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  1. @Leo Gura will do all of this. Hopefully its not anything too bad. Thank you.
  2. Lately I started to get cold hands and feet, also feeling pretty cold - im worrying it could be something bad.. I've read online it could be hypothyroidism, anemia, or peripheral artery disease. What should I do? I've talked to my doctor about having cold hands and he said it'a normal. But i'm feeling pretty cold lately still. Do you know any tests, check-ups or what I should say to a doctor to send me to the right place?
  3. @Leo Gura In the end, we're on this planet to rise the vibration of the planet and turn it into a better place, turn it into a paradise. And, this is happeing all around throughout the universe as there are "higher powers" that want the good of all everywhere in the universe. I think we are part of those powers. And we're helping undeveloped consciousness to rise out of their hellish experiences and reach higher planes of existance. Could it be that things are not so dark after all? And there's someone, some sort of force in a higher plane of existance making sure all will be well in the end if they so desire it too? I don't like the dark version where reality is simply a bitch, and, i'm trying to be as close to truth as possible. I believe and heard that after you reach a certain level in your evolution as a consciousness there's nothing better for you to do than helping other consciousness reach their highest possibilites too. What do you think about that?
  4. @Leo Gura and there's no one to complain to, is it? Well, if this is the case.. how do you come to terms with such a thing. Could there be a plan to all of this? That just leaves me a bit cold. Could it be that you're simply a match to that which you're a vibration of and by changing your vibration/level of consciousness you may get to a different version of reality even if in a really long time? But then what about everybody? I really don't wanna go into a depressing downward spiral.. but, i've got the feeling on one of my trips that you can't really reason with god. How should I feel about this, you got any ideas?
  5. And there's no one to complain to, is it?
  6. @Leo Gura It's like a continuous race for love/infinity, but then you get it & you go back doing the same thing you've always done. I guess it depends which perspective you look at it from. But, in this process you risk going through all types of hellish experiences in which you can get stuck for quite a while as reality is impermanent.. This thought makes me really afraid. How do you cope with such a thought? As there are infinite possibilities, you could get stuck in all types of hells, torture for long, long times and who knows what. I don't know how to relate to this..
  7. @Leo Gura Ok. When you're not Omniscient you're never gonna feel fully complete, fully satisfied. Right? But then when you become Omniscient and you finally feel fully complete and fulfilled, you become bored with that and then the whole process starts over again and again.. Isn't reality such a bug? It's like reality is nothing & everything, with no context whatsoever, reliving the same experience over and over again.. never really satisfied.
  8. Isn't this exactly what's going on when you take a psychedelic? Your vibration becomes faster and faster the way this sound becomes faster and faster to a point it becomes incredibly fast that you start to perceive reality in a totally different way? Just like this sound becomes really wacky + I think I've head similar sounds as my consciousness/vibration was getting highe and higher. Hm.. instagram_1678657692365.mp4
  9. A Fantasy is The Faculty/Activity of Imagining Impossible or Improbable Things... So, What is The Probability & How Is It Possible for This Experience You're Having - To Exist? None. The Answer is: It is Absolutely & Completely - Impossible x Improbable: Because There's No Logical, Normal or Objective - Explanation For Anything to Exist in Any Form Whatsoever & There Can & Will Never Be An Explanation. Wow... The Way I Like to Look at Reality is As Though - There's Darkness, Complete Silance, & Emptiness. There's No One Around & There Can't & Will Never Be. There's Nothing to Be Afraid of, Nothing to Fear, You Can't Die or Get Hurt. You Can "Shout" As Loud As You Can, You Can Break Things, You Can Cry, You Can Jump & There's Nobody To Impose Any Rules on You or Judge You. It's Complete Freedom & Peace. Then.. From This State of "Sleep" - You Start to Imagin Things, Not Any Types of Things, But The Most Fantastical Things: Crazy Love Stories, Infinite Beautiful Girls You Risk Your Life & Die For, A Life of Abundance, A Life of Lack and Tragedy, Unbreakable Friendships, All Types of Biographies Where Start From Nothing, No One Believes in You Then In The End You Become The Best, You're on Top of The World, The Highest & The Lowest Points, Been Through Everything, You've Got All This Experience and Then... You Realise It Was All Dream. Isn't This The Most Beautiful Thing Reality Could Be? And It Is. Anyway, I Think It Can't Be Described into Words How Amazing It Is This Thing We Take For Granted.. But. I'm Really Struggling to Get a Tight Grip on This Thing. I Want to Be Completely Absorbed into The Mystery, Love & Beauty of Reality and Reach Some Profound Levels of Awakening.
  10. Woow! That's Amazing.
  11. I'm wondering to what extent can you reduce sleep and still get good healthy sleep? Have any of you used meditation and mindfulness to get less sleep? I'm meditating 3h every single morning and keeping trying to keep complete mindfulness throughout the day. I'm planning to reduce the hours of sleep down to 4 hours - that would be amazing.. imagine how much more time you can dedicate to what you're doing and how much faster you'd progress over the years. What do you think? Is anyone else getting less sleep using meditation & mindfulness? And, are you using any other methodes?
  12. Have you seen Leo's video:
  13. Rudolf Steiner - Has a book named "How to know higher worlds & he talks about these images or impressions you have of reality. As I have been meditating, watching reality, switched from judging to understanding and trying to see what really is there.. I've found that these impressions/images you have of reality which change & become prettier and more amazing - are related to you. As you keep uninterrupted attention on reality itself, you start merging with reality & reality starts to take different forms & shapes, shows you new images of it every time - Which You Imagine, Which You Want to See.. they express who you are & you see yourself in it. Is this how you enter "The Higher World"? I don't know how far I am on this process or if i'm missing something.. I'm wondering if by doing this you'll get to some higher level of creativity & inshight where you're completely conscious of what reality is and you're perspective of reality becomes exactly what you imagine it to be.. would that then be Paradise/Nirvana?
  14. Yeahh.. I guess. As soon as I read your answer I felt like I got a moment of clarity where I was ok with this fact. I sense that when you fully accept reality as it is you become free and you enter a state of pure bliss.. I guess I just have to work my way up to complete acceptance and understanding. Thanks bro.