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  1. @Pinocchio @Emerald Wilkins I have had to really think about this post because I dont want it to turn into an argument or debate or have any negative feelings. The thoughts I have are simply from my own limited experiences, conversations with people, and basic research. Also, I have seen many posts from other people that appear to reflect a lack of understanding of the depths of enlightenment. From the posts that I have read, from other conversations, you 2 appear to understand the gravity of enlightenment. On an intellect level we can agree on the definition of enlightenment. "the seer rests in its true nature." I am sure that you have more eloquent ways of expressing this, ego death, oneness, but I like this simple definition. The differences we may have is what the result of enlightenment has. During my trips to China, I had the opportunity to speak to a few taoist priests who expressed a reluctance to talk on enlightenment, without using idioms and metaphors. Explaining that it was too dangerous. After becoming more condusive to talking, it was later explained that once an individual has become fully enlightend physical death follows. Not a metaphorical ego death, but a death of the physical body. Later he explained that many qi gong exercises are not only to be meditative, but are techniques to keep the body alive so the seer can return to it, after enlightenment. It is more difficult to return to the body after enlightenment than it is to reach enlightenment. Hence my original metaphor. Enlightenment isnt the drop of water realizing that it is the ocean, it is a full submersion back to the ocean. So how can the drop of water come back as that drop of water. That exact same drop of water pull itself from the ocean. Over the past year I have enjoyed watching Sadhguru on youtube, where he also makes the same claim.
  2. @brianman3 If have appeared flippant or disrespectful then I truly apologise. As far as I understand congruency is not based on principles or rules, it naturaly blossoms when the internal qualities have reached their optimum levels. These then flow through you and flower on the outside. With flowers you dont work to get the flower you simply set the right conditions then a flower blooms. Essentialy work within yourself and the right qualities that you wish to expressed within the right time frame will be expressed. However, the exercise that I suggested in my last post, the yoga sutra quote, is simply a way to develop these internal qualities. It brings mindfulness to your interaction with each indivudual and situation. This is so that you can develop your own understanding, your own answer. When you are given a general guideline that you are pushed to remember then your mind is forced to the present situation and you become mindful of the now. They appear to be common sense approaches but they hold a deeper meaning, just try it for a few weeks and you will be surprised at the result. Treat it as a science project, test then get the data, recalibrate, then test again.
  3. Isnt this where art comes from? Why we look at art and great teachers with such reverence.
  4. I have read enlightenment is like when a drop of water realizes it isnt just a part of the ocean but it is the ocean. So how does the ocean return to being just that exact drop again?
  5. Meditation is often looked at as a mental and spiritual exercise. Yet we tend to forget the physical side is just as important in establishing a meditative state. I think falling asleep is a major issue that many of us have had to deal with. I personally found some pranyama work to be quite useful in stopping me from sleeping.
  6. Learn a martial art. I am sure that there is a boxing/kick boxing/ mma gym where you can train. Learn to kick ass and get rid of violent thoughts.
  7. @Ayla wow I thought we were getting directions on how to cross the road. But you took it to the moon!☺
  8. Youre 19 years old you are not supposed to have anything figured out. Sounds like you are happy where you are, just try to enjoy the experience you are having now. Stay the course and do more self inqury. Take a course in a foreign language, fall in love, try stand up comedy, experience and experiment.
  9. Just like@adrian2 and @Evilwave Heddy said. I would journaling and developing a martial art. There is nothing that can bring you to the now like another grown man trying to strangle you.
  10. Stop trying to understand everything and fall in,love,with God.
  11. @Ken Lecoq remember when you were in kindergarden and the teacher was showing you how to writw the letter "a." Remember the difficulty and the practice it took to write that, then she showed you there was a capital letter. What! Then there are 25 more letters, all with capitals! Imagine trying to do that without a teacher to guide you, to correct you. Possible? Yes, but having a teacher by your side makes it that much easier.
  12. When I was in high school, my friend went to hell. His grand mother had died hiding all her money. My friend and his father went to a taoist priest, who took them to hell to talk to his grandmother. They walked together, past floating horse heads, and mutilated dead bodies, all three sharing the same experience. They came back and knew where the money was.
  13. I was exactly in the same position that you are in, only I was older. I lost my busisness, my money, alomst $1,000,000 in debt, had to move back to my mothers house at 30. All with a 2 year old son. The self loathing was intense. The voice in my head was saying "you fucking suck," over and over, all day every day. Start small. You forgot what it feels like to be valuable. Give a name to that voice in your head that tells you negative shit. Then as you feel that voice come again, simply repeat. "I love and accept you just the way you are." It wont mean anything at first, just empty words, but with enough repetitions you will start doing it unconsciously and it will become more and more powerful. Start a very easy and small habit. For me it was just do 25 pushups every day. Then emotionally reward yourself. "see look at how amazing and capable I am." Of course, I am not a professional, dont be scared to seek professional help.
  14. This is an incredibly powerful message. It is an option. It does take work, meditation, painful self inquiry, but ultimately, it is an option.