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  1. Girzo how do you evaluate your happiness points?
  2. This is good advice but like @Brimstone said you don't want to condition yourself further. If you want you can bring both Nahm's and Brimstone's advice together and it would look something like: your life is worth- less, it has no inherent value in reality. But this doesn't necessarily have to be experienced negatively. It can be liberating and bring peace in a way too. You can chose your thoughts wisely; by choosing those who are true and that feel good at the same time.
  3. Thanks for this ! It was long but worth reading. To me it sounds like you have come to a complete state of acceptance also? Acceptance for who you are, your flaws and the imperfection of the present moment; like when you describe it here:
  4. Its actually very strange to me that not much has changed since 1938. Schools have been cramming children's minds for another 79 years, that's a long time..
  5. do you have a picture of when you were a little child?
  6. yes it makes a lot of sense, thank you
  7. can you do this? can anyone do this? being unconditionally happy. Being happy also if it means getting tortured and/or your mother being raped?
  8. indoctrination in the sense that a person defining the word 'money' or 'intelligence' for eg. will only give you one specific perspective?
  9. Oh no I forgot the biggest element; I am also hopeless about change for animals of this earth. This is a huge thing too. So I will think: what change does it make if I eat this cheese or not? And so i eat the cheese..
  10. How does it work exactly? Why is there such a thing? And how does go away? After how long? I have an example: I want to be vegan, but I will find cheese in the fridge and eat it. And then I will justify this by saying in my mind something like: I am only learning more about addiction right now. This is a great opportunity to feel what it is to be addicted. I am learning about other non vegans too, by getting into their state of mind and feeling what it feels like to put pleasure and greed before ethics/compassion/whatever else. and whilst eating I will also say that I am learning why it is so hard to quit on cheese. But of course, the only thing I was after was the taste of cheese. But I end up hating myself because if I cannot get over this simple thing, how can I hope anybody else will? Isn't it strange. How psychology works. And I have all the intellectual and emotional knowledge to know that eating animal products are the worst things in my experience.
  11. wouldn't selfishness be able to come from both radical acceptance and/or following morals? You could be a loving Hitler too. Since you are loving all of reality, you are loving any holocaust you generate. Still selfish. But both acceptance and hate can breed hate at the same time no? Since you've accepted hate. You do not see it as 'wrong' therefore what does it matter if there is more of it or not. Hate breeding hate would look like this: I hate hate, therefore I will go and destroy the ones who are hateful. Acceptance breeding hate would look like this: I love hate. I accept it. I am a hateful person and I love and accept myself and this hate, therefore I will go and destroy others. What i am saying is: whether you love reality and accept it. Or whether you follow a moral code. Both have the equal potential to generate hate and evil.
  12. this was nicely put But then how do you end up loving life more? And what is your definition of love?