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  1. Good stuff. Listening to him really makes me wanna step up with my life.
  2. The examples you gave are great. Would love to hear your thoughts on "What is required to succeed in business?"
  3. I highly recommend macro doses for that. It might help you realize how much of disservice you are doing to yourself by engaging in destructive behavior which then can lead to lasting change. At least that's what they helped me realize. Micro doses can be little helpful but they won't help with deeper issue which is leading you to addtictive behavior. Good luck!
  4. My trips are the deepest when I'm just lying down in silence, doing nothing. I tried tripping with music mostly because I heard that's what they do at Jon Hopkins and stuff. Found it definitely doesn't lead to more growth for me. But If I'm not tripping strictly for spiritual growth, then sure, I'll play music from the start. Then is becomes an aestethic experience of profound beauty. But mostly only towards the later stages of the trip. Maybe they use music in studies so it's easier for regular folks to lie down for few hours which is no big deal for experienced meditators?
  5. If you're into deep house, El Mundo will totally blow your mind.
  6. Increase the dose by 50ug until you get it. Last time it took 400ug for my ego to completely dissolve. If you decide to try the higher doses, use the sitter unless you are very familiar with lsd space. There's definitely correlation between being conscious and sensitivity to psychedelics. For example, 10ug on vipassanana retreat hits me stronger than 50ug when I was using cannabis daily. Good luck
  7. That's good to hear since sitting on my knees is really comfortable for me and actually that's the position I'm already using in my everyday seats. I use my meditation pillow with that position but I gotta try that bench next time I'm on Vipassana retreat. They look pretty cool! One more thing - do you place your palms facing up? Based on the Martin Ball's work and some of my DMT experiences I suspect it may be the way to go although I'm not sure if the protocol of psychedelic induced nondual states directly translates into the practice like this. Any thoughts on this?
  8. I dabbled with kriya some time ago but I found Leo's suggested posture to be extremely uncomfortable for me. My legs go numb pretty quick and it becomes more about fighting pain than actually doing the practice. I've tried slight adjustments like the height of the seat but my legs still don't agree with this position at all. I tried to get used to it for like two weeks but finally gave up. Would practicing with another posture like vajrasana (which looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/yI1iIMc.jpg) be much less effective than what Leo recommends? Thanks.
  9. Are you vegetarian / vegan? Do you think it has anything to do with spiritual development / awakening process?
  10. I think that, too. I had quite a few full-trip-level insights while meditating on 10-20ug last year when I was doing lots of meditation and consciousness work. I've fallen off track a bit since then and nowadays such insights doesn't come to me on such low doses.
  11. Please say more about the techniques themselves. I'm curious what is it that makes them supposedly so effective.
  12. Any explanation why does this happen? I'm not on any anti-depressant meds by the way. Did some research on my own and found that the feeling I experienced may actually be Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS). Here's some post I came across on shroomery forums: The part about irregular sleeping patterns possibly causing it definitely checks out with me. I wake up several times every single fucking night and very often feel sleepy during the day. Wikipedia also has some good information about this strange thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploding_head_syndrome