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  1. try reining it in, the OMG Im actually fucking god moment really can fuck you up especially if you haven't been a searcher. keep silence as your chosen method of integrating what has happened, realise that not only are you god but so is everyone and everything else. it can take years to integrate but if you insist on trying to explain that you are god enlightened consciousness etc, you will end up getting sectioned as the sleeping zombies of the world will never understand.
  2. school boy error assuming you actually exist at all!!!!! 8 billion universes each individual is god of their own personal universe which oscillates faster than the speed of light. eyes are the projectors of reality rather than the receivers of reality.
  3. it is literally just another four letter word until you ascribe some conditioned/learnt special meaning to it!!!!
  4. As most people consider scientific evidence as real evidence, I would direct them to the double slit experiment and if they actually understand the enormity of what that experiment tells them, you could move on to the reasons why the past and future don't exist.
  5. "You" are what "You" eat. Literally!!!!!! eating is basically Canibalism so be it hog roast or raw vegan it really doesn't matter.
  6. Oh and your unborn children. don't let the nurse force your babies straight onto the teat of your wife. this is when the conditioning starts. babies require absolutely nothing. but calm enlightened parents. GOOD LUCK THAT's ME SIGNING OFFSKI
  7. tony parsons, paul smit (this guy is the mutts, obviously dutch sooooooo chilled)
  8. hello my ghost children I am the Flame that obviously no-one else can be everything I know I have learnt from my own children. which is nothing and everything simultaneously on first sight of my eldest I instantaneously knew what unconditional love was. And I Unlearnt everything I thought I knew over the proceeding moments that never happened.
  9. and here is the third as the power of three is most important I am a human being you are a human doing. once you see thru the power of three thats it you are done. this must be the 4th thingy that you will never have. kinda like a triangle with an eye in it.
  10. @Arik enlightened parents would not have their children educated by the state. you wanna see enlightenment, go to a country without Schooling and see it for yourself.
  11. @Nickfury7 every bloke knows where his third eye is!!!!!!!!!!! if you want to live for ever alone then go for it. I am what you think you want. Socrates/ANT is the only other (Excluding LEO GURU) on this whole Forum that is anywhere near close and he gets warned about his conduct and you all argue his very near truth. Ant isn't looking for friends or thumbs up the ABSOLUTE truth is BRUTAL. I Have stated it on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS This "I am" predates everything here is more truth that you cannot handle (jack nicholson) the FIRM based on the clap of a hand, we call that a millisecond (could be shorter could be longer length is irrelevant) based on that millisecond "we" create time and once time is created we start to date "things" all of which do not exist. you want to believe this cannot be possible I KNOW THIS is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH
  13. One would (I'd) prefer to call it a great NOT - TWO
  14. In a ficticious court in virtual reality, the prosecution call their next WITNESS. they ask the Witness do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help YOU GOD. THE WITNESS replies with the same lines but ends with ME GOD Its right in front of you