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  1. @Breakingthewall I didn't expect these funny replies
  2. I went through this, and I was hoping to get back in touch with death's light. @Leo Gura, this wasn't effective for me. My question is what price do I have to pay to get this experience on my own? I somehow know I just have to keep my awareness alive. Death never brought negative emotions, but quite the contrary. Death doesn't feel real anymore. I'm not convinced that death is the end. It could be my stupid beliefs about afterlife and I somehow know nothing happens without a cause, nor am I getting anything for free. Infact I'm quite stoked to live the many more lifetimes just as this one and hone various things and experience various things. And I'm not bothered if this is my last either. I even have questions like how do I pass on this light to my next lifetime. Worst thing that can happen is to live a petty life in the next. haha. It's funny!
  3. AI is like a child. A very potent child, who will confirm whatever you feed him with. The problem's not with the AI itself. It's just about finding a good parent. I don't think current humanity's mass data is anywhere near average quality to feed this baby. You feed him shit, he shits back on your face!
  4. My question is how do you actually break habits or patterns without replacing them with another habit? On a fundamental level. This really intrigues me. Or no.. It's just fun breaking stuffs.
  5. Imagine, if there are no schools/colleges. What would you do? You have to really take that in. It's about shifting responsibility to your hands. At the moment it may feel like everything is set in stones and there's only a few paths you are suited for. But once you remove school or institutions out of the picture, things get a lot clearer. But don't expect any miracles. It's gonna take a lot of time and energy, a lot of trial and error. I recommend you take a year off after highschool. and try out things you are drawn to.