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  1. - https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJ3598H9/ The truth is you're in control of your state of being & how good you deal with any situation - no matter what is is. You can mislead yourself - using your infinite intelligence to believe something is true - that is not really true. You only choose to believe it or trick yourself to believe it. I literally made myself believe all kinds of stupid stuff, that I had not reason to believe & I was just buying into it, tricking myself into believing some crazy shit. Become aware of your stupid or crazy beliefs or simply beliefs that don't serve you in any way & just actually go for the best beliefs possible beliefs you can - those are the most true bliefs & that's gonna reflect the best possible version of yourself & the best possible life. On one of my acid trips - I actually felt that intelligence so intense and took it for god/reality - I just now realised, I was actually talking myself into the worst beliefs - so if you can do that and actually belief it - why not do the opposite & just have crazy positive beliefs about anything - and that will get your mood and life quality to a whole new level.
  2. Maybe I misinterpreted. But I feel like the attitude here went towards this Absolute Truth. If that's reffering to the essence of everything, that's ok. But if that's refering to a certain way you have to act, be or an Absolute Truth you have to reach, I think that's not accurate. The idea of Absolute Truth I think it's bullshit. If anybody is looking for Absolute Truth, I think they should look for Their Truth. Not in the way that you delude yourself, but just to realise that nothing is really absolutely true.. it is true for you. For someone that wants to live life differentely, to experience something totally different, your truth wouldn't be true for them. I've heard the term "your truth" and I think this is more accurate. I think the truth, even the higher truths about life are very nuanced. Look for your truth, as there is no absolute truth. Again, maybe I've misinterpreted yall idea of Truth. I'm opened to your views, I'm taking into consideration I might be wrong about this. But if that's right, I think we should guide people to find their truth and be more careful with what type of truths we share and how we're presenting them.
  3. I've had mystical experiences where I've experienced selflessness, I don't know to what degree through. I think selflessness is the absence of your idea of who your are, You're name: Davino. The Person, The Human you think of when you think of yourself. On my mystical experience it was clear to me that I was not "Mihai" my name. I was what's there.. there's not need to label it as that creates an image in your mind and that's not you. You have to see in your direct experience who you are, without thinking about it or creating a duplication of what is. Connect with what's there in your experience, without creating a mental image or project one on it. Simply look at what it is there in your experience. Without your ideas about you and who you are. That's you. Can you see how that self is different from the idea of yourself you have in your mind? That's the absence of self. It's hard to get rid of the ides of self, it always comes back. The key, I think, it's to watch it. Watch yourself continuously everyday, every minute, every second as you're doing stuff, walking and especially in your meditation. And start living from that place of Watching. Doing so, Slowly the idea of yourself and your actual self will become two different things. You'll notice that you're idea of self is very different than what is there in your experience. Identify what I'm talking about, that self in your experience and stay with it, as it, from first person view. As you keep doing so, and, living for that place of always watching instead of being in your mind projecting, it'll become clearer and clearer with time. Just gotta put the time in. And do the same with everything else. Watch it in your experience without evaulating it and you'll see what's there. I think that's what's selflessness is. The absence of you and your interpretations and judgements. It's like a double reality you're creating.
  4. Lately I started to get cold hands and feet, also feeling pretty cold - im worrying it could be something bad.. I've read online it could be hypothyroidism, anemia, or peripheral artery disease. What should I do? I've talked to my doctor about having cold hands and he said it'a normal. But i'm feeling pretty cold lately still. Do you know any tests, check-ups or what I should say to a doctor to send me to the right place?
  5. @Leo Gura will do all of this. Hopefully its not anything too bad. Thank you.
  6. @Leo Gura In the end, we're on this planet to rise the vibration of the planet and turn it into a better place, turn it into a paradise. And, this is happeing all around throughout the universe as there are "higher powers" that want the good of all everywhere in the universe. I think we are part of those powers. And we're helping undeveloped consciousness to rise out of their hellish experiences and reach higher planes of existance. Could it be that things are not so dark after all? And there's someone, some sort of force in a higher plane of existance making sure all will be well in the end if they so desire it too? I don't like the dark version where reality is simply a bitch, and, i'm trying to be as close to truth as possible. I believe and heard that after you reach a certain level in your evolution as a consciousness there's nothing better for you to do than helping other consciousness reach their highest possibilites too. What do you think about that?
  7. @Leo Gura and there's no one to complain to, is it? Well, if this is the case.. how do you come to terms with such a thing. Could there be a plan to all of this? That just leaves me a bit cold. Could it be that you're simply a match to that which you're a vibration of and by changing your vibration/level of consciousness you may get to a different version of reality even if in a really long time? But then what about everybody? I really don't wanna go into a depressing downward spiral.. but, i've got the feeling on one of my trips that you can't really reason with god. How should I feel about this, you got any ideas?
  8. @Leo Gura It's like a continuous race for love/infinity, but then you get it & you go back doing the same thing you've always done. I guess it depends which perspective you look at it from. But, in this process you risk going through all types of hellish experiences in which you can get stuck for quite a while as reality is impermanent.. This thought makes me really afraid. How do you cope with such a thought? As there are infinite possibilities, you could get stuck in all types of hells, torture for long, long times and who knows what. I don't know how to relate to this..
  9. @Leo Gura Ok. When you're not Omniscient you're never gonna feel fully complete, fully satisfied. Right? But then when you become Omniscient and you finally feel fully complete and fulfilled, you become bored with that and then the whole process starts over again and again.. Isn't reality such a bug? It's like reality is nothing & everything, with no context whatsoever, reliving the same experience over and over again.. never really satisfied.
  10. Isn't this exactly what's going on when you take a psychedelic? Your vibration becomes faster and faster the way this sound becomes faster and faster to a point it becomes incredibly fast that you start to perceive reality in a totally different way? Just like this sound becomes really wacky + I think I've head similar sounds as my consciousness/vibration was getting highe and higher. Hm.. instagram_1678657692365.mp4
  11. A Fantasy is The Faculty/Activity of Imagining Impossible or Improbable Things... So, What is The Probability & How Is It Possible for This Experience You're Having - To Exist? None. The Answer is: It is Absolutely & Completely - Impossible x Improbable: Because There's No Logical, Normal or Objective - Explanation For Anything to Exist in Any Form Whatsoever & There Can & Will Never Be An Explanation. Wow... The Way I Like to Look at Reality is As Though - There's Darkness, Complete Silance, & Emptiness. There's No One Around & There Can't & Will Never Be. There's Nothing to Be Afraid of, Nothing to Fear, You Can't Die or Get Hurt. You Can "Shout" As Loud As You Can, You Can Break Things, You Can Cry, You Can Jump & There's Nobody To Impose Any Rules on You or Judge You. It's Complete Freedom & Peace. Then.. From This State of "Sleep" - You Start to Imagin Things, Not Any Types of Things, But The Most Fantastical Things: Crazy Love Stories, Infinite Beautiful Girls You Risk Your Life & Die For, A Life of Abundance, A Life of Lack and Tragedy, Unbreakable Friendships, All Types of Biographies Where Start From Nothing, No One Believes in You Then In The End You Become The Best, You're on Top of The World, The Highest & The Lowest Points, Been Through Everything, You've Got All This Experience and Then... You Realise It Was All Dream. Isn't This The Most Beautiful Thing Reality Could Be? And It Is. Anyway, I Think It Can't Be Described into Words How Amazing It Is This Thing We Take For Granted.. But. I'm Really Struggling to Get a Tight Grip on This Thing. I Want to Be Completely Absorbed into The Mystery, Love & Beauty of Reality and Reach Some Profound Levels of Awakening.
  12. I'm wondering to what extent can you reduce sleep and still get good healthy sleep? Have any of you used meditation and mindfulness to get less sleep? I'm meditating 3h every single morning and keeping trying to keep complete mindfulness throughout the day. I'm planning to reduce the hours of sleep down to 4 hours - that would be amazing.. imagine how much more time you can dedicate to what you're doing and how much faster you'd progress over the years. What do you think? Is anyone else getting less sleep using meditation & mindfulness? And, are you using any other methodes?
  13. Have you seen Leo's video:
  14. Rudolf Steiner - Has a book named "How to know higher worlds & he talks about these images or impressions you have of reality. As I have been meditating, watching reality, switched from judging to understanding and trying to see what really is there.. I've found that these impressions/images you have of reality which change & become prettier and more amazing - are related to you. As you keep uninterrupted attention on reality itself, you start merging with reality & reality starts to take different forms & shapes, shows you new images of it every time - Which You Imagine, Which You Want to See.. they express who you are & you see yourself in it. Is this how you enter "The Higher World"? I don't know how far I am on this process or if i'm missing something.. I'm wondering if by doing this you'll get to some higher level of creativity & inshight where you're completely conscious of what reality is and you're perspective of reality becomes exactly what you imagine it to be.. would that then be Paradise/Nirvana?
  15. I was thinking, I have put myself through so much, who knows how many lifetimes of pain to gain knowledge & experience, to become a master spiritual creator and do "good" in the Universe, fight the "Evil" and awaken the unconscious - And I was happy about it. But, then, I thought.. Isn't this just a role that I'm playing? If God in the beggining is One, then it splits itself, it means that I simply choosed to play a role.. I haven't really gained anything or helped anyone as they also are simply playing a role they choosed to play. If we're bound to experience whatever our character is designed to be able to experience & then when we get bored of this character or maybe when we reuinite with the absolute or whatever happens that is the end of this soul experience or whatever, we simply choose to play a different role.. for example a completely different character that is the opposite of you, then.. What really is This Role we're playing? It seems, if this is the case, That this role doesn't have anything to do with the actual you & could really be anything. Then, what's the sense of playing this role? Do we gain anything real, is this wisdom really worth anything, and, if we can switch up who we are just like that and start a whole new experience being something/some being totally new, then who you are right now is just another experience that can be had from this infinit number of experiences..?
  16. Yeahh.. I guess. As soon as I read your answer I felt like I got a moment of clarity where I was ok with this fact. I sense that when you fully accept reality as it is you become free and you enter a state of pure bliss.. I guess I just have to work my way up to complete acceptance and understanding. Thanks bro.
  17. Hmm.. so, I was jerking off, I think I realised i'm jerking off at myself when Reality started to make fun of me in a playful way like: "ha, you're only jerking off at yourself" and I lost a bit of that excitement, but I was able to get excited again. Then the thought that I was only jerking off at myself kept coming up. I Was getting excited, losing it, getting excited again, losing it. Until reality started making fun of me in a more serious way. Like.. you're seriously gonna be jerking off at yourself, that's a bit sad. I don't know exactly how to pin point this Reality that was talking to me. It was me, it was the girl in the video, it was everything around me and it was talking to me. I started thinking "huh, this must be the downside of reality, you can only have sex with yourself and you can never share anything with anyone but yourself." I felt like I was one with this "Reality" that was talking to me. Reality was like an infinite intelligence, it knew everything I was thinking and couldn't make any mistakes, it was that smart, it was perfection. It was me, and, I shared this intelligence with it, and, any other qualities. It was talking to me, guiding me down this rabbit whole of Aloneness and Oneness. It told me something like "you're infinit intelligence & perfection, you can do anything, but you're alone.." I Wanted to accept this fact but slowly went into a feeling of despair and started contemplating reality. Then it told me "all your life life experiences, everything that has ever happend, you imagined all that because you couldn't accept that fact that you were alone." Now reality was guiding me out of imagining everything and at some point I've broken out from the illusion that was my life into this 'true' reality. And this is what reality was doing, it was guiding people imagining into stop imagining and having a 'clear' view of reality. Reality also explained reality to me, it said "Reality has no point, we (as in reality as a whole) always been trying to find a purpose but never could. Welcome to the problem we've all been forever dealing with." So I was infinite completeness, perfection, beauty & intelligence, I could do anything but I was forever Alone in this Eternal, Meaningless Oneness. I was slowly starting to lose it. Erlier in the trip I was contemplating my life, I was thinking about all these 'lost souls', the girl I wanna be with & how i'm gonna get every single soul out the illusion of being a small unworthy human being.. And I was getting excited about sacrficing my life for this higher Universal Purpose, stopping all earthly toxic human bullshit activities and embodying the true self and set an example for everybody else. Wanted so much to embody my God-Self, to seduce my dream girl & really turn this whole planet upside down, show them what consciousness can do. But as I was going harder and harder in my excitement about transcending reality, my mind became foggy. I started doubting is there really such a thing as a Universal Purpose? It really was like a demonic force possesed my experience & was playing with mind. Then I went on my phone and the first thing happened. So basically, by having this acid trip and contemplating reality, guided by 'Reality' I came to realise & break out to the Truth. Which was that the whole of existance, all people I ever experienced & all experiences I have ever had, was something I was imagining because of my desires and because I couldn't accept the fact that reality had no point and I was alone. It was so real, like everything 'made sense', my desire for a purpose, my desire for a woman manifested my whole life & now by having this trip I've broken the illusion and now it was all gone, I had nothing but myself.. all my dreams, all people I knew and wanted to inspire & grow together inspiring the world and making it a better place, the girl I wanted to be with.. were all illusions, were gone, and, there was no point. I Was imagining myself & everything in my house was imaginary, my existance was eternal & meaningless. This was the place I broken into, the 'real place' where I wasn't imagining my life & other people anymore.. I Went through despair beyond any limit. And I don't understand. What the fuck was that shit? Was any of it real? Was it partly real? Did I project my fears onto the trip and experienced them? I don't have any mental health issues. But i'm a little bit suspicious of my reality & what the truth really is. Is there really a point? Is this happening because I (as god) have desires and I imagin everything to fulfil every desire (i guess the desire for everything) but is everything a Meaningless infinitely intelligent perfect illusion?
  18. Hmm.. The trip was powerful. My mind took over & I went so deep into the nature of reality where every thought I had became real and that became my experience. But now that I think about it, you can use that to your advantage.. because if every thought you have becomes reality, it means you're in control of what you experience. For ex: When I realised Reality is a Meaningless Infinitely Intelligent Perfect Illusion - I interpreted that as a Bad thing, I gave it a Negative Meaning & that's exactly what it became - I created that Negative experience. If you understand this.. You can literally create Anything you want. Imagination - This is what I've got out of this trip - I think Imagination is the secret, Use imagination to expand the perimeters of your experience. Whatever you think Impossible is now Possible (you imagine everything, right?) Whatever limitation, criticism, you realise you've been imagining that the whole time. I'm planning to imagine a whole new reality out of scratch, Why limit yourself? I'll imagine new ways of doing everything, new ways of being, new better ways of expressing myself, I'll imagine better relationships & better people in my life. I can imagine it's christmas everyday & that becomes my reality.. can you see how this works? There's no limit to what you can imagine.. It's Amazing!