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  1. This. If you want to have more presence in your social group bring the fun. Furthermore people are naturally drawn towards people who are positive and confident. I can also recommend the yt channel "charisma on command" they break down people who are charismatic in groups, for example will smith, and point out things you can do as well. Watching these videos alone wont make a big difference but trying things out and getting a feel for them will. Make this a priority when going out with friends. Otherwise you dont really want to change (most dont!).
  2. What does satisfy you then? @Uchira Whats your question. Why people can get high or why people get/want to be high?
  3. Im only going by things others have said about enlightenment. Otherwise please refer to my distinction between enlightenment work and personal development work.
  4. When I get a glimpse of that fearless potential, its so powerful that its scary. Then I realize this fear of unleashed creation is also just an illusion. So there is no fear, just love. And dissolving of everything.
  5. @Sven Can you calrify, did you cry because of beauty or because you realized so much unfulfilled potential in the world?
  6. @Psyche_92 interesting What would you say is the difference between awareness and experience?
  7. You know what you want in life. You know what you would have to do in order to get it. The emotional difficult thing is to accept this as a truth. Scary stuff.
  8. What I meant was more the jumping out the window kind of safety. I dont worry too much about bad trips. Then again I've never taken any dmt.
  9. Absolutely. Dating seems to you like its a minefield BECAUSE you cant keep your cool. Its absolutely crucial that you can be happy without women. Here is how other guys play and you can as well. Imagine you have 1000$ in your bank account. Now you go and get a lottery ticket. You check your numbers and realize you just won a million $. How do you feel? Great right? Ok, so now imagine you are going to check your bank account and your 1000$ you had on it are gone (maybe stolen or whatever). How do you feel? You dont care. Yes, your 1000$ are gone. But you just won the lottery so you still feel great! You know you will get a million $! Now every time a girl rejects you, imagine its the same as loosing 1000$. Its the same for everyone, investing in a girl, spending time with her, connecting with her and then she doesnt want to see you anymore. Or, just you go up to a girl and she rejects you outright, in front of everyone. This shit hurts. But if you are already a millionair in the "feeling good and having your life together"-sphere, then it wont affect you as much as someone who doesnt. If you are a multi-millionair, it might not affect you at all!
  10. Depends. First you have the charcoal. When you buy it yourself and you get the ones that can be ignited with a lighter. Those have substances in them to ignite more easy. I always got headaches from them. I think the ones made from coconut tree are healthier but they require a hotter source than a lighter to ignite. Then the tabacco itself I think has varying degrees of "toxicity" depending on the manufacturer. Furthermore you deeply inhale a lot of smoke and there is no filter, so do the math. I wouldnt recommend it.
  11. Any specific videos, where you learned more about your emotions?
  12. If I was you I wouldnt care about ethical marketing. Your product itself is as "high consciousness" as its gets. Do whatever brings the $ you need. Just make sure the product is actually good and works for people. You are selling an info product or consulting hours. So the product is all about you right? Make sure you are seen as an authority in your field. Use every opportunity to share your knowledge, do interviews, give talks in local meetups or on your youtube channel. Everywhere, where potential customers can see it. Google "how to become an authoritiy in your field".
  13. How old are you? How is you relationship with your parents and how much can you reduce their influence over you while living with them?
  14. I seperate Leos teachings into two ways. Enlightenment work is all about getting out of reality, most video games suck you into their reality. Now you can argue that those are two different realities but thats not the case. Practically, when you reached enlightenment you can still play video games - no problem. Personal development work is about actualizing your potential. Here it depends on what you actually want and how much you want it. You might really want to work on x, get a dream partner y and experience z. If those things are not related to video games you probably should stop playing video games in favor of better habits. But its not really a matter of should or should, you will just realize you want to do other things more than playing video games, after you realize how fucking happy they make you. Also video games can be low consciousness or high consciousness. Also people can get addicted to video games. I played many games myself (FF, LoL, CS, HL2, MP for example) but idk man, recent years I lost a lot of interest in them. I play them for a bit and it gets just to tiring to play them. Most games nowadays are shit imho. In the last months I stopped playing completely, not a choice I made but it just happend. Other things are simply more interesting then games.
  15. Care to share your path of opening your heart and making Love a priority?
  16. Whats the difference between Awareness and Experience for you?
  17. Yes most people may be like that, but thats not the stuff of great inspiration.
  18. Yes totally. Leo selling his LPC & booklist. The women in your pic selling her seminars. Its a transaction. What did you think it was? I mean if there is money on the table, how can you make it more obvious that its a transaction? You didnt need the women in the picture to tell you that thats an transaction. The phrase is all about you and what you do in social interactions (with family, friends, strangers). It may help you to identify potential ways on how to improve your life. And has absolutely nothing to do with obvious money transactions from the person who said it.
  19. I use NewPipie (android) to make any youtube video into a audiobook. It plays the audio of any youtube video in the background. Google it.
  20. Im working on making (short) movies like that. Some other movies I recommend: Revolver and Vanilla Sky, if you are into blockbusters
  21. I find this question is hard to answer. Depends on how you define passion. The way you described your passions it seems like they are not a distraction but I would still say that balance is key. Also what @Joseph Maynor said.