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  1. Steven Seagal’s POV on fat shaming.
  2. @roopepa You’re right. Thank you.
  3. We can’t create a life that’s real and vibrant without living dangerously. If your primary concern is safety, then the life you create will be artificial. God isn’t interested in what we consider safe. It’s too mundane, so expansion won’t occur. We’re here to grow, not sit in a corner.
  4. If you want to arrive at death safely, be my guest. You’ll be no different than most people who live out of fear and desperation.
  5. Jumping rope. There’s a ridiculous amount of moves you can do. If you put on a pair of airbuds and listen to Jumpin’ Jack Flash, you can get really lost in the moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3dFpQzu54w
  6. I moved back in with my parents over a year ago and decided to save money by eating the food they bought for the house. Before I knew it I gained twenty pounds. It bothered me that my face was getting puffy, but I was fine with how I looked with my shirt off. I stayed at this weight for a year (I checked a couple months ago) and yesterday for some reason I was curious to see if it changed. I looked at the scale and low and behold I gained another twenty pounds. I was in disbelief, so I took off my shirt and looked in the mirror and realized, yep I definitely gained another twenty pounds and I was not okay with how I looked. I honestly don’t know how I didn’t notice the change without the scale. It’s obvious now when my shirt is off and I look down at my belly. I never look in the mirror after I shower, but I should have noticed a difference whenever I change clothes. It’s like I gained twenty pounds over night. My first thought: This is bullshit. My metabolism must be slowing down. My second thought: You look fucking disgusting. This is not okay. So this weekend I’m going grocery shopping and taking control over what I eat. It won’t be hard for me to lose the weight since I always eat healthy when I’m living on my own. It’s probably a good thing that this happened since I’ll feel better in general eating healthy again. Anyway, the point of this story is that I wouldn’t be taking any action if I just “loved” myself for I am. I fat shamed myself for a moment and now I’m resolved to take action. I didn’t deny, suppress, or reject the disgust I felt when I looked at my body. Because I felt my felt myself deeply, I didn’t hold back and told myself I was disgusting and found the resolve to change. I know I can change and change quickly because of all my experience in experimenting with my diet over the years. If I didn’t have the experience of knowing what’s sustainable and what produces results, I’d be in for a long journey. So fat shaming for me is pretty effective, but it probably wouldn’t be helpful for someone who doesn’t know how to deal with negativity. I’m single, but if I had a girlfriend who started to grow love handles I wouldn’t know how to handle it. You can’t just say, you’re getting fat, start exercising, cut out the bread and sugar, and start eating more fruits and vegetables. That would work for a man. I mean, it should work for a man. At the very least, we need to say something when someone close to us is starting show signs of unhealthy living because momentum is real and things will probably just get worse. Thoughts? The idealism of fat shaming.
  7. What comes to mind after learning about the ignore function. Whenever I get triggered, I try to remind myself that I am safe. I am whole. And I am home. This a practice, so it takes practice to be consistent.