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  1. Who cares. Stop giving him more publicity.
  2. There is an infinite number of responses to this message ♾️
  3. Because you don't understand how perception works
  4. In a parallel universe they an infinite number of combinations of manifestations ♾️
  5. There is no difference it's based on an infinite subjective perception
  6. Which one of you guys has a solid grasp on this? Things are getting insane.
  7. I have reason to believe she may have been involved in such activities.
  8. That is what I am discovering. Stage green adapts to the others persons boundaries. What these boundaries include is relative to the two people involved.
  9. I would sign up to such a site. If it exists. Maybe Leo could expand this site and make it become Facebook for consciousness.
  10. What are the differences and key distinctions between these two stages when it comes to relationships? To me, in the ideal stage blue relationship, both parties are happily married and are committed to one another till death due us part. They are completely loyal to one another and there isn't any third party involved. Stage green is a little bit confusing to me as it almost seems like sex is given out freely. Is this where group sex comes in? I am not sure if this is necessarily more evolved, as it seems kind of toxic to me. Maybe stage green people enjoy sex, but aren't attached to the person involved, like in blue. Thoughts?
  11. Gone are the stage blue traditional values. Women have gone completely orange at this point.
  12. My ex used to talk about having group sex fantasies and dreams and I believe she actually has participated in orgies before. I never have participated in an orgy and the idea of it makes me uncomfortable. What are your guys' thoughts about it?