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  1. You Should Be A God. There I said it.
  2. It helps to understand Spiral Dynamics and where those scientists are coming from. You will better gauge which criticism is coming from below and which is coming from above. Anything specific where a lot of doubt comes up?
  3. The need for acceptance/validation. You can release this basic need with the Sedona Method. I made a post about it some time ago. Integrating Emotions
  4. You could just write the curriculum and let others do the classes and administration.
  5. Can you go more into detail what you mean here? You can also DM me, I'm interested to know.
  6. Sounds like she did what Leo told you. Always ask "can I come with you?"! No seriously, good stuff man. One other key takeaway for you here should be, the way you dress and, if you recently showered or not, are really not that important. Sure, it won't hurt to smell good and be dressed for the occasion. But in reality the majority of women are by far more concerned about your energy and personality that they can sense from you than that.
  7. Life Purpose doesn't mean running your own company. It means living true to your values.
  8. Took it together with my girlfriend. 30% Hostile 12% Benevolent
  9. See, women can be complicated. She might not know herself why she is distant now. There are many, many reasons. Don't try to read too much into it.
  10. How much fun do you have yourself and bring into these conversations?
  11. Yes, we named it "meditation". ❤️
  12. So it's the same as vinyl, cd or buying digital on amazon?
  13. It's not about being emotional. Imagine this. You are lazy and always lie on your bed all day. You have weak muscles and bad posture. Now, when you eventually have to go out and get food, meet someone, or work or whatever. You will feel exhausted quickly. Imagine now being someone who works out, has muscles, good posture and all that. When you go out about your day you won't feel a tiny bit challenged. Because the workouts you normally do are so much harder. Going about your day, getting food or meeting someone is easy. Now what it is like for someone who never deals with his emotions? They swallow their emotions down. If a girl rejects them, they get sad but they don't want to feel sad. So they ignore the feeling. A classmate or coworker is rude to them, but they don't want to seem upset or angry. So they swallow it down. Because of this, they have hightened needs, for example a need for validation, need for security or need for control etc. But they are not aware of it. So they might have an interview coming for a new job and but are very anxious because they feel that if they don't get this job they might not get validation from their parents. Or the project they have been working on gets assigned to someone else and they feel stressed because they wanted to be in control and feel like they are loosing it. Or a stranger gets angry with them and they are upset the whole day because they don't feel safe. Now instead what would someone who has mastered their emotions experience? They feel and see into their emotions and watch what happens. How does it feel in the body and what was the thought process prior to the emotion arising. So they talk to a girl but she rejects them, a feeling of sadness comes up. They allow it to be and watch it. They might even show it to her and tell her. They might find out why they are feeling sad; they measure their self-worth by how this girl reacted.... hmm interesting. Then a coworker makes a rude comment, they feel anger coming up. They allow it and let it flow through the body. This doesn't mean they have to get in a fight with the coworker. But they also don't repress the anger. By accepting the anger and watching it they might learn something but even if not - the anger will go away after having been seen. They have released a lot on the basic needs, so when they have an important interview coming up they won't feel anxious. If the car breaks down or a project gets assigned to someone else they don't stress about it. They are not needy for control, safety or validation. If a stranger gets angry at them, they can let it go and focus on what they wanted to do instead. You see, just the like the guy who works out won't get exhausted by day-to-day life. Someone who has worked on their emotions won't be stressed or anxious by day-to-day life. And the important part here is also, that if we don't do this kind of work. Situations tend to repeat themselves because the underlying emotional need stays the same. On the other hand, when we learn to master our emotions certain unwanted situations or problems will go away for good. And you won't even think about them anymore. What will build on top of that is your baseline emotional state. When you are always anxious or stressed you tend to be in the lower stages of emotions: Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger and Pride. These states dictate how you go about your life, your motivation, creativity and so on. (Not to say these stages are bad, just lower on the emotional scale) When you work on your emotions you will naturally lift up from these into the areas of Courage, Acceptance and Peace. This is where you want to be. Things that seemed to be unreachable in the lower stages will feel easy when you are here. What brings you these feelings consistently is not a girlfriend, a Ferrari, a house etc. It's Emotional Mastery. ❤️
  14. Yes, invest in yourself and also try to network with other people in your industry. Volunteer, work for them etc.
  15. Not the fastest, but the best way is to learn a skill that you like and that provides value to other people. You become a pro. Sure, for example you could start teaching what you learn in university to other people. Food, rent and electricity will roughly stay the same. While your income as a seasoned professional will increase over time. By keeping your living costs low and increasing your monthly income you can build up capital very fast. Ideally you invest most of it back into providing better value to other people though.
  16. Good results? Nah, but funny situations, awkward dates and some one night stands
  17. These are just imagined modern social rules you want to obey to. In reality communication is very natural for humans.
  18. Have you discovered the value of Emotional Mastery yet? It will change your life.
  19. Only time will tell. Some friendships slip away, and the pandemic really hit hard on many relationships. And when you have a S.O. of course you won't have as much time for others as before. Thats normal. With someone who deals with mental illness you almost have to accept that the friendship will be a bit fickle. Focus on healing yourself and Self-Love, maybe it's time to make new friends? Could be a new chapter in your life
  20. Interesting, I've always had the idea that sugar isn't too bad (in moderation of course). One time I went 30 days without it and felt a little more sharp and balanced. So there might be some cognitive effects but that could be from other stuff as well that comes with sugary food. And taking a high dose will increase blood sugar rapidly and over time may lead to insulin resistance. @Vlad_ I use dates to sweeten many things like porridge, cake etc. you can even use them for cooking. But they can have heavy metals and pesticides. Alongside some healthy nutrients.
  21. Funny because being a character is the prerequisite for suffering. But it could be to the extend that you have to Grow in order to stop suffering. So when you have managed to see reality in a way that a situation that previously made you suffer doesn't anymore. Thats Growth.
  22. Idk, everytime he addresses me as God I somehow feel... seen. Like he actually knows me. Its weird I know, because he is just a guy on a screen. But never felt like someone understands me as intimately as he does!
  23. You want to to notice the jealousy and then welcome it, accept it and feel it completely. More on that here, Integrating Emotions (You can skip Step 1). Something else you can do which is also part of Emotional Mastery is to shine light on the mindset surrounding your situation. Explore why you are feeling jealous when your roomate has sex. Not everyone will feel that way in this situation. What do they think differently about this stuff? How could your roomate having sex actually be something positive and good for your life?
  24. You miss out a lot of information. Like how old you are, how long you've been together etc. From the little you told us I can just say that making fun about others in your relationship can be toxic and not really mature. Maybe your ex felt bad for him, or you had the vibe that you had to downplay a friend because you felt threatend.
  25. Yep, thanks for sharing on the blog also! I've been eating Lindt 85% in ungodly amounts the last year Its the mild one but still think the lead poisoning will be similar/same to the other one. Knew about cadmium already. There are several ways to get it down. Volcanic soil is bad, so plants from as far away as possible to volcanos is best. Then the PH of the soil in which the cocoa tree is planted plays a big role in the amount of cadmium absorbed in the bean. Unfortunately brands like Lindt aren't really transparent about where they source from. Anyone knows where to get Mast chocolate in Europe, seems like they closed their business in London?