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  1. I feel like Leo and sadhguru have taken me by the hand and shown me the path to walk along. I found Leo first and then happened onto sadhguru now into moth six of daily meditation and still everyday I refer to at least one video from either guru. Mostly I want to say thank you. And if you want to know about sadhguru watch his space at Ted talks.
  2. Seriously tho Ive always done things really intensely for a while and then often give up when approaching completion. In these last few months I've realized that these things truly were my fualt, it's completly fuct because I then make excuses. I'm not going to do that now it's a reaccuring habit. I'm basically a newborn baby boy to this hoping that I don't have the same experience with this now I really feel like it's helping but there is that omnipresent dark cloud of a bad habit that is akin to holding back an orgasm, or I maybe completely offbase and actually be some narcissistic dickhead that fails to see his own inferiority... really hoping the potential I see in myself isn't some delusion of granduer. Sorry for the stream of "conscience" thought I'm NOOOO writer ? with my laymen ass, on my way to adding a new hobby to be a part of my routine.
  3. I just stepped on the path... well I think so at least, I think it's worth that much; let's see how long it lasts. Im only 2 months into a legit meditation practice. After dabbling and not being serious for a year
  4. To be an instrument of change to live in a more ecofriendly manner as a species
  5. How do I insinuate myself inside a powerful sphere of influence in order to gain the investors necessary to make my life's vision come true. I'd rather not wind up like Tesla broke with powerful men making buckets of cash off his invention and innovation. Not comparing myself to Tesla intellectually just in the sense that he was a man of VISION and men of power and a different kind of vision took complete advantage.
  6. Well I start my day at 4:25 a.m. my Pandora is set to Bob Marley radio usually wake up before my alarm though. (Weekends included.) I usually sit on the side of my bed for five or ten minutes just there feet on the ground breathing in and out while I think about what I almost know for sure is in store for me on this particular day. Brush my teeth turn the kurig on and jump in the shower. 10 to 20 mins later depending on what I ate for dinner and I have a cup of coffee in my hand and I'm headed to my room for 20 mins of what I really hope is meditation. Not the only time I'll meditate in the day but I like the idea of starting my day with it. Then I get dressed socks first.... is that weird? Well fuck it if it is because I've been doing it that way since I'm a Lil kid. After i get dressed but before i put on my boots i sneak in my sons room like a creep and kiss him on the forehead. Before I walk out the door at 5:40 I do a final check of all my stuff make sure I'm not forgetting anything and take a few giant bong rips before I head out because I have an hour long commute. I feel like even my commute has been ritualized anyone else feel that way
  7. I burn everyday... I'm a very productive member of society and while I consider myself a work in progress I'm told I'm a very good and attentive father. But since beginning this journey I found myself in my "goodie" jar less and less don't know if this is leading to a place where I no longer refer to the reefer but I wouldn't be adverse to that being a possible outcome.
  8. I deleted all social media apps and have begun limiting consumption of television. Not right for everyone but it's what I'm trying to do I.