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  1. @Creatorbeing I would argue that for 99% of guys having women in your life you can bang is better than porn. I never said that you need a woman to be happy or be fulfilled. I just said it is healthier and means you have to take responsibility for your life rather than sitting on your ass like the average loser guy. Usually, people who are on their purpose in life have women around. This is because they realize it is better to have a real connection with someone who you can have sex with rather than juts nutting to pixels on a screen.
  2. @Creatorbeing Wtf is wrong with you dude. There are scientific negative effects of porn use. Read the book "Your Brain on Porn" They have proven chronic porn use decreases your ability to focus, decreases sex drive, ED, leads to ADHD, emotional issues, energy and motivation decreases, is an addiction and so many other things. Of course, you would think you're not addicted and there's no problem with it. That's what everyone with an addiction says. Just read the thousands of men out there who practice nofap and semen retention and read the benefits of abstaining from porn. It is astounding. You never hear of successful people who have chronic porn problems. However, you do hear of successful, happy, and fulfilled people who are working on their purpose in life that constantly vouch all the time for nofap/no porn and semen retention. It may be hard to hear this but the only reason you would ever watch porn or jerk off is because you can't get laid. It really is that simple and you are never going to see porn from this viewpoint until you quit it. You realize how much of a loser you are because girls don't want you, because you objectify women as sex objects, because you literally don't have the balls to approach a girl and get her number. Seeing people like you motivate me to just continue retention and no porn because it makes me realize how much men lose their energy and value because of addictions to fapping and porn. Just because you got good grades in school doesn't mean shit. What are you doing meaningful with your life? I doubt it's much because I have never seen anyone with a porn addiction that is functional in life. Get help while you can and read that book. You are destroying your brain and you don't realize it.
  3. I have been paying attention to AI fairly intensively since GPT 3.0 was released. Since then most people have been unaware of the insane developments we've had over the last two years. With SORA being released now everyone is starting to realize, and starting to panic. Thousands of people are sending death threats to AI leaders and developers in the space. Thousands of others are full out saying to halt all AI development. Of course. This is to be suspected, most of these people are people in the art and video industry who are going to lose their jobs because of AI. They see their entire identity and the value of life in their job. I get it, your job is gone but technology replaced millions of jobs throughout history. Stop acting like you're the first and learn to adapt. It's honestly pathetic. I see people out here sounding like they want to cry because they will not be able to post Tiktok or YouTube videos on social media and receive the same amount of attention. They are now saying how social media will just now become AI-generated pleasure garbage, but it already is just human-generated garbage. Like please, get outside, touch grass, find a real hobby. The world could be much better if AI replaced all jobs including creative ones meaning people wouldn't have to be wrapped up in survival all the time. I mean some people just burned a WAYMO car down because they were scared it was going to replace human drivers? Like why, what is there to be scared of an autonomous vehicle especially if they become safer than a human driver? No one knows what's going to happen so just float along with the ride. You're not going to be able to control what happens anyways, and bitching about how AI is "only bad" "Worse than Hitler" or "The world's ending" is stupid. People said the world was ending when basic calculators were invented. I'm not joking, look it up. This whole next decade is going to demonstrate how most people are violent animals totally ignorant of the value of change.
  4. Watch this video:
  5. I'm sure the experts in the field who nearly all are saying we will have AGI by the end of the decade are just wrong because you all are obviously top executives at the largest AI companies and have access to their best models. There was a leak over a year ago that SORA was developed in MARCH 2023 but they've delayed release until now due to public fear over AI. They have way better models behind closed doors but you all aren't ready for that conversation.
  6. l love how everyone in here is acting like their predictions about AI just being a hype cycle and how it is overblown is true because y'all are clearly the experts on AI. Dunning Kruger Effect on full display
  7. @Leo Gura They can, the problem is simply they can't put powerful enough chips that will fit into a car. I believe I read an article that Waymo already has less crashes per mile than the average driver. Of course this isn't all terrain and road conditions but the models now are the worst they will be from here on out. They will only improve. If clunky biological humans can drive a car then precise machines will be able to one day too.
  8. @CoolDreamThanks It looks interesting I'll add it to my reading list. I think mistakes are merely learning opportunities to be more specific.
  9. @CoolDreamThanks You are imagining mistakes. But I will check out the book
  10. @Paradoxed You're not helping dude.
  11. @puporing Have fun doing nothing with your life as believing you are Jesus will do nothing but ruin you already slim chances of having a meaningful and impactful life.
  12. @puporing You can't prove it. And claiming that you are Jesus does nothing positive
  13. @Paradoxed No, the problem he is claiming HE IS FUCKING JESUS DUDE.
  14. @Carl-Richard @Osaid This guy needs to be banned he is talking about delusional mentally ill things like he is the "second coming of Jesus" "he talks to heaven" please this is helping no one and he will only hurt other newbies who just have started this work.
  15. @puporing By saying that only a few people will believe you literally demonstrates that the only people to believe your nonesense are easily suggestible/mentally ill people. The fact that 99% of people disagree with you does not help your irrational claims. It does the opposite.