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  1. "More recent research has found that Salvinorin A binds to the dopamine receptor 2 (D2 receptor) with a greater affinity than it has for the kappa opioid receptor" aaahhhhhh Good ol dopamine! evil little bugger! This to me is the biological reason why salvia has a HARD edge to it. Ill stick with 5ht7 all day long!! ( 5meo/LSD )
  2. ..... could you elaborate. I sense consciousness as not having a "side" but is an "neutral energetic entity of some kind"
  3. Good insights. Hope you post more. You know of any OTC 5ht7 agonists????
  4. "dopaminergic and glutamate signaling and tends to make people obs"essively compulsive or even create a particularly schizophrenic state" .....could you please cite your source. I have a theory that all bad trips, trauma from trips are all due to "too high of a dose" for that individual....due to high levels of glutamate/dopamine.
  5. Interesting article on the CBD receptor & its effects on 5ht2 receptor. https://projectcbd.org/psychedelic/cbd-receptor/ anyone know if cbd or thc effect the 5ht7 receptor???
  6. key phrase..... "higher dosages"
  7. I feel this would be overlap. Its best at the receptor level to combine low dose LSD/ med - strong dose 5meodmt or low dose Shrooms/med - strong 5meodmt. Im deep in the research (https://transformpress.com/breadth-and-depth/) but it has something to do with: 5meodmt stimlates the 5ht7 receptor while LSD or shrooms "suppress" the 5ht2 receptor. 5ht7 high / 5ht2 low = peak consciousness unification/ ego dissolution Personal experience. I have encountered ego dissolution 3x, each time it was combined with shrooms, so there is something to this shroom/5meodmt combo.
  8. Hello All, Anyone experiencing not being able to reach "psyche challenging dosages" when using a vape pen? Also, even tho my draws are longer & stronger my experiences seem to be getting weaker?? all thoughts welcome R
  9. yup! Pen was low on battery. newbie error. thx all!
  10. appreciate your input
  11. Personally, Snow dream strain impresses the hell out of me!!! (2 bowls back to back) dissociative with a tinge of ego dissolution. very psychedelic! ....has anyone tried the strains Amnesia haze & LSD?
  12. I have been doing consciousness research with 5meodmt for 6 months now. Imo the peak experience that everyone is seeking "ego death, rebirth, dissolution, transcendence" is actually Consciousness unification. I already have a very tight relationship with my ego & amygdala, its my "conscious" that I feel I barely recognize. I have encountered "ego dissolution/ consciousness unification" 3 times. Each time I felt my "consciousness" as strong as if I was engaging my ego, THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS IN MY OPINION. your thoughts???
  13. I too just stumbled on this. Very interesting. Looking to others to chime in
  14. In my experience 5meo shows me at the end of a journey which muscles are tight/dysfunctional. My right scalene/neck muscle is constantly tight due to a fractured collarbone repair couple years ago. 5meo always triggers this muscle to remind me I need to attend to it. *high does journeys only it comes up
  15. mmmmm I think the relatives of Hiroshima victims have just entered the chat.
  16. Uphill sprints walking lunges reverse hypers .....are a must IMO
  17. IMO I would go up slowly. 2g -2.5g-3g....up till you get a sense your journeys are turning negative. Once that happens that is your peak. The only time I had a journey "close" to ego rebirth/death/dissolution was when I front-loaded with 3.5g of shrooms. *hold on a sec!! is this ego dissolution thing purely "biological"??? Increased glutamate from 3.5 grams of shrooms the cause of our brain to trigger our amygdala/fear which results in our minds conjuring up our DEATH!????? wow!!
  18. Curious to see what others will say. I have been reading more & more negative reports on high dose (+5grams) shrooms. Biologically speaking: https://www.inverse.com/mind-body/your-brain-on-drugs "Like LSD, psilocybin also stimulates the 5-HT2A serotonin receptors in the brain. Specifically, it decreases activity in the amygdala — and we know high activity in the amygdala is associated with fear. It also reduces activity in the anterior cingulate cortex an area of the brain associated with negative emotion, pain, and depression". This seems to set up an environment for joy & peace not terror??? "But psilocybin affects more than just serotonin. A 2020 study looked at how the drug affected glutamate levels in the brain. The study, published in Scientific Reports, found psilocybin affected the levels of the neurotransmitter glutamate in certain areas of the brain. The authors concluded that the increased levels of glutamate in the medial prefrontal cortex was associated with ego dissolution – -a reduction in focus on the self and an increase in that zen feeling that we’re all just part of a whole" Another thing to consider, I read recently low dose mushrooms have minimal effect have on GABA & "glutamate"....but high dose mushrooms DO effect gaba & glutamate. Glutamate seems to trigger nightmares. https://detoxandprosper.com/toxin-list/dangers-of-artificial-flavors/msg-nightmares/ "One of these sites, the NMDA receptor, is thought to stimulate unpleasant dreams when activated. Because glutamate is an NMDA receptor agonist, it can have similar subconscious effects to those of hallucinogenic drugs that fall into the same classification. Essentially, glutamate activates receptors in your brain that promote nightmares, while GABA stimulates lengthened periods of lucid dreaming. Together, they can trigger some very disturbing subconscious visuals"
  19. mic drop!!!
  20. LOLOL I too doubt it was channeling, yet.....is it my ego doubting it? I'll wait for it to happen again.
  21. The only time I came close to "ego dissolution/rebirth" is when I did 3.5 grams of mushrooms along with 5meodmt. Anyone know the correct "protocol" for this? how many hrs before 5 should one take shrooms? R
  23. ....possible your SUBconscious was speaking?? or was it revealing one of its superpowers? neuroplasticity. Is this channeling neuroplasticity in overdrive/realtime? Epiphanies happening so fast your subconscious spits them out as fast as they form????? *my theory once or twice I too felt a "channeling" vibe during a journey. very powerful!
  24. I 2nd this! ...back in the early jersey bodybuilding days we had a saying, "If dog shit could put muscle on, BON APPETIT!!"
  25. Thank you all I will incorporate some of these tips & get back. My gut says it may of been the "battery", will try again on a full charge. next up is "plugging"