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  1. Does anyone have experience with Lyrica? That shit actually raises consciousness. I’ve entered other dimensions with that shit. Soon going back to Norway, soon back to my love ?
  2. Cannabis can produce high level shit. I just smuggled 3g hashish from Morocco to Spain lol #yolo
  3. God is Love. God loves you. But God’s Love can be Brutal, and He will punish you for using your limited free will to serve evil, and He can also forgive you. Reality is Brutal.
  4. God is Formless. But God can take on forms. I have seen one of them. Not in this human dimension, but in another much higher dimension. God exists in all dimensions, and He has many Mighty and Glorious forms. In those dimensions, the celestials know about God 100 times better than any human. A vision of God is a vital thing, you must have it. Graced are those who have it, for it surely a rare and difficult. And God is Absolute Consciousness.
  5. There are people born to awaken. No guru or meditation needed. You will awaken in this lifetime no matter what, zero effort. If you are not born with superior spiritual genes (born spiritually blessed), you will need psychedelics or a guru or hardcore meditation. Letting go of the materialist life is not enough, you need to be born for this shit, or you need Grace from God. Which is the same thing, if you are born for this, that’s grace.
  6. Solipsism is bullshit, but Atheism is more so. Math Dilunaty is certainly ignorant. And every single one of his atheist-materialist beliefs are falsehood. I utterly have destroyed atheist-materialism within myself I don’t know what more I can do to it lol
  7. The Big Bang didn’t come from nothing or by itself. It came from God. And so it seems William Lane Craig’s Kalam Cosmological argument is right. Lol
  8. In my brutal night of solipsism, in the height of it, I thought I was the only one existing and that Leo Gura was my imagination, a character I created to help me realize only I exist, actually. I was going around looking at humans and thinking I imagined them right there and now. It was exposed as a falsehood later on that night. By God.
  9. Darkness and Evil are not merely things coming from humans, but it’s a real creation, with it’s own intelligence and power. It watches us. And when it can, it attacks. Dark and Evil Supernatural entities exists. They have attacked mankind since the beginning of time. About 50 or more attacks have been on me alone. But I have defeated one of the mightiest supernatural demon in existence, in what was one of mankind’s most spectacular and extraordinary experience experienced… They can try me as much they want. I will not lose to evil.
  10. I was with a dark-magick practitioner and reiki practitioner once. We proved telepathy to be real. And other stuff. Psychic powers are real. Lol
  11. The mind kinda takes pictures of things which happens in the now, called memories, so memories seems to me to be a collection of true events/happenings, of course, in the now, that happened in the now.
  12. Psychedelics are overrated. I have been conscious and connected with God for over a year non-stop with zero psychedelics, although I have smoked a lot of weed and pooped a lot of Lyrica ? Indeed, the outside is a creation from and by that which is within. And the claim of any objective physical, especially if it is physical, world, will be utterly annihilated by that which is within.
  13. 3 is the most powerful number, 2 and 6 are of evil. Blue is the Divine color. Black is of evil. And so I have learned in synchronization for over a year now.
  14. In non-dual God-Consciousness, God is the world and yourself. In Religious-God-Consciousness, things get somewhat different. Scriptures like the Quran can have real and immediate spiritual effects. God actually encourages you to listen to them and recite them. Prayer works. God literally and actually makes your prayers become reality. Chanting works. God encourages praising Him, saying God is Great, for example. It’s safe to say that there is an Absolute-Sovereign -Consciousness (The Godhead). The claim of Divinity can possibly be false, and indeed, it can be verified.