any sort of value. All these games and ads and features/widgets in social media apps, the reactions and feeds and all this crap, how will the next generation's life quality be like?


    Today I saw a kid with a big iPad, not interacting with his mom whatskever. Some months ago I saw a family of 4 sitting on a coffee table each one on their own phones.


    What's the world evolving into? This is scary. As a software engineer, it makes me doubt my life purpose. How long will I take before I reach a point where I can no longer develop interesting software because the market is drowned with all this shit?

  7. Adyashanti teaches a "pathless path" to Enlightenment which is composed of two parts: True Meditation and Meditative Self-Inquiry.

    Meditation helps you uncover the silence within and not get distracted by your thoughts so much. It clears up your mind and exposes awareness.

    With that silent background, you can then inquiry with the mind, but with the intention to go beyond it. Simply ask "Who am I?" and feel your sense of self.

    If you find yourself just going into monkey mind, then ask yourself or try to feel who it is that is having all those monkey thoughts. If you meditate consistently, those thoughts tend to dissipate faster and faster.

  8. I notice that whenever I tune in to a state of awareness, sort of a meditative state, I can perform in the world without having to think about stuff. I notice that whenever I stop focusing on thoughts and rest as awareness, even outside of meditation, I can do daily activities just as well or something better. It’s like I don’t have to think about what I’m doing but I’m doing it anyway.

                This state is very common to me when I’m relaxing, meditating or when I want to be present. However, I notice that by tuning into this feeling whenever I can, that my body unfolds and everything just unfolds without any prior thought to it. It’s quite astonishing. Can I live my entire life this way? One of the things that suprises me is that a characteristic of operating in the world in this manner is that I don’t really know what it’s going to happen in the future. I mean, someones strategy is still there and strategy is important. But on a more practical level, everything unfolds without really thinking about it.

                For example, when I’m preparing food in the kitchen and I just tune into a more meditative state of being, I notice that everything gets done so fast and so easily that there’s no room for thought. And that thought isn’t really important for accomplishing what needs to be accomplished.

                I’m going to try or, better, not to try but to be no matter what. Just resting in awareness in all the activities of the day. How much control can I relinquish? This is both frightening and enlightening.

  9. Part of making life enjoyable is enjoying the plateaus – stable and simple moments. Most of the time, I get caught up in thinking about future events or wanting something to happen that I forget that all is OK right now, and that I can savor this moment right here.

    What’s with all the hurry? There’s always some place I seem to be getting to, some itch in my ass which whispers to me “you must move”. What’s with all this hurry anyway? There seems to be no apparent cause, other than an urge for relief. This urge deserves some deep contemplation.